15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Galactus, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, isn’t without his weaknesses. The world-eater can be beat, and we’ll show you how!

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15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Galactus, the devourer of worlds, is often said to be the most powerful entity in the entire Marvel Universe. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, Galactus has been around for quite a long time. While Galactus is almost always uber-powerful, throughout his long comic book history the mighty cosmic being has been beaten.

Yes, Galactus has weaknesses, which is hard to imagine of a character who literally eats worlds. However, there are ways to get around Galactus’ cosmic might, which many heroes and villains have done in the past. If not, the Earth would have been eaten a long time ago.

Admittedly, some of these “weaknesses” for Galactus are other Marvel characters who can actually defeat the giant purple behemoth. Not being as strong as another character can be a weakness, though, and rest assured there are more traditional weaknesses for Galactus you surely never knew he had that’ll be included too.

Now get ready to go against the mighty entity, because here are the 15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had.

15 The Phoenix Force

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

As a cosmic being itself, the fantastically powerful Phoenix Force is generally thought to be on-par with Galactus in terms of raw power. Both are, after all, two universal forces– Galactus being the embodiment of destruction whereas the Phoenix is a force of rebirth.

However, the Pheonix Force actually predates Galactus, and is the reason he exists, saving his human form of Galan from the destruction of the previous universe that existed.

Being the elder cosmic force, it stands to reason the Phoenix is the most powerful of the two, a fact that was pretty much proven in the pages of Excalibur. With Rachel Grey as its host, the Phoenix was able to stop Galactus from devouring a world and thus bested Galactus in battle.

Yes, Galactus was weakened by malnourishment, but Rachel Grey isn’t even the most powerful of Phoenix hosts. If Jean Grey was at the Phoenix-helm, the battle would have ended even more swiftly.

14 The Old Power

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Galactus feeds on the energy of planets. Planetary life-force is basically food for him. Not all energy is all that nourishing for Galactus, however, because some types of energy are straight up poisonous to the world-eater.

Particularly poisonous to Galactus is the Old Power, an artificial (and highly unstable) replication of the Power Cosmic, the same energy that empowers Galactus. When Galactus snacks on a planet embued with the Old Power, it’s like eating rat poison for the guy, and it sends him on to the brink of death.

That’s exactly what happens when Galactus tries to eat a planet imbued with both the Old Power and the Power Cosmic by the Hulk’s son Hiro-Kala. Galactus barely survives the experience, demonstrating what a lethal mixture of energies the Power Cosmic and Old Power can be for Galactus.

13 Magic

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Few all-poweful beings are immune to magic– just look at Superman. Galactus is no exception, but his weakness to the forces of magic aren’t quite the same as the Man of Steel’s. Nearly omnipotent and all-powerful, Galactus can stand up to even the mightiest mystics. It’s only when a sorcerer uses magic in a clever way that Galactus becomes vulnerable.

Leave it to Earth Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, to do just that. After admitting that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Galactus through magic, directly, Strange takes an indirect route. Using a spell called the “Images of Ikonn,” Strange is able to make Galactus face “the ghosts of all those he has slain,” causing the giant cosmic being to literally pass out with guilt.

Fans of the Fantastic Four cartoon series will remember this scene a bit differently, as it’s the Ghost Rider’s “penance stare” that performs the feat.

12 The Beyonder

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Able to transport the world’s mightiest heroes and villains to an unknown world and battle for his own pleasure, the entity known as the Beyonder is immeasurably powerful. More powerful, even, than Galactus.

Being somewhat cocky, Galactus doesn’t think anyone can stand against him, and the purple behemoth instantly challenges the Beyonder at the onset of the original Secret Wars event. Not that it works out for Galactus, as the Beyonder is able to repel Galactus’ attack and swat him down like a bug.

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Originally an inter-dimensional being, the Beyonder’s origin were re-worked in later years, making him an Inhuman-mutant hybrid who attained immeasurable power. Despite the new origin, it’s still safe to say that the Beyonder is above Galactus in terms of raw power.

11 Being Eaten

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

As an eater of worlds, it sounds somewhat strange that Galactus can be eaten himself. In truth, in the main Marvel continuity, that’s never happened. However, when we turn to the Marvel Zombies mini-series, we can see exactly what happens when an undead hero takes a chomp out of Galactus.

Already having devoured the Silver Surfer, thus gaining some cosmic power, the group of surviving zombie-heroes are delighted to find Galactus heading to Earth after his herald. At first, the zombies battle Galactus and are soundly beaten.

Later, when Galactus is eating zombie-Earth and is distracted by hordes of the undead, the Marvel zombie-heroes use a blend of technology and cosmic power to knock out Galactus. That’s when the feeding frenzy begins.

Consuming Galactus adds to the Marvel zombies’ existing cosmic power, and they end up taking over Galactus’ universal role. Now the zombies are the ones eating planets.

10 The Infinity Gauntlet

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Anyone wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, outfitted with all five Infinity Stones, automatically becomes one of the most powerful entity in the entire universe. They thus become more powerful, even, than Galactus himself.

During the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries, Thanos basically proved this to be true. Easily stomping Galactus (who had also allied himself with Adam Warlock), Thanos showcased the immeasurable power of the Infinity Gauntlet and was able to fully take on the cosmic entity.

The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the few weapons in the universe that can give its wearer a considerable edge over Galactus, and it will soon be seen in all of its glory on the big screen in the upcoming The Avengers: Infinity War.

9 The Power Of Persuasion

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Galactus may consume entire planets without remorse, but that doesn’t mean he lacks reason. When it comes down to it, Galactus wants an easy meal, not a planet full of hassles. Typically, when offered with a simpler solution to his hunger, Galactus will take the easy route rather than battle a planet’s forces.

This has happened many different times, but the best example occurs in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Learning of Galactus’ impending arrival, Squirrel Girl takes action and goes to have a chat with the world-eater. Befriending the devourer of worlds, Squirrel Girl convinces Galactus to leave Earth alone, offering him a far more suitable planet to eat that just so happens to be filled with nuts.

Galactus happily agrees, leaving Earth for a nut-filled meal. Squirrel Girl’s sly plan proves that, when it comes to overcoming Galactus, the power of persuasion is probably the safest bet.

8 Galactus’ Planet-Eating Machine

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Integral to Galactus’ world-eating operation is his Worldship, otherwise known as Taa II. Named after Galan’s (Galactus’ previous form) home world, the Worldship is the size of a solar system, which is kind of a misnomer.

As an energy repository and home to the great Galactus, the Worldship can also be used against the purple giant as a weapon. At the close of the Galactus The Devourer miniseries, Reed Richards invents a machine that is able to “clog” the Worldship.

This causes the Worldship to backup energy that eventually explodes with more force and power than even Galactus can handle. The whole experience nearly kills Galactus, proving that the Worldship is one of Galactus’ greatest assets and liabilities.

7 Sentient Lifeforms

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

As a general rule, Galactus needs to eat life-bearing planets or planets with the potential for life. Planets like these are Galactus’ meat-and-potatoes. However, the life on said planets, particularly sentient life, is basically like living off of poisoned Krispy Kreme donuts for the world-eater.

When solely sustaining himself off of sentient, intelligent beings, Galactus goes crazy. That’s exactly what happened when Galactus followed his herald Red Shift throughout the universe. It’s unclear whether or not Galactus’ obsession with consuming sentient life came before or after Red Shift’s arrival, but either way the result is the same: a not-so-sane Galactus.

Losing his rationality, Galactus ended up being killed shortly after, largely due to the Silver Surfer turning his own energy-siphoning machine against him. Galactus would return, of course, but it goes to show that the world-eater should stick to his diet of, well, worlds.

6 The Proemial Gods

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Said to be the first living organisms created right after the Big Bang, the pantheon known as the Proemial Gods are almost as old as Galactus himself. The Proemial Gods, however, careened through the universe as formless entities for quite a while until eventually gaining awareness.

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Two Proemial Gods, Aegis and Tenebrous, were actually imprisoned by Galactus after gaining sentience. So, when the Annihilation Wave freed them, the pair had a bone to pick. Aegis and Tenebrous (the latter boosted by siphoning the power of another Proemial God) took on Galactus– and the Silver Surfer shortly thereafter– they were actually able to overcome the world-eater and his herald.

This just goes to show that old enemies can come back to get you, even if you’re Galactus.

5 The Ultimate Nullifier

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

When it comes to “ways to defeat Galactus,” the Ultimate Nullifier needs to be mentioned. This is because it is pretty much the original weapon against Galactus, first appearing in Fantastic Four #50 in 1966, shortly after the introduction of Galactus.

Often described as “the universe’s most devastating weapon,” the Ultimate Nullifier can completely obliterate whoever the users chooses to target, which makes it extremely deadly. However, if the user isn’t strong enough, the weapon will destroy them too.

Revealed to be a part of Galactus himself, the Ultimate Nullifier reigns as the best-bet against Galactus. That is, if you can mange to get yours hands on it and are powerful enough to use it in the first place.

4 Molecule Man

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Owen Reece, better known as the Molecule Man, wasn’t always a top-tier cosmic being. Imposing mental blocks on himself, Molecule Man could only manipulate inorganic molecules. However, once those limitations were removed, the true might of the Molecule Man was revealed and he became quite the opponent for any hero who dared challenge him.

Described as a “multiversal composite entity,” Molecule Man simultaneously exists in all realities. Granting Doctor Doom his god-like powers in Secret Wars and later helping to rebuild the entire multiverse, Molecule Man’s powers are nigh infinite and thus he makes a capable enemy to Galactus.

Sure, Galactus may be able to eat worlds, but Owen Reece can recreate universes. It’s fair to say that the Molecule Man can soundly defeat Galactus.

3 The Celestials

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

One of the oldest races in the Marvel Universe, the Celestials are as powerful as they are mysterious. Influencing the evolution of mankind and creating the Eternals, Deviants, and mutants (to a degree), the Celestials are basically gods.

Impregnating worlds with “life seeds,” the Celestial actually gave rise to Galactus’ primary function. Galactus is intended to consume worlds granted with a life seed in order to prevent an overpopulation of the universe.

However, that isn’t to say Galactus is stronger than the Celestials. One Celestial, maybe, but against a group, Galactus has no chance. Jonathon Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four basically made this canon.

When a group of “Mad Celestials” try to destroy the universe, Galactus steps in… only to be pummelled to death. Yes, the Mad Celestial actually kill Galactus.

2 Franklin Richards

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

Young Franklin Richards is an omega-level mutant, he just lacks the skill to use his powers effectively. That isn’t the case for an adult Franklin, however, who, in Fantastic Four #604, is able to use his powers, combined with that of his younger self, in order to resurrect a fallen Galactus.

In a bone-chilling cool moment, adult Franklin says “To me… my Galactus!,” effectively telling readers that Galactus has become the herald of someone else, a reversal of his usual role. With their powers combined, Franklin and Galactus defeat the Mad Celesitals and save the universe.

Even Galactus is surprised by Franklin’s power, and is utterly humbled by the experience. Galactus would be dead without his future-boss Franklin Richards, so you may as well add “being a lackey” to the list of Galactus’ weaknesses.

1 The Cosmic Hunger

15 Weaknesses You Never Knew Galactus Had

If there’s one definitive weakness to Galactus, it’s his need to feed. Without the life-force of planets to sustain him, Galactus grows increasingly weak. It’s been said on numerous occasions that, should Galactus go too long without a planet-sized meal, he would grow weak enough to be killed.

So really, if you wanted to take down Galactus, you would send him somewhere where he couldn’t eat anything, like the Negative Zone. In fact, Reed Richards did just that, knowing that Galactus couldn’t feed on planets comprised of negative energy.

Fortunately for Galactus, this particular weakness isn’t a problem anymore, since the “Devourer of Worlds” was transformed into the “Lifebringer” by the Ultimates. Basically, now Galactus gives life to planets instead of taking it away. How long this beneficial transformation will last, no one knows, but if Galactus reverts back to his planet-eating ways, you can bet that his intense hunger will too.

Can you think of any other weaknesses that Galacus has? Sound off in the comments!

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