10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

Over the years, DC Comics has introduced some of the best and most enduring friendships in American comic books, and fans can’t get enough of them.

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10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

Friends make everything better; they can cheer someone after a particularly grueling day or provide support during challenging situations. Friendship is one of the best things in life, and everybody needs it in their lives, even superheroes.

DC Comics has a roster that includes some of the most emblematic and beloved superheroes of all time. And like every other person in the world, they also have friends they rely on during hardship. From Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to Superman and his pal, Jimmy Olsen, these friendships are as famous as the heroes themselves and make the intricate DC lore all the more engaging.

10 Catwoman & Holly Robinson

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

Although Catwoman has a reputation for being a loner, save for her on-again-off-again relationship with Batman, she actually has a close friend in many of her storylines. Holly Robinson is one of DC’s first openly gay characters and frequently acts as Catwoman’s aid or sidekick; at one point, she even assumes the Catwoman mantle during One Year Later.

Holly and Selina’s friendship plays a prominent role in Batman: Year One, where Selina fights a still suit-less Bruce Wayne after he gets into an altercation with Holly. In the “Tin Roof Club” storyline, Holly’s mobster husband kills her, and Selina avenges her death. Death isn’t permanent in comic books, and Holly soon returns, returning to Catwoman’s side.

9 Raven & Starfire

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

The Teen Titans have no shortage of memorable relationships, but the sweetest is arguably the one between Raven and Starfire. These two couldn’t be more different; Raven is notoriously dry and stoic, while Starfire is passionate and always unafraid to express themselves.

The odd-couple dynamic between the two is front and center in many of the team’s most memorable storylines and was crucial in the series’ success during the 1980s. Later adaptations like the Teen Titans animated series would further expand their friendship, cementing it as one of the best dynamics in DC Comics.

8 Damian Wayne & Superboy

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

Damian Wayne is a controversial character. At times, he’s one of the many Batman-related heroes that audiences hate because of his snarky ways and overall unlikable attitude. To counter his more unappealing traits, DC paired him with the sweet but volatile Jon Kent, Superman’s son, for the series Super-Sons, and the result was instant magic.

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The tagline “Best frenemies forever” perfectly describes their dynamic. The two often clash because of their opposing worldviews; however, Damian and Jon grow up together, learning from and even inspiring each other despite their differences. Their adventures together might be chaotic, but they sure are entertaining.

7 Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

These days, Harley and Ivy are one of the most recognizable and acclaimed LGBTQ+ couples in comics. Their relationship has been years in the making, and they deserve every bit of acclaim they receive. However, who can forget that, like the best couples, the two began as the best of friends?

Indeed, Harley and Ivy spend many years fighting side by side as the bonafide anti-heroes they are. Whether joining Catwoman to form the Gotham City Sirens or aiding each other sporadically during their solo missions, the two were always there for each other, supporting their nefarious deeds, no questions asked. Now, that is love.

6 Nightwing & Kid Flash

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

The Teen Titans saw the birth of many life-long connections, but none was more wholesome than the friendship between Dick Grayson and Wally West. As two of the most famous sidekicks in comic book history, they found common ground out of a desire to step out of their mentor’s shadows and become their own persons.

They did, eventually. Dick became Nightwing, DC’s most wholesome hero, and Wally went from Kid Flash to The Flash. And through it all, they remained best friends, supporting each other through thick and thin. They’re so close that Dick was even the best man at Wally’s wedding. And Wally, ever supportive, reciprocated, all three times that Dick’s been married.

5 Hawkman & The Atom

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

Carter Hall and Ray Palmer are such good friends that they even received a series of their own. Since the Silver Age of comic books, these two have been staunchly loyal to each other, giving a new meaning to the term “bromance.” Their bond is undeniable, and the two cemented it by taking the most significant step a hero can make: revealing their secret identities to each other.

Since their silvery days, Hawkman and Atom have gone through several adventures together. Whether they’re fighting side by side as members of the Justice League or aiding in each other’s solo missions, these two have a bond that’s already stood the test of time.

4 Nightwing & Damian Wayne

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

After spending years trying to build a reputation for himself outside of Batman’s shadow, Dick Grayson had to become the Dark Knight himself after Bruce’s apparent death. To his chagrin, he also inherited something else from his adoptive father: an adoptive brother and unwilling sidekick.

Dick and Damian’s relationship was difficult at first. The two didn’t get along, and Damian’s notoriously stubborn personality didn’t help. However, the two became close over time, developing a strong sibling-like bond and reclaiming the term “dynamic duo.” Dick even took the lessons he learned from his many mentors and used them to train Damian. In a full-circle moment, Dick became to Damian what Bruce and Alfred once were to him, and not a dry eye remained in the house.

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3 Green Arrow & Green Lantern

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

The Bronze Age was a time of radical change for many supers. Writers reinvented these classic heroes and introduced societal issues to their stories. Thus, the union of Green Arrow and Green Lantern was born. The two were complete opposites: Hal, the straight-laced, by-the-book space cop, and Ollie, the radical street hero and modern Robin Hood. However, opposites attract, and the two ended becoming life-long friends.

In a storyline worth of a Cameron Crowe film, the Greens packed their spandex and traveled the US aboard a pickup truck. The two experienced growing pains well into their thirties, but the result was compelling nonetheless. And even though their friendship might not get featured as much as other DC partnerships, it still endures. Hal and Ollie shared a moment in each other’s lives, a connection that will remain through time and space. Literally.

2 Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

10 Best Friendships In DC Comics

It’s ironic how one of DC’s most iconic friendships features two somewhat obscure characters, at least by modern-day standards. And yet, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold have a privileged place in the pantheon of superhero partnerships. The two find common ground by dealing with being “B-list” superheroes, maturing together until they ascend into the big leagues together.

Booster is all about self-promotion. He loves the spotlight and isn’t afraid to show it. On the other hand, Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle is the level-headed anchor that constantly reminds him about the importance of selfless heroism. It’s a match made in heaven.

1 Superman & Jimmy Olsen

Superman and his pal, Jimmy Olsen, are nothing short of icons. Everyone knows about Superman, the Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, the invincible man of tomorrow. However, and despite his might, he still needs the help and support of his loved ones, including his parents, his wife, and of course, his best friend. Jimmy is arguably the best supporting character in Superman comics, and with good reason. He’s staunchly loyal and always willing to risk his life to help his heroic friend.

The sweet thing about Jimmy is that he appreciates both sides of Superman’s persona. He is in awe of Superman, but he also genuinely admires Clark Kent. And the respect is reciprocal; for example, Superman is one of the few people who uses “Jim” instead of “Jimmy.” It’s a subtle way of demonstrating his high opinion about the photographer and a perfect way of summarizing their relationship.

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