10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

Fans love Black Mirror, the anthology series that shows the darker side of technology. From USS Callister to Nosedive, here are their fave episodes.

You Are Reading :10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

The twisted Black Mirror is not only one of the most unique shows currently on air right now; it also helped launch the current trend of anthology storytelling on television. Each episode of Black Mirror explores the possibilities of technology and the various dark paths that it could take us down.

The creative setup allows the show to play around with various kinds of stories as well as jump into different genres. While the dark tone of the show can turn some viewers off, Black Mirror has passionate fans, each with their own favorite stories from the series. Here are the best episodes of Black Mirror, according to IMDb.

10 Playtest (8.1)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

Black Mirror is often an unsettling show, but “Playtest” feels like the first time it fully embraced the horror genre. The episode stars Wyatt Russell as a young man vacationing abroad who takes a day-job testing out a new virtual reality game that takes place inside a haunted house. Soon, he finds that he can’t tell what is part of the game and what is reality.

The episode has a lot of fun with the suspense of the story and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time. Russell is an excellent lead, making this character easy to like and cheer for.

9 Nosedive (8.3)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

No episode of Black Mirror could be called fun, but “Nosedive” is probably one of the lighter stories in the series. Set in a world in which people rate every social interaction they have through social media, Bryce Dallas Howard plays a woman slowly being driven mad by her constant attempts to please everyone.

While viewers were likely anticipating another dour tale, this story surprises by actually embracing some sense of humor. It can still be uncomfortable to watch but the depiction of how fake people can be on social media is picked apart wonderfully.

8 USS Callister (8.3)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

“USS Callister” is the first episode in which the show fully embraced the high-concept science-fiction genre while still being able to present its story in a more grounded setting. Jesse Plemons stars as a video game designer who escapes to his own Star Trek-like world where he rules as commander. However, his gaming is more sinister than it seems and soon the characters populating his world look for a way to escape.

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The episode is a dark take on the “revenge of the nerd” kind of story with Plemons creating a great villain. He is backed by a stellar cast who have fun in the strange world in another episode that provides some genuine laughs.

7 Shut Up And Dance (8.5)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

“Shut Up and Dance” doesn’t introduce any new technology like most episodes, but rather tells a pretty straightforward thriller. The story follows a young man and a married man who are forced to carry out a variety of escalating tasks after being blackmailed for their online activity.

The episode is a face-paced thrill ride that keeps getting wilder as these characters are forced to jump through hoops to keep their secrets safe. It all builds to a disturbing climax that has you reconsidering everything.

6 Hated In The Nation (8.5)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

“Hated in the Nation” is probably the biggest scale story that the show has tackled, feeling like a real feature-length thriller. Kelly MacDonald stars as a government agent investigating the deaths of several celebrity figures who have been receiving negative reactions online. She soon discovers a plot in which social media is used to target public figures.

The episode is a big and compelling example of the kind of genre stories this show can tell. It’s disturbing, thrilling, sharp and provocative, all the things we expect from this show when it’s firing on all cylinders.

5 The Entire History Of You (8.6)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

Some of the most interesting stories in the show are ones that present a new technological concept that seems so cool but then shows why it would be terrible. “The Entire History of You” presents a future in which everything you witness is recorded so you have the chance to go back and experience certain moments. The story follows a man who uses the technology to fuel his jealous thoughts.

This is a devastating look at someone self-destructing and tearing down his whole life simply because this technology gives him the opportunity to do so. It is an intimate story, but one of the hardest to watch in the show.

4 San Junipero (8.6)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

“San Junipero” is probably the most beautiful story the series has told to date. It takes place in a strange, nostalgia-filled town where people spend their nights going to clubs, dancing and meeting new people. Two very different women meet one night and begin falling in love. However, they face substantial obstacles keeping them from being together.

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The story is heartbreaking and moving in all the right ways while providing a rare happy ending from the show. The style and energy also make it stand out from the other episodes.

3 Black Museum (8.7)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

Black Mirror loves building a solid mystery and paying it off with an epic conclusion. “Black Museum” might be their hardest hitting twist ending to date. The episode star Letitia Wright as a young woman who visits a strange museum and is given a tour by its eccentric curator. As she learns about various disturbing stories involving technology, dark secrets are slowly revealed.

This episode is like an anthology inside of an anthology. It is the show’s chance to tell smaller stories within one big story while including fun nods to previous episodes. But the climax is the real reason this episode is ranked so high as it all connects in a brilliant, satisfying way.

2 Hang The DJ (8.8)

10 Best Black Mirror Episodes (According To IMDb)

“Hang the DJ” is Black Mirror’s attempt at a romantic comedy and the results are surprisingly effective. Set in a society in which an algorithm matches people in relationships of predetermined length, a man and woman find they share a real connection despite the fact that the algorithm tells them they don’t belong together.

The episode has a lot of fun playing with the struggles of relationships, the awkwardness of dating, and the feeling of meeting that special one. It is another episode that shows the lighter side of the series and tells a charming story.

1 White Christmas (9.2)

Yes, even Black Mirror likes to celebrate the holiday season with its own Christmas episode and, as you can imagine, it is a twisted yuletide tale. “White Christmas” stars Rafe Spall and Jon Hamm as two men working in an isolated location during the holidays who begin swapping stories. Soon both men reveal dark secrets about their past.

This is another story that is able to tell a few smaller stories inside of one bigger one. Spall and Hamm have great chemistry as the odd couple and balance the sharp turns in the story well. It’s a compelling episode that packs a powerful twist in the end.

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