10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Netflix has plenty of upcoming family-friendly movies for the whole family to enjoy, both animated and live-action, many featuring A-list actors.

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10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Over the years, Netflix has proven that it takes its movie business quite seriously. In fact, the streaming service has made a massive investment in various feature film projects. It has also continuously lured in big talent, including Oscar winners and other big stars who may choose to both headline the picture and work behind the scenes.

Besides action flicks and thrillers, Netflix has also turned its attention towards family movies. As the name suggests, these are films that parents can readily enjoy with younger kids. Here are some upcoming family movies set to release in 2021, fit for everyone.

10 Robin Robin

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Netflix’s last venture into musicals was The Prom, which delivered several memorable music numbers and celebrated diversity. This time around, the company is preparing to release another musical with Robin Robin.

In this stop-motion holiday musical, the audience comes to meet Robin, a bird raised by mice who questions why she’s different from the rest of her family as she gets older. When she sets off on a heist, Robin finally discovers who she truly is. The voice cast for this film includes Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant and Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson.

9 Trollhunters: Rise Of The Titans

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

This animated family film is set in the same world as Dreamworks’ Tales of Arcadia trilogy series on Netflix. Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans is meant to conclude the Tales of Arcadia saga, which revolves around three friends who come to discover that their hometown is right in the middle of a fight between good and bad trolls.

In a statement, the film’s producer and Tales of Arcadia trilogy creator, Guillermo del Toro, remarked, “We are very proud of the Tales of Arcadia and extremely eager to deliver this spectacular finale for the audience.”

8 A Winter’s Tale From Shaun The Sheep

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Children and adults alike can never get enough of Shaun the Sheep, who stars in one of the best stop-motion animation films of all time. Not to mention, the Shaun the Sheep universe is home to several lovable other characters, such as Bitzer, Timmy, Shirley, and The Farmer.

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The good news is that Shaun the Sheep is returning to Netflix with this 30-minute holiday special. In the movie, Shaun’s holiday cheer is interrupted after a farmhouse raid results in Timmy disappearing. According to Shaun the Sheep creator, Aardman Animations, the film is set for release in late 2021.

7 Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

For years, there has been an ongoing debate whether the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movies are the best or if Michael Bay did a better job. And with the upcoming release of this TMNT movie on Netflix, it seems that the discussion is about to become further complicated.

Created by Nickelodeon and released by Netflix, the movie will see everyone’s favorite turtles come face to face with terrifying alien creatures after being warned by a mysterious stranger. From the way it sounds, it looks like the Ninja Turtles will go up against their most formidable enemy yet.

6 Nightbooks

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Produced by Spider-Man director Sam Raimi, Nightbooks tells the story of a boy (Winslow Fegley) who is obsessed with scary stories and gets imprisoned by an evil witch (Krysten Ritter) in her apartment in New York City. While being held there, he also meets another girl (Lydia Jewett) who’s been trapped in the apartment.

He comes to realize that the key to staying alive is to tell a scary story each night as he desperately searches for a way to escape. At the moment, there is no set release date yet for the movie.

5 Wish Dragon

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

From Sony Pictures Animation comes this family film that revolves around Din, a college student with big dreams, and Long, a cynical dragon who can grant them. Together, the two set off on an adventure as they search for Din’s childhood friend.

Produced by Jackie Chan, this animated feature boasts of a voice cast that includes Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu, Star Trek’s John Cho, and Altered Carbon’s Will Yun Lee. At the moment, Netflix hasn’t revealed a release date for this movie, but there is already speculation that a sequel is in development.

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4 The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

This animated family tells the story of a young woman named Katie Mitchell who ends up being driven to film school by her family as her dad insists that the family bonds together one last time.

As they go on their way, though, the family also realizes that a tech uprising is going on and electronic devices are trying to take over the world. Now, they must work together to save everyone. The film’s voice cast includes Danny McBride, Abbi Jacobson, Maya Rudolph, Eric André, and Olivia Colman.

3 The Loud House Movie

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

Produced by Nickelodeon for Netflix, The Loud House Movie follows the adventures of The Loud family, who happen to be the biggest family on television. This time, the family heads off on a vacation to Scotland, where they learn that they themselves descended from Scottish royalty. Even better, the family also soon discovers that their ancestral home is an actual castle.

The movie also features the same voice cast as The Loud House Nickelodeon series, which includes Asher Bishop, Andre Robinson, Catherine Taber, Nika Futterman, and Cristina Pucelli.

2 Back To The Outback

10 Netflix Family Movies Coming In 2021

In this animated adventure movie, the audience meets some of Australia’s deadliest creatures who decide to plot an escape from the zoo where they have been living. These include a poisonous snake, a hairy spider, a Thorny Devil lizard, and a scorpion. However, the gang soon encounters a hitch in their plans when their nemesis, a koala, decides to join them in their escape.

As the creatures travel across Australia, they are relentlessly pursued by the zookeeper and his mini-me. The film’s voice cast includes Isla Fisher, Eric Bana, Keith Urban, Tim Minchin, and Guy Pearce.

1 Yes Day

This movie centers around a family in which the parents (Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez) agree to grant their children a “yes day,” where the kids get to make all the rules. As it turns out, this film project originated from Garner herself, whose family has always loved the book that the film is based on. The actress has even been granting her children “yes days” for quite some time now.

She posted a photo of herself after a “yes day.” Garner told Entertainment Weekly, “It caught the attention of Ben Everard and Lawrence Grey, who reached out to my manager with interest in turning this into a movie …”

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