10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers, Ranked

The Young Avengers saw a group of teenagers take up the cause of defending the Marvel Universe. But which members are the most powerful?

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10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

The main teenage superhero team in Marvel Comics is The Champions. However, before they were formed, the go-to team for young heroes was a team called The Young Avengers. This team saw its heroes emulate the regular Avengers, and there were some of them who were even more powerful than their adult counterparts.

There are rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be bringing the Young Avengers to the big screen as they have already begun to introduce several characters from this team (with more on the way, both on Disney+ and in the movies). With so many new young heroes showing up, their power levels allow them to battle just about any villain the MCU throws their way. But which member would they say is the strongest?

10 Stature

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Stature is Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie and she gained her powers by messing with the Pym Particles when she would stay at Avengers Mansion with her dad when he was part of the team. Her powers are basically the same as Giant Man’s, as she mostly grows using the Pym Particles.

However, while this makes her incredibly strong, her power levels were held in check. She was not experienced with controlling her powers and many times lost control early on, sometimes passing out. She is also one of the only members of the Young Avengers to die in battle, falling to Doctor Doom.

9 Hawkeye

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will get to meet Kate Bishopp in Hawkeye on Disney+ this November. Hawkeye was the first female to join the Young Avengers and one of their longest-tenured members. She also moved on to join the Avengers West Coast, which is when her time with the Young Avengers came to an end.

She has no superpowers, but she is a warrior who came into her own as a master archer after Hawkeye’s death. When Hawkeye returned from the dead, he helped train her even more and helped her become an even more powerful Avenger, one who rivals even him with an arrow.

8 Speed

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Speed is a Young Avengers member that isn’t spoken of much lately. Last seen in the pages of the X-Men comics, Speed is the twin brother of Wiccan, and MCU fans got to meet this Young Avengers member in WandaVision as one of Wanda and Vision’s twin boys.

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Tommy’s superpowers are similar to his uncle, Quicksilver. He has superhuman speed and can reach an average of 761 mph at his top speed. He can also target the hyper-kinetic vibrations in something, which would cause it to explode. When running at full speed, his strength also increases to superhuman levels.

7 Vision (Jonas)

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

The Vision in Young Avengers is not the same Vision that fans know from The Avengers. Instead, this is a Synthezoid who eventually changed his name to Jonas. When Iron Lad showed up in the present day trying to find the Avengers, he found Vision’s AI and brought Vision back to life in a new body.

This Vision was technically superior to the original, but at the same time, he lacked the experience and maturity of his predecessor. He ended up dying at the hands of Iron Lad after Stature fell to her death.

6 Iron Lad

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Iron Lad proved in the Children’s Crusade storyline that he was more powerful than Vision when he destroyed the Synthezoid. Iron Lad is not the Young Avengers version of Iron Man, even though he has and uses armor that is similar to the Avenger. Instead, Iron Lad is a young version of Kang the Conquerer.

Iron Lad came to the main timeline to get the Avengers to help him because he didn’t want to end up becoming the evil Kang. His powers come from his tech and weapons, which came from the far future and were more advanced than anything on Earth today. However, his lack of maturity and impatience holds him down somewhat.

5 Marvel Boy

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Marvel Boy is a Kree warrior, who was a villain before they eventually changed into a hero and joined the Young Avengers. He is Noh-Varr, a Kree from an alternate reality, who was lost in the multiverse and ended up in the 616 reality. He became a member of the Dark Avengers but eventually saw the light.

He is a Kree warrior who was enhanced with cockroach DNA and nanobiology, making him more powerful than many humans and Kree. On top of his superior fighting abilities, he can also reroute any pain he experiences and has mental control over his body. He can also control others with his saliva and his fingernails can emit powerfully sharp bombs.

4 Kid Loki

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

Kid Loki was the reincarnated Loki. As a young version of Loki, the sky was the limit for this Young Avengers powers. He had the magical powers that Loki possessed as well as the attributes of being a descendant of a Frost Giant.

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However, he never reached the level of Loki because of his age. His magical powers were at a weaker level than adult Loki’s and he wore down and had to sleep after strenuous magical excursions. He was extremely powerful, but in his first appearance in a Young Avengers comic, America Chavez defeated him to stop him from using his powers on Wiccan.

3 Miss America

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

America Chavez will make her MCU debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This makes sense as her original origin had her from an alternate dimension and one of her powers is to create star-shaped portals that can help her travel to any other planes.

However, in the comics, that changed because she learned she was a human who was made to believe she was from another dimension while her mothers tried to find a cure for a disease that infected her. While she is not as powerful as before, she has beaten Loki quickly and has proven time and time again that she can stand alongside the greatest heroes in battle.

2 Hulkling

10 Most Powerful Members Of The Young Avengers Ranked

When Hulkling first appeared, most people thought he was a version of Hulk, a gamma-powered superhero. However, this couldn’t be far from the truth. Instead, Hulkling was a shapeshifter who took on the green Hulk persona to fit the trend of looking like original Avengers members.

Hulkling’s father was the legendary Captain Mar-Vell and his mother was a Skrull princess. As someone with the bloodline of Kree and Skrull, he became the new Emporer and brought the long-time enemies together in one alliance. On top of his shape-shifting, he has superhuman strength and durability and a regenerative healing factor so it’s not surprising that many people have had a hard time taking him down.

1 Wiccan

The most powerful member of the Young Avengers is Hulkling’s husband, Wiccan. One of Wanda Maximoff’s twin boys, Wiccan has his mother’s magical powers, but he has the potential to become even more powerful than Scarlet Witch, which is scary.

He has some weaknesses, including his self-doubt and the fact he has to hear himself speaking his spells to cast them. However, he originally frightened Kid Loki because he became the omnipotent Demiurge in another timeline with his reality-warping magic, which can also create and destroy entire worlds.

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