10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

Twilight fans love the story of Bella and Edward (and Jacob, we guess). Sometimes it’s enough for them to permanently display that love on their skin.

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10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

Twilight is a saga that was created for all of the hopeless romantics out there. Placing your judgment aside for Stephenie Meyer’s less-than-masterful writing style and the stoic acting from the films, you can’t help but admire the community of “Fanpires” and “Twihards” for committing themselves to the series that has faced so much hate and disdain from the majority of the planet.

Despite all of the “still a better love story than Twilight” comments, these dedicated fans continued to show off their love for Edward, Jacob, and Bella regardless of the backlash that they most likely received. Some fans were so proud of their love for the vampire romance saga that they decided to tattoo their bodies with art in honor of Twilight. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most interest Twilight tattoos!


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

For many “Twihards” and “Fanpires”, this tattoo marks the very first image they’ve ever associated with the romantic vampire series. At least this is the case for that little apple that is hidden behind the chess piece in the tattoo above. This body art gorgeously represents each cover illustration from the books.

The apple represents Twilight, the flower under the chess piece represents New Moon, the red ribbon pays homage to Eclipse, and the chess piece honors the final book, Breaking Dawn. Even people from the next generation who have never even heard of Twilight will appreciate the beauty of this tattoo.


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

What if you’re a passionate fan of the fantasy genre and you simply can’t get enough? If you want to express your dedication for these magical novels ranging from Twilight to Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, this would be the perfect tattoo for you. (It would make a great poster for your wall as well if you’re not down with the idea of marking your skin for life.)

Regardless, this tattoo brilliantly captures our generations love for fiction and reading. Diving into a fantasy novel is an incredibly healthy way for us to escape from reality in order to enter worlds of fanciful excitement and whimsy. Whether your entering Forks, Washington, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or Winterfell, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your imagination with each turn of the page. Book lovers unite!

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10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

For a lot of Twihards, New Moon is their favorite book in the whole series. This is mostly the case for people who identify as “Team Jacob” rather than “Team Edward” because, in the second book, there is a whole lot of bonding between Jacob and Bella. Although Bella develops some confusing feelings for Jacob, she ultimately knows deep down that Edward is the only one for her.

Whether that sentence made you want to rip your hair out in annoyance or jump up and down in celebration, anyone can appreciate this tattoo even if they aren’t a Twilight fan. The tattoo is ambiguous enough so those who come across it will simply admire the detail and beauty of the body art.


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Sometimes the best tattoos are the most simple ones. This is a great example of that theory. Yet despite the simplicity of this tattoo, it’s a pretty brave decision to place it right on your chest. That’s some serious commitment to the Twilight series right there!

Yet as risky as the placement of her tattoo is, it’s a great spot to get creative with jewelry that will flatter the body art. As we can see in the picture, this girl has picked out the perfect necklace to compliment the theme of the Vampire novels. As we can see, she adores Jacob Black based on the awesome werewolf charm she’s wearing. Seriously, where can we get that necklace? Asking for a friend…


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

Sometimes people are so passionate about their “Twilight teams” that they’ve got to engrain it on their skin for life. As stated before, that’s some serious commitment! When people say “Team Jacob Forever”, they truly mean forever!

Many fans of the series feel a special kind of love for the wolf boy because ultimately he is the character who gets his heart broken in the end. Everyone loves an underdog, and in this case, he is a literal underdog, (sorry, not sorry.) Yet in the end, our boy Jacob gets everything he’s ever wanted in an undeniably creepy way when he imprints Bella’s daughter *shudders*.


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

In that sense, the two are quite similar to a lion and a lamb where one is dangerous and hungry and the other is innocent and helpless. This is the perfect quote for the true romantics out there who still have major Twilight fever years after the hype.

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10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

True fans of Twilight are quite familiar with Jacob Black’s tattoo in the film series. This tattoo is most visible in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Down. Taking a closer look at the symbol, you can see two wolves howling at the moon. It is the tattoo that everyone in Jacob’s wolf pack wears and shows off constantly (because they’re pretty much always shirtless.)

Hey, we’re not complaining! They’re all in incredible shape. They’ve gotta keep it fit if they’re gonna try to beat the Cullens, right? This is a great tattoo for anyone who still has got a lot of love left for the werewolf boy.


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

Say what you will about Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga as a whole, but you can’t deny the weight of these words. This quote can be admired by anyone who comes across it because the meaning behind it is lovely.

Basically, it indicates that regardless of how difficult and “dark” things may seem, you must experience darkness in order to fully appreciate the beauty in life. Without suffering there is no room for passion, so you need darkness in order for the stars to fully glow. The darkness only makes them shine brighter than ever before.


10 Twilight Fan Tattoos That Sparkle

Because the Twilight fandom consists of individuals who are hopeless romantics, this quote is perfect for anyone who values passion and romance above all things. The Twilight fandom is filled with believers in love and these dedicated fans will never settle for any relationship that is less than beautiful.

With Edward and Bella as their romantic inspiration, Twihards hope to find that special person who they can give their heart to, just like the characters on the big screen and in the novel pages.


These Twilight fans have absolutely no shame when it comes to their favorite romance saga of all time. Even if you aren’t a fan of Twilight, it’s hard not to admire the commitment these fans have towards the vampire romance series.

They are true believers in an everlasting bond between two people who are nearly opposites yet are meant to be together. Regardless of whether or not you want to go full out and get a Twilight tattoo, it’s always cool to see how far fans will go to show off their admiration.

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