10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

10 Funniest Work-Related Comedies, According To IMDb

When it comes to relatable comedy, settings don’t get much better than the workplace. These are the funniest work-related comedy movies via IMDb.

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10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Comedy can often be a catharsis; an outlet where you can poke fun and take some of the “sting” out of a particular issue, idea, or subject. This might just serve as a reason why comedies that spoof the typical workplace – or at least reside in it – can be so effective.

Indeed, these solemn, often dull office or retail settings can provide a strong backdrop for a memorable, hilarious comedy. Over the years, there’s been no shortage of strong examples; films that deal with everything from humble store settings to bigwig corporate headquarters, and everything in-between.

With that said, let’s get to work as we examine the 10 funniest and highest-rated comedy films revolving around the workplace, as per IMDb.

10 The Hudsucker Proxy (7.2)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

This comedy stands as an amusing blend of a “fish out of water” tale and a workplace laugher starring Tim Robbins. Being a Coen Brothers product, The Hudsucker Proxy possesses a bizarre and somewhat dark post-modern flair, giving it a stylized feel that diverges from your basic goofy 90s laugher.

While the script sat on a shelf for several years, this Coen work finally came to fruition in 1994, proving to be worth the wait for audiences.

The film centers around the unlikely rise of a naive mailroom clerk who must navigate the tough waters of the upper-echelon of corporate life. It’s a fun, satirical look at the wealthy business lifestyle circa 1958 New York.

9 Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (7.2)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

The comedic strength of a cast can often carry a film – even one in the seemingly dull setting of a stuffy newsroom. Such is the case with Anchorman, a zany comedy from 2004 that’s still a favorite for teens and young adults today.

The hilarious cast includes comedic greats like Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, highlighted by the amusing performance of Will Ferrell’s portrayal of the smug, goofy anchorman, Ron Burgundy. The film hones in on a crew of wacky male reporters as they adjust to the new dynamic of a go-getter female reporter being hired in the studio. This 70s-era laugher is uniquely funny with its distinct characters and quotable zingers throughout.

8 Clerks II (7.3)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Over a decade after the cult classic that is Clerks, filmmaker Kevin Smith (who also reprises his role of Silent Bob), presents a unique spin on the formula. While this sequel also centers around a workplace setting, this time we hone in on the fast-food joint rather than a convenience store. While it didn’t prove quite as memorable as the original for many, Clerks II takes a more emotional and nuanced approach.

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We’re given a more in-depth plot and dialogue, as Dante and Randal cope with the prospect of changing times and growing up – now being in their thirties. Still, we get plenty of classic Clerks traits too, rife with silly pop culture ramblings, raunchy one-liners, and nostalgic Jay and Silent Bob callbacks.

7 Up In The Air (7.4)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Unlike our last entry, 2009’s Up in the Air relies more on nuance and smart quips to deliver its sense of humor, dressed up in a sleek, and stylish presentation.

George Clooney convincingly plays Ryan Bingham, a human resources consultant with a frantic lifestyle that forces him to live out of a suitcase. In a cruel twist of fate, the man whose job is to assist in layoffs must fight for his own job following the prospect of being replaced by videoconferencing. Natalie (Anna Kendrick) accompanies him as he makes a case for his job and lifestyle which’s he’s not keen on giving up.

This Jason Reitman dramedy is full of clever zingers, great performances, and gripping character drama.

6 Trading Places (7.5)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Comedies can provide plenty of laugh-out-loud goofiness while also holding nuanced underlying messages and even social commentary. Such is the case with this ’83 classic, Trading Places. This John Landis and Aaron Russo film parodies high society and its juxtaposition with the “everyman.”

The film plays with an amusing Freaky Friday-like role reversal, as Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy hilariously play the bigwig and poor street hustler, respectively. Murphy is particularly in top comedic form in his role of Billy Ray Valentine, who finds himself out of place in this stuffy culture of rich corporate life. The film is both a fun “fish out of water” tale and a clever satire of corporate greed and classism.

5 High Fidelity (7.5)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Not to be confused with the TV adaptation that’s recently hit Hulu, this 2000 romantic dramedy revolves around a music lover who attempts to reconcile his recent breakup. He also seeks to examine his failings by speaking to ex-lovers, setting the stage for some amusing exchanges. Critics remark on the film’s charm and wit, highlighted by performances by John Cusack, Iben Hjejle, and Jack Black.

The film gives a relatable, convincing portrayal of the hardships that can follow relationships and breakups, decorated with a fun setting and rich soundtrack.

4 Thank You For Smoking (7.6)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Here we have another laugher involving suit-wearing execs – yet this Reitman comedy takes an off-kilter approach by starring a tobacco lobbyist (Aaron Eckhart) who must navigate the modern hostility towards Big Tobacco. Eckhart brings this character to life with his slew of clever zingers, unshakable smugness, and memorable speeches. Similar to Trading Places, Thank You for Smoking conveys a sociopolitical message that’s strengthened by a charming cast and a creative satirical slant.

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Being based on a novel, there’s plenty of compelling content to draw upon, but Reitman makes this film his own with its clever edginess.

3 Clerks (7.7)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

This humble comedy feels more like a sitcom than a film, stylized with static, black-and-white shots that give the impression you’re looking through a convenient store security system. Yet, it’s these crude, minimalistic traits that give Clerks its charm, and it’s why this ’94 laugher is still renowned by many today.

The majority of Clerks takes place inside a shop – with cuts to Jay and Silent Bob outside along with some roof hockey. Thus, its intrigue mostly hinges on hilarious exchanges by our silly, likable protagonists. This early work by Kevin Smith demonstrates that great dialogue can reside over a seemingly dull setting and visuals if it’s funny enough.

2 Office Space (7.7)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

A key ingredient in a great comedy is often its relatable content and characters. This is largely what makes this cult classic shine for much of its audience. Mike Judge, creator of the animated shorts from which Office Space is loosely based, greatly captures the drudgery of corporate life.

In a departure from another Judge creation, Beavis and Butt-Head, this ’99 film is a smart social commentary and clever spoof of American corporate culture. This is enhanced by some hilarious situational humor and clever writing throughout. There’s no shortage of great performances, but Gary Cole really stands out with his satirical, yet convincing portrayal of the stern, robotic Initech boss.

1 Groundhog Day (8.0)

10 Funniest WorkRelated Comedies According To IMDb

Many have complained about the repetitious nature of their work. But what if you were literally stuck living out the same day at work over and over again? This distinctly funny comedy from ’93 explores this mind-bending notion. Much like Ghostbusters before it, this Harold Ramis’ film stands out with its blend of unique fantasy/surreal concepts and humor.

We follow a weatherman played by the always humorous Bill Murray, who finds he’s stuck reliving the same day on a loop. This is seemingly triggered by the emergence of the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil. This is a bizarre and endearing character study as much as it’s a whimsical comedy, as the self-centered weatherman is forced to reexamine those he treats poorly while stuck in this loop.

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