10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters, Ranked

The Amazon Prime series Invincible has several incredibly strong characters. Here are some of the most powerful.

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10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

There has been no shortage of violent super-powered clashes in the first season of Amazon Prime’s Invincible. Among the number of even matchups, there have also been ones where the opponents were straight up in different weight classes, resulting in cruel beatdowns that were almost too hard to watch.

And with each victory or loss, the answer to who ranks among the strongest becomes a little clearer. Life or death is usually what’s at stake in these matchups, so the uncertainty of who will come out on top is what makes every battle truly intense. Unlike DC and Marvel, any confrontation could be a hero’s last.

10 Mauler Twins

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

The old adage “two heads are better than one” remains true when it comes to the Mauler Twins. First appearing on the front lawn of the White House with plans to kill the president, the big blue beings are a two-man wrecking crew, wreaking havoc wherever they go in seconds.

With their massive brawn comes particular expertise in cloning, a skill they showcase repeatedly with not only themselves but also in the unlikely case of Robot. With their cloning ability making them extremely hard to kill, the Mauler Twins are reckless enough to try anything and just smart enough to be able to pull it off.

9 Titan

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

In a truly impressive rise to power, Titan is introduced as a lowly collector/intimidator (for crime lord Machine Head), who quickly gets his butt whooped by a freshly super-powered Invincible, still getting the hang of things. But Titan comes back around and cleverly uses his dire situation to appeal to the young, naive Invincible.

Leveraging the help of Invincible (as well as an unexpected assist from the new Guardians Of the Globe), he successfully executes a coup and takes over Machine Head’s operations in the city. His combination of physical strength, newly gained influence, and resources elevates him to a new level, making him a power to be reckoned with.

8 Robot

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

Things are certainly not what they appear to be when it comes to Robot. Introduced as the tactical leader of the Teen Team, Robot’s first impression is as a calculated mechanical strategist who doesn’t allow emotion to factor into his game plans.

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That is quickly debunked, with his emotions driving his growth and ultimate goals, and his actual body being very human. His genius mind even bypasses basic ethics, rationalizing allying with the Mauler Twins in pursuit of a new body. His intellect, fresh body, and neural link with an army of robots make him one powerful 30-year-old teenage boy.

7 Atom Eve

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

Atom Eve has one of the most unique power sets in the Invincible series thus far. Her ability to manipulate atoms makes her a match for any situation, able to create shields, increase her strength and momentum, transform her clothes, and even fly.

She’s also affected things around her, including creating and erasing doors at her parents’ house, turning a tree into a house, dousing fires, and growing crops and forests instantaneously. Her power has so much potential with unlimited applications, and it feels like she’s only touched the surface of what she can do.

6 Cecil Stedman

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

Leading an entire division of the government certainly comes with a lot of perks. Throughout the series, Cecil Stedman has showcased a number of different elements under his control, along with a philosophy that encourages amassing more elements and turning the enemy’s strength into his own.

With the division’s technology, he has the ability to teleport all over the world, a light frequency that allows him to hide all manner of things in plain sight, and as of the last moments of the final episode, an army of zombie androids courtesy of mad scientist DA Sinclair. And that’s likely just a fraction of what’s at Stedman’s disposal.

5 War Woman

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

With ideals as strong as her ability to swing that formidable mace, War Woman is admirable for more than her significant amount of strength. Much like DC’s legendary Wonder Woman, her seemingly otherworldly and Amazonian quality makes her unwavering in the face of adversity.

first appearing on the front lawn of the White House with the rest of the Guardians Of the Globe, she makes short work of a Mauler Twin, showcasing the massive difference in their respective power. Along with The Immortal and Red Rush, she’s one of the few Guardians Of the Globe members to really give Omni-Man any bit of challenge.

4 Invincible/Mark Grayson

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

From having no powers at all to becoming one of the strongest heroes, Mark has had quite an ascension. But even though he’s half Viltrumite, Mark has been tested quite often, pushed both mentally and physically, all while slowly adjusting to his massive strength and ability to fly (and more importantly land).

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Despite his near indestructibility, Mark barely walked away from a handful of battles, most notably against Battle Beast and of course, his father. And yet he can still overpower most with his raw, unpolished strength. With his limitless amount of potential, he’s sure to only get stronger.

3 The Immortal

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

True to his name, The Immortal doesn’t seem to stay down for long. Showing up with the rest of the Guardians Of the Globe on the front lawn of The White House, The Immortal effortlessly tossed around The Mauler Twins.

After being one of the last to die a brutal death at the hands of Omni-Man, he is revived at the hands of The Mauler Twins and quickly rushes off to face him again. Though Omni-Man manages to come out victorious for a second time, there’s absolutely no guarantee that The Immortal will stay dead this time either.

2 Battle Beast

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

It didn’t take much screentime for Battle Beast to assert himself as one of the strongest characters in the series. Appearing as a mercenary hired by the crime lord Machine Head, he (along with a number of other hired guns) took on Invincible, Titan, and the new Guardians Of the Globe.

He proceeded to brutally pummel Monster Girl, Black Samson, and (most notably) Invincible within an inch of their lives, leaving them bedridden for days. Of all the takeaways from that clash, the most startling might actually be that Battle Beast wasn’t challenged at all.

1 Omni Man/Nolan Grayson

10 Most Powerful Invincible Characters Ranked

The only time Omni Man was even challenged was when he was taking on the greatest heroes in the world (AKA the Guardians Of the Globe), all at once. Any other time, Omni Man has barely broken a sweat.

As the revelation of repulsive actions and true intentions became more apparent, he was met with fighter jets, a revived Immortal, a massive satellite laser beam, and even a giant drugged-updrugged up monster. And he walked away from all of it nearly unblemished. There is absolutely no debate that among the Invincible characters in season 1, Omni Man sits in a class all by himself.

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