10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Though The Justice League has many friendships to its name, some may seem a bit odd at first glance. Especially considering some are enemies!

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10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Much like with their romances, DC Comics is known for their committed friendships, with many of them standing the test of time. Often, friends will meet in odd places, which is no exception for DC heroes. However, they usually bond when they are working as part of the world’s biggest superhero team.

The Justice League is a group of heroes who band together to battle larger threats, but that doesn’t mean the members always get along. Friendships have blossomed between members of the team though, with many coming seemingly out of left field, creating some of the most unlikely friendships in comics.

10 Superman & Lex Luthor

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Lex Luthor joining The Justice League towards the tail end of The New 52 was one of the most uncanny moments of the doomed reboot. That said, it planted the seeds of reconciliation between The Man of Steel and his greatest nemesis.

Though Superman was reluctant to fight by Lex’s side at first, the two eventually managed to push past their issues and become colleagues. In fact, when New 52 Superman died, Lex took up the mantle of Superman in his honor.

9 Hawkman & The Atom

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Two of the first new recruits for The Justice League, Hawkman and The Atom have been inseparable ever since they first met. Though it is a pairing that would raise eyebrows, especially with their vastly different powers and personalities, it’s a bond that’s proven symbiotic.

A friendship that lasted all the way into the new millennium, Katar Hol and Ray Palmer’s bond was sadly tossed to the wayside in The New 52. Thankfully, Robert Venditti’s recent run on Hawkman brought this odd couple back.

8 Superman & Wonder Woman

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Although DC has flirted with the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman being a couple, most notably in The New 52, their relationship is more powerful when it’s platonic. It seems like a given that Clark and Diana would work together as they are two of the most powerful Justice League members after all.

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Diana would go to Hell and back for Superman and it’s clear that he would repay the favor without question. Even in JLA: A League Of One, when Diana betrays Superman, it becomes clear that their friendship would overcome such a hiccup.

7 Kyle Rayner & Wally West

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

First being joined together in Grant Morrison’s revered JLA run, Kyle Rayner & Wally West were initially pitted against each other. Wally was very critical of the newbie Green Lantern at first, but the two would soon become firm friends.

In one of the best moments of the series, Wally asks Kyle if they can put their feud to the side and follow the Green Lantern-Flash tradition of being friends. It worked out, with their relationship being one of the most defining elements of JLA.

6 Black Canary & Zatanna

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Two of the most underrated female heroes in The DC Universe, Black Canary and Zatanna’s friendship is one of the most off-kilter, yet wholesome of the lot. Pairing a grounded, no-nonsense brawler and a theatric magician may seem odd, but Dinah and Zatanna make it work.

Black Canary and Zatanna have been gal pal goals for a long time, with their best moment together coming via a little story by Paul Dini and Joe Quinones. Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell is a charming, fun series that boils these two heroes down to their core.

5 Batman & Wonder Woman

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

One of the most fun things about DC’s Trinity is that their friendships interweave, with each member being close to each other. Unlike her bond with Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman tend to clash sometimes, but they still consider themselves friends.

While the signs of romance are there, the pairing of a brooding, tortured detective and an ethereal Amazonian goddess is one of the most interesting in comics. Whenever Diana and Bruce are in the same room, there is magic in the air.

4 Cyborg & Shazam

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

A pairing that proved to be one of the bright spots of Geoff Johns’ Justice League run, Shazam’s bonding with Cyborg is both cosmetically jarring as well as sweet. With Cyborg being a technology-based hero and Shazam being a magic-based hero, it’s bizarre that their friendship makes sense.

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Not only are Cyborg and Shazam friends in the comics, but they are also close in The DC Animated Movie Universe, first crossing paths in Justice League: War. This pairing has gone quiet in the comics, but it’s only a matter of time before they are reunited.

3 Green Lantern & Green Arrow

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen have more in common than simply a primary color, but the gulf between them in terms of personality only serves to make their friendship stronger. The friendship between the straight-laced womanizer Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen has been a fan favorite for decades.

No matter what happens, no matter who dies, The Hard Travellin’ Heroes will always find each other in the end. Even when their partnership was dissolved in The New 52, they would become friends once more in Benjamin Percy’s Green Arrow run for DC Rebirth.

2 Batman & Superman

10 Most Unlikely Friendships In Justice League Comics

Some of the best friendships are between two people who don’t always get along, with Batman and Superman being a fine example. Though they started off fairly friendly, John Byrne’s Man of Steel established a more rocky relationship between the two.

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Nonetheless, Clark and Bruce are still best friends whether they are on The League or not. It also goes without saying that Superman is one of the few beacons of joy and hope in the life of the ever-brooding Dark Knight.

1 Booster Gold & Blue Beetle

Forever bros before heroes, Booster Gold is never far away from Blue Beetle, even when the Ted Kord version of the character was dead. Whether it be Ted or Jaime Reyes, Booster Gold will always be best friends with Blue Beetle.

Booster Gold didn’t really have many friends when Maxwell Lord roped him into The Justice League International, but he soon found one in Blue Beetle. The two would remain close from then on, with their get rich quick schemes getting more and more ridiculous.

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