10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Aren’t Pennywise From Stephen King’s It)


Stephen King’s It features the iconic killer alien clown monster Pennywise, but he’s not the only creepy movie clown around.

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10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

Although he was not the first killer clown, Pennywise definitely has the largest share in the market. That being said, the sewer-dwelling clown from the mind of Stephen King has inspired more than a few painted predators. And believe us when we tell you, he definitely has a little competition.

For many, clowns have always been somewhat of an unsettling subject matter. Coulrophobia has been around long before Pennywise with ever put to the page, and the realm of film has only capitalized on the matter. If you thought Pennywise was a nasty piece of work, have a look at some of his contemporaries.

10 Pagliacci (Pagliacci)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

Based upon the opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo, Pagliacci could arguably be considered the first killer clown in all of fiction. The film and the opera tell the tragic tale of love, betrayal, and murder amidst a traveling troupe of actors. Although opera might be an acquired taste for some, this one has a very gripping story.

When the theatre troupe’s lead, Canio, discovers that his wife Nedda is having an affair with one of his co-stars, he vows revenge and takes matters into his own hands. Although he’s not as terrifying as some of the rest on our list, seeing a murderous clown in one of the world’s most famous operas is definitely worth attention.

9 The Clown (The Clown at Midnight)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

Jumping off the previous entry, the opera, Pagliacci, serves as the sinister backdrop for this eerie ’90s murder mystery. Although it features a mad murdering clown at the center, the film Ventures more into mystery territory than it does straight-up slasher. If nothing else, we’ll give it points for variety.

The clown in question is definitely high on the creep factor, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t see elements of Pennywise in his vintage design. Taking more than a few notes from The Phantom of the Opera, this clown mixes slasher-movie motifs with just a touch of theatrical flair.

8 Killjoy (Killjoy Series)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

And now for the first pure horror flick on our list, we take the idea of the killer clown archetype and throw it in a more urban setting with this direct-to-video slasher film, Killjoy. Killjoy is a strange amalgam of elements stapled together to create one evil entity. But he has an entire series under his belt, so something must be going right.

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Although the movie itself isn’t much to write home about, Killjoy the Clown is part evil spirit, part vigilante, and all-around nightmare fuel. With his sharp teeth, high-pitched laugh, and cartoony antics, he’s somewhat of a standard when it comes to the killer clown character.

7 Klowns (Killer Klowns From Outer Space)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

Although we hesitate to call them 100% scary, the Klowns from this B-movie classic definitely blend horror and comedy exceptionally well. With their cotton candy ray guns, exploding popcorn, and cannibal shadow puppets, these guys are both fun and frightening in their quest to conquer earth. Who said you can’t have a laugh and be lethal?

All of the clowns have their own personality, names, and methods of madness in this ’80s horror romp, making them some of the most memorable creatures ever to grace the silver screen. Thanks to their unique design, goofy and gory gags, and that unsettling alien cackle, they’ve earned their place in the halls of cult film fame.

6 Marvelous Mervo (Blood Harvest)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

You may or may not have heard of the film Blood Harvest, but if you’ve ever seen SpongeBob SquarePants or Insidious, you’ve had some experience with the film’s star. Comic musician, Tiny Tim, has one film under his belt and it just so happens to be this Friday the 13th-esque slasher flick.

Although the scare factor isn’t something we haven’t seen in other slashers, Tiny Tim’s performance is the selling point of the movie. Those who know the musician know his cheerful reputation and delightful voice, but he uses both of them to create a very unnerving and disturbing clown in the form of the Marvelous Mervo.

5 John Wayne Gacy (To Catch a Killer)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

Though there are several films that take their killer clown inspiration from serial killer John Wayne Gacy, we had to give this one a spot on our list simply due to Brian Dennehy’s portrayal of the real-life killer clown. Although the murderer is indeed a clown, this is more of a true-crime thriller. But we simply couldn’t leave it off our list.

The truth is stranger than fiction, or so the saying goes. To Catch a Killer was based on the true events that took place during the Gacy investigation, and while Gacy does appear in the film as his famous Pogo the Clown persona, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of terror. Definitely give this film a watch.

4 Wrinkles the Clown (Wrinkles the Clown)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

So far on our list, we’ve had horror films, operas, murder mysteries, and true-crime thrillers. Now we’re including documentaries with the presence of Wrinkles the Clown. This strange and unusual horror-doc features Wrinkles, an evil clown for hire who, for a price, will appear and prank his client’s victims.

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To put it plainly, this documentary is weird. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t see the merit behind it. The film isn’t so much about a creepy clown as it is about performance art, but that being said, Wrinkles is still unbelievably creepy and we’d hate to see him out our window at night.

3 Cheezo, Bippo, and Dippo (Clownhouse)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

The only thing more terrifying than this unsettling slasher film is what went on behind the scenes concerning director Victor Salva. But that’s not why we’re here, we’re here to talk about Cheezo, Bippo, and Dippo, the film’s trio of terrifying clowns. Though Clownhouse has little in ways of guts and gore, it’s still a grease-painted nightmare.

When a trio of lunatics escaped from the local mental asylum, they sneak into a traveling circus and steal the costumes from a troupe of clowns before terrorizing three brothers staying home alone. What follows is an unhinged horrorshow in the circus of the mind. You might want the lights on for this flick.

2 The Cloyne (Clown)

10 Creepy Movie Clowns (That Arent Pennywise From Stephen Kings It)

You always count on producer Eli Roth for a gut-wrenching gorefest, and with Clown the man definitely delivers. Inspired by the short film of the same name, Clown features a cursed clown suit that turns the wearer into an ancient demon. Believe us, it gets much worse from there.

The film stars a father who finds the clown suit, which is actually the skin of the Cloyne, and discovers that he can’t remove it by any means. The suit later triggers a metamorphosis into the smiling demon with an appetite for children. The movie is equal parts monster flick and body horror film as he tries to resist the demon’s influence and save his son.

1 Art the Clown (Terrifier)

Though he premiered in the film All Hallows Eve, Art the Clown didn’t really get a chance to show his cruel colors until the film Terrifier, and no title could be more appropriate. This isn’t just your standard indie-horror flick, it’s an outright grindhouse movie. This is not your mom and dad’s scary clown movie, folks.

Terrifier is a sick, twisted, gross, and disgusting exploitation film that relies more on blood and guts than it does plot, but its true claim to fame is its villain, Art the Clown. Definitely a ghastly grinner Pennywise could call his equal, Art is not funny in the least bit and could stand alongside Leatherface for his appetite for slaughter.

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