10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead is Netflix’s latest hit zombie film, but what TV shows would any fan of the movie be guaranteed to love?

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10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Army Of The Dead has been a huge hit for Netflix, with the zombie apocalypse crossed with a heist movie proving to be a brilliant concept. With great family ties and teamwork all blended seamlessly together, there’s a great balance between heart and humor which has helped to make it work so well.

However, whenever viewers are finished with Zack Synder’s latest movie, there are plenty of amazing television shows that are similar to this movie to be enjoyed. Whether it be more zombie killing, clever plots, or fun team adventures, there’s a lot of fantastic options for people to enjoy.

10 The Walking Dead (Available To Stream On Netflix)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Of course, the most obvious television show that people could watch after this is The Walking Dead. When it comes to zombie-related content, this series is truly the king. It’s a series that has had immense popularity from the start, with a zombie apocalypse taking over the world, causing carnage everywhere.

The show follows one group of humans as they try to stay alive while they deal with both humans and zombies. There’s a great balance between action and character development, with this series having key relationships and dangerous humans who end up causing just as many issues as the zombies.

9 24 (Available To Stream On Hulu, IMDb TV, & The Roku Channel)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

While 24 has got nothing to do with zombies, this would still be a show that fans of the movie would appreciate. One of the best elements from the movie is the race against time, with the group being against the clock due to the impending nuclear bomb that is about to hit the area.

That is why 24 would be a fun series for people to watch, as this is a show that places real importance on time. The show follows Jack Bauer who fights against terrorism, and the show is set over one day in his life, with each episode breaking down each hour of that day.

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8 Money Heist (Available To Steam On Netflix)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

While the main focal point of Army Of The Dead is in murdering zombies, the reason that they have to do that is because the team is completing a heist. It’s a fun play on that genre that hasn’t been done in this way, and Money Heist would satisfy anybody who enjoyed that aspect of the movie.

This series is primarily focused on robberies and earning as much money as possible. The group is all talented robbers, and they are set out to rob working under the mysterious ‘Professor.’

7 Dead Set (Available To Stream On Netflix)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

This zombie show is actually all set in Britain and it combines a zombie outbreak with the hit reality show, Big Brother. While the country is dealing with zombies on the outside, the Big Brother housemates are happily unaware of what is happening.

That is until eviction night when it all becomes clear. Audiences are left determining which characters they like and which they don’t in a true bid for survival in what is a unique, but entertaining series.

6 Sons Of Anarchy (Available To Stream On Hulu)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Sons Of Anarchy might have nothing to do with zombies or heists, but it is still a show that fans will enjoy. The main reason is the group dynamic and the different personalities that each character brings to the show, which is a key element of Army Of The Dead, where everybody is completely different but pulled in the same direction.

The show follows a motorcycle gang and their bid to move into legal means of making money. However, to get to that point they have to go through a lot of illegal activity first. The show has a good mixture of action, emotion, and comedy as well, which is something that fans will appreciate.

5 Z-Nation (Available To Stream On Netflix & DirecTV)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

For those that enjoyed the destruction and fighting elements of the movie, Z-Nation would be a great series to jump into. This one is set three years into a zombie apocalypse when a virus takes down the majority of humanity. However, a group of people has to transport a survivor of the plague in order to get to a lab with the hope that their blood can save everyone.

Of course, along the way, there’s plenty of encounters with the undead, and this show just so happens to really rely upon the brutality and physical side of a zombie scenario, which is something that Army of the Dead fans would likely enjoy.

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4 Santa Clarita Diet (Available To Stream On Netflix)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Santa Clarita Diet is a show that puts a different spin on the zombie storyline and because of that, the show feels fresh and creative, which is something Army Of The Dead has also been praised for. That’s one of the reasons why this series would likely be a hit with fans, especially because there’s a lot of comedy in this show as well.

The series focuses on a normal family who ends up having to change their lives when the mother ends up having a craving for flesh. Wanting to keep their situation under wraps, they then work hard to try and supply her with that in secret, all while trying to continue with their normal lives.

3 Daybreak (Available To Stream On Netflix)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Daybreak is a zombie series that brings some humor as well, and blending the comedy with action and the need to survive against zombies is something that Army Of The Dead fans will love. This series looks at a younger group of people, as the main characters are all teenagers.

They band together and try to survive at all costs, dealing with zombies and other groups of humans as well. But it really is in the comedy where this show stands out and entertains.

2 Game Of Thrones (Available To Stream On HBO, HBO Max, & DirecTV)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Game Of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows of all time, with the fantasy series wowing audiences throughout. While Army Of The Dead doesn’t have dragons or different houses battling for an Iron Throne, it does provide a classic battle between good and evil.

At its core, that’s what Game Of Thrones is all about as well, with great friendships being built, betrayals taking place, and some amazing action sequences. Plus, the White Walkers are very similar to the zombies in Zack Synder’s movie in the sense that they’re powerful and tough to defeat.

1 Ash Vs Evil Dead (Available To Stream On Netflix, DirecTV, & Starz Play)

10 Best TV Shows Like Army Of The Dead

Ash Vs Evil Dead is the ideal show for any fan of the movie to watch, purely because it is the one that is closest in tone. This series brings a lot of comedy as well as gruesome action, and having a hero who is relatable draws fans into the series, which is where Army Of The Dead thrives too.

Ash Williams is a hilarious character who comes out with some brilliant one-liners, and he brings in a couple of people to help him in his battle to save the world, and seeing those connections grow is another element that feels similar to Army of the Dead.

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