10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

After watching Home Sweet Home Alone, the sixth movie in the popular franchise, check out these other charming family friendly Christmas movies.

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10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

It doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching at least one Home Alone movie. Some prefer the original, as it’s always entertaining watching Kevin eat junk food and set traps for the Wet Bandits, and others love the sequel set in magical New York City. Home Sweet Home Alone is the sixth movie and continues the sweet, heartwarming, family friendly holiday vibes.

In this new movie, Max’s parents are flying to Tokyo and he’s enjoying his time alone in the house… until Jeff and Pam show up to steal a treasure. After checking out Home Sweet Home Alone, fans can watch these other holiday movies that will get them ready to bake gingerbread cookies and decorate the tree.

10 Gremlins (Stream On HBO Max)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Just like many people are nostalgic for the magic of watching Home Alone as a kid, Gremlins is another perfect pick for a holiday movie that is both heartwarming and exciting.

Gremlins has funny quotes and a fascinating plot: Billy is given a mogwai named Gizmo as a Christmas gift and quickly realizes that all is not as it seems with this seemingly innocent pet. Before too long, the other mogwai are accidentally given food after midnight, which is one thing that people should never do, along with never getting the mogwai wet or letting it see light. This ’80s movie truly never gets old and always gets audiences into the spirt of the holidays.

9 All I Want For Christmas (Rent On iTunes)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Just like Kevin comes up with a scheme to get rid of the bandits in Home Alone, Hallie and Ethan want nothing more than for their parents to reunite, and they think that Christmas is the perfect time for this plan.

Both the Home Alone franchise and All I Want For Christmas have a silly, corny tone that is perfect for the winter holidays and features kids with a Christmas wish that they believe in with all their heart.

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8 Jingle All The Way (Stream On Disney+)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Released in 1996, this classic family-friendly Christmas movie has the same goofy, silly, fun tone as the Home Alone franchise.

Jingle All The Way and Home Sweet Home Alone have something else in common: parents who are desperate to make Christmas happy for their children but who feel like they’re making mistakes everywhere that they turn. While Jingle All The Way’s Howard wants to get a Turbo-Man action figure for his son Jamie, Max’s parents in Home Sweet Home Alone realize that they have messed up greatly by leaving their child at home while they left for vacation.

7 Elf (Stream On HBO Max)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Elf’s hilarious and memorable quotes are one reason why fans keep coming back to this movie. The truly uplifting and optimistic story of an Elf connecting with his biological dad in New York City shares the same heartwarming tone as Home Sweet Home Alone.

Both movies are about how sometimes, the perfect holiday looks very different from how people originally envisioned it, and at the end of the day, all that matters is spending time with loved ones.

6 Christmas With The Kranks (Stream On Starz, Rent On iTunes)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

The movie adaptation of John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas sees Nora and Luther deciding that they won’t celebrate the holiday, a plan that goes horribly awry when their daughter Blair says that she’s heading home.

Christmas With The Kranks is totally goofy, with Luther falling when he attempts to secure Frosty the Snowman to their roof, and Nora being unable to find the right food this close to December 25th. Like Home Sweet Home Alone, the movie encourages audiences to sit back, relax, and enjoy a silly story about the Christmas spirit.

5 The Christmas Chronicles (Stream On Netflix)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles is a lot of fun. Teddy and Kate think that they’ve hit the Christmas jackpot when they see Santa Claus and get into his sleigh. Unfortunately, they get into an accident and no one can find the gifts.

Teddy and Kate have to make sure that everyone can still enjoy a happy Christmas, just like Max in Home Sweet Home Alone has to ensure that he beats the sleuths at their own game.

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4 Let It Snow (Stream On Netflix)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Let It Snow isn’t perfect, but the Netflix teen Christmas movie is a good pick for those looking for a charming movie with a beautiful snowy setting.

The story follows several teens who aren’t having the type of holiday that they anticipated. Dorrie wishes that her best friend would treat her better, Tobin wishes that his platonic relationship with Duke would turn into something more, and Julie worries about leaving her mom, who is sick, behind to go to college. Like Home Sweet Home Alone, Let It Snow will make audiences feel all warm and fuzzy.

3 Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Stream On Netflix)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Jingle Jangle is another family friendly movie that fans of Home Sweet Home Alone will enjoy. The main character, Jeronicus, is no longer feeling the passion that he once did for his inventions after personal tragedy.

This movie has a villain in Gustafson, who has taken all of Jeronicus’s ideas and used them to become a successful toymaker, and the main characters band together to stop him and restore the Christmas spirit inside of themselves, just like Max wants to save his house in Home Sweet Home Alone.

2 Noelle (Stream On Disney+)

10 Best Movies Like Home Sweet Home Alone

Noelle has likeable characters and a protagonist to root for in Noelle, Kris Kringle’s daughter who tries to get her brother Nick to return home to help with Christmas.

Both Noelle and Home Sweet Home Alone are about families who have been split up by circumstance and who end up coming back together so they can celebrate the holiday and feel the peace, wonder, and magic that they’re meant to.

1 Holiday Joy (Stream On Fubo)

The Home Alone franchise is ultimately about the old saying “be careful what you wish for.” While Kevin thinks that it would be wonderful if his family would just leave him alone, he quickly realizes that living by himself can be terrifying.

Like Kevin, the main character in Holiday Joy wishes that she could have a flawless family unit. It seems like a Christmas miracle when she becomes part of Marcie’s family and has it all, from popularity to a boyfriend to friends. But Joy learns that her new life is pretty miserable and that her old life wasn’t so horrible after all. It’s a lesson that Kevin and Max both learn, too, as they learn to appreciate their parents.

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