1000Lb Sisters Why Tammys Nurse Tisa Is The New Fan Favorite

1000-Lb Sisters: Why Tammy’s Nurse Tisa Is The New Fan Favorite

Tammy Slaton’s new nurse, Tisa, is a fan-favorite in 1000-lb Sisters. Viewers celebrated Tisa for not putting up with Tammy’s difficult behavior.

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1000Lb Sisters Why Tammys Nurse Tisa Is The New Fan Favorite

Tammy Slaton is not the most popular among the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase, but her new nurse, Tisa, is swiftly becoming one of the most beloved stars of the Slaton family’s series. At first, viewers weren’t sure Tisa had what it takes to withstand the demanding job that is caring for Tammy, but the pair’s recent tiff has fans convinced of Tisa’s capability. From pushing Tammy to exercise to her tough-love tactics, here’s why 1000-lb Sisters’ audience has determined Tisa is the new fan favorite.

The road to hiring a home health nurse for Tammy wasn’t an easy one for the Slaton family to reach. Throughout 1000-lb Sisters seasons 1 and 2, Tammy was cared for by her siblings, Amy and Chris. By season 3, however, Tammy’s brother and sister couldn’t commit to the reality star’s challenging routine. Initially, Amy dedicated most of her time looking after her older sister, but since Amy underwent bariatric surgery and gave birth to her son, Gage, the entertainer can’t prioritize taking care of Tammy anymore. Unfortunately, Tammy hasn’t become easier to care for over the course of her career in reality television, either. Tammy’s only continued to gain weight and has come down with a couple of severe illnesses like COVID, making her a handful to care for.

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In 1000-lb Sisters season 3, Amy and Chris told their sister they were hiring someone to help Tammy. Although Tammy aggressively opposed her siblings’ plan at first, after spending some time with Tisa, the reality star grew to enjoy her company. Regrettably, Tammy and Tisa recently hit a bump in their unfolding friendship venture. While returning from an outing at the pool, Tisa struggled to push Tammy in her wheelchair all the way to their car. Tammy’s known for refusing to walk, but Tisa demanded the reality star move a few feet on her own. After Tammy completed the task, Tisa got heated about her patient’s unnecessary dependence on her wheelchair. While some viewers might have been surprised by Tisa’s anger, fans on Reddit celebrated Tisa’s frustration. One fan exclaimed, “Round of applause for Tisa!… I mean she cussed Tammy’s a** all the way out… AS SHE SHOULD!”

Before Tisa’s introduction, 1000-lb Sisters viewers regularly expressed their affinity for Chris Combs because he was the voice of reason that refused to put up with Tammy’s shenanigans. In season 3, however, fans were disappointed in Chris for picking Tammy up from rehab before doctors advised the reality star to leave. After her argument with Tammy, the Slaton family’s followers believe Tisa is the firm hand Tammy needs. One commenter compared the two fan favorites, noting, “Chris tries to be tough but Tisa actually executes.” Another fan believes Tisa’s turned out to be a positive influence on Tammy the way the other Slaton siblings couldn’t because she’s less affected by Tammy’s persuasion. The Reddit user claimed, “[Tisa’s] not going to fall for Tammy’s manipulation tactics. She’s not going to fall for her excuses.” By forcing Tammy to walk, Tisa proved her abilities to motivate the entertainer and manage her ego.

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Tammy and Amy are well aware that the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase is not an easy crowd to please, but Tisa has won over the Slaton siblings’ followers throughout the span of a few episodes. Viewers applaud Tisa for being strict with Tammy and giving the reality star a taste of her own medicine. Fans can only hope the Slaton family sees Tisa’s value and keeps her around in 1000-lb Sisters.

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