10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

10 Below Deck Chefs, Ranked

Among the chefs on Bravo’s three Below Deck series, which one comes out on top as having the best food and being the most likable?

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10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

The world of yachting was introduced to Bravo when Below Deck was released in 2013. Since then, two spinoffs, Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht, have taken off, with fans meeting new captains, bosuns, and more importantly, chefs.

Most of the kitchens on these yachts don’t have the full staff or size that these chefs are used to. Many struggles to cope with what they’re given while needing to perform at the highest level for their top-paying guests. And while each of these chefs have different personalities and are liked differently by fans, it’s their food and presentations that should be judged.

10 Leon Walker (Below Deck)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Leon Walker was a chef for 10 episodes in season 3 of Below Deck. While aboard Eros, Leon was an amazing chef but quite argumentative. Due to his abrasive personality, it’s an unpopular opinion to wish Leon was back for future charters.

Leon and chief stew Kate Chastain were at loggerheads throughout the season, and he didn’t always follow through with requests from the guests. It all came to an end when Leon was fired following a fire in the kitchen that happened because of his lack of cleaning. After Leon’s firing, Ben Robinson swooped in to save the day. Although Leon’s personality was to blame for most of his mishaps, he was a solid cook.

9 Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran (Below Deck Mediterranean)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

In season 5 of Below Deck Med., Hinrigo, aka Kiko, stole viewers’ hearts with his charm and endearing personality. He quickly became friends with the crew and worked closely with Captain Sandy on the guests’ expectations.

Sadly, Kiko’s work in the kitchen began to falter. The guests kept sending his food back, the presentation was all wrong, and he didn’t feel good enough. Eventually, Captain Sandy had to fire Kiko. Regardless of his more than 10 years of working in international cuisine, the yachting life wasn’t for him.

8 Natasha De Bourg (Below Deck Sailing Yacht)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

In season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Natasha De Bourg came aboard as the executive chef. With an impressive resume and, according to Bravo, Michelin-star experience, viewers assumed Natasha’s success was a sure thing. The guests loved Natasha’s food, but fans on Reddit were quick to say how unimpressive the food looked. Still, in terms of how good it was, it looks like Natasha nailed it. The only thing she didn’t nail was becoming close friends with a few of the stewardesses on Below Deck, as she and Daisy bumped heads.

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7 Mathew Shea (Below Deck Mediterranean)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Matthew Shea is on the current season of Below Deck Med and has made quite a splash with viewers because of his arguments with the crew. While season 6 recently started, Matthew has already had heated disagreements with stewardesses and deckhands and even Captain Sandy.

Regardless of his arguments with the crew, Matthew is an amazing cook who has a long list of celebrities that he’s cooked for (Hugh Jackman and Rupert Murdoch to name a couple), and guests who eat his food often commend him and praise his work. Sadly, his issues with anxiety have kept him from cooking the first charter, but because of his level of skill, fans are hoping to see his star continue to rise.

6 Kevin Dobson (Below Deck)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Kevin Dobson was the chef in season 7 of Below Deck. As one of the most sought-after chefs in New Zealand and Australia, Kevin got introduced to the yachting world and never looked back. He wasn’t always the most likable person aboard, though. During his time on the show, he had a few tiffs with some of the best and worst guests when there were complaints about not having enough food. Still, he did make tremendous meals for the crew. As fans have seen on Below Deck, sometimes the unfriendly chefs cook the best food.

5 Tom Checketts (Below Deck Mediterranean)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

After Kiko was fired from season 5’s The Wellington, Malia’s (then) boyfriend, Tom Checkletts, came aboard and filled in as chef for the time being. Tom spent nine years in the yachting world as a head chef after working in well-known restaurants, including one of Gordon Ramsay’s. Tom was a bit frantic on the boat considering he wasn’t planning on joining the crew, but when Sandy needed him in a pinch, he did it anyway. Tom’s food was beloved by guests and the crew, but his personality wasn’t.

4 Adam Glick (Below Deck Sailing & Below Deck Mediterranean)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Adam Glick is the only chef who has worked in the kitchen for both Below Deck Med. and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Glick appeared in Below Deck Med. seasons 2 and 3, as well as Below Deck Sailing’s season 1.

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The guests on Below Deck have their flirty moments, but so did Adam. Aside from his cooking, Adam is most remembered for a love tryst between him, Malia, and Wes. Nevertheless, Adam was a great chef who was passionate about cooking and was consistent with his meals. Oniongate nearly ruined him, but he bounced back from that ordeal.

3 Rachel Hargrove (Below Deck)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Rachel Hargrove served on season 8’s My Seanna and is one of the most consistent chefs in the series. She rarely got negative reviews from the guests, she was dryly outspoken, and she perfected a 10-course dinner. Crew members like Eddie and Francesca were so impressed with her French toast that they said it was the best they’ve ever had — and there were more tasty treats where that came from. If there’s one thing Rachel taught Below Deck viewers about the yachting world, it’s that keeping the guests fed keeps the guests happy.

2 Adrian Martin (Below Deck)

10 Below Deck Chefs Ranked

Fans on Reddit are torn between two amazing chefs on Below Deck: Adrian Martin and Ben Robinson. They had questions about chef Matt Burns prior to season 6 dropping (due to his plates being subpar) but their concerns were assuaged after meeting Adrian. His skills in the kitchen were some of the best that the show has seen, and it’s hard to top his unique dishes and sumptuous plating. The only thing stopping Adrian from being the best Below Deck chef is his sometimes abrasive personality. Although he was a great cook, Adrian wasn’t always the most respectful person to his crew, and some saw him as misogynistic.

1 Ben Robinson (Below Deck & Below Deck Mediterranean)

Ben Robinson wasn’t just a genuinely fun and outgoing yachty, he was the best chef in the series. His laugh, hairstyle, and snarky one-liners made Ben an instant meme in the Below Deck world.

Robinson was in four straight seasons of Below Deck, and seasons 1 and 4 of Below Deck Med. He was well-connected in the Bravo universe and knew how to be one of the more likable chefs in the series thanks to his bubbly personality. In the kitchen, Ben always knew what to make and went above and beyond the captain’s expectations. He took full control and was always ready to work. It’s because of all those factors that made him one of Below Deck’s best chefs.

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