5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldn’t)


If these Bollywood stars came to Hollywood, some would become stars and some simply wouldn’t make it.

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5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

For those who don’t watch Bollywood movies, it can be a bit alarming to see the top stars sing and dance and generally romance – and then attack each other with guns. Or maybe it’s the dancing part that’s more alarming to western audiences?

Not every film that comes out of Bollywood – those produced in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) for Indian and Pakistani audiences worldwide – are in the singing/dancing “masala” tradition, however. Which means that, for some of the more accomplished Bollywood stars, there is a potential, traditional path to Hollywood fame and fortune.

Like many hopefuls who seek out success in Tinsel Town, some will become stars and some will take the bus back home.

10 Won’t Make It in Hollywood: Johnny Lever

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

This beloved Indian comedian has over 300 television and movie credits to his name, including the ensemble classic Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, and is still sought out today e.g. Housefull 4.

But unlike most of those on this list he doesn’t have matinee-idol looks, and his style of humor doesn’t cross borders well. Of all the Bollywood stars below, he probably has the least interest in conquering Hollywood and will continue to be happily employed in southeast Asia.

9 Will Make It: Priyanka Chopra

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

It’s a bit of a misnomer to say Priyanka Chopra will make it in Hollywood, because she already has – sorta. Although she continues to make films in India, Priyanka has appeared in the Baywatch remake, Isn’t It Romantic, and the TV series Quantico. The former Miss India knows American audiences and tastes as a US college student, and of course her marriage to pop-star Nick Jonas.

Priyanka is also a model, singer, UNICEF ambassador, and film producer in Bollywood. Chopra has made no secret of her desire to be a star on both sides of the Pacific, and with her talent and business sense should succeed.

8 Won’t Make it: Shah Rukh Khan

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

There are 3 popular Khans in Bollywood (Aamir Khan is listed below), but Shah-Rukh appears to be the least interested in expanding his base. Unlike Aamir and Salman Khan, his movies aren’t popular with international audiences (e.g. Don 3), and as a top Bollywood draw, he could produce those types of films if he wanted.

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His rumored self-centered attitude wouldn’t impede him in Hollywood – there’s no shortage of vain stars there – but unlike the others here, his ideal Hollywood role is already covered by a wealth of similar actors.

7 Will Make It: Akshay Kumar

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

The award-winning Kumar has starred in dozens of films over 25 years, but somehow still exists on the fringe of male heartthrob status in Bollywood. His presence on the call-sheet doesn’t automatically green-light a film production anymore, unlike most of those on this list.

That said, he’s played a variety of roles as he ages away from “action star”, and his longevity in Bollywood and string of hits (Namastey London, Welcome) make him one of the highest-paid actors in the world.

Like Hrithik Roshan (below) he is a fitness nut, and like Jackie Chan, he performs many of his stunts. He became a Canadian citizen in 2011 to try to boost his North American roles – maybe it’s time to try again?

6 Won’t Make It: Jacqueline Fernandez

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

Hollywood casting agents would likely struggle to understand why an up-and-coming actress with a Spanish name would be a star in India – but the Sri Lankan beauty Fernandez has appeared in 2 dozen Bollywood productions and countless music videos.

However, in Bollywood she’s often the “It Girl” – parlance for a young starlet with charisma, wit, and sex-appeal – that’s discarded for the next woman who has “it”. As Hollywood has shown time and again, these actresses (and some actors) are quickly jettisoned in favor of the next emerging star, and Fernandez would likely be passed over quickly in Hollywood.

5 Will Make It: Deepika Padukone

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

Like Priyanka above, Deepika has already crested American shores, most prominently in XXX: Return of Xander Cage. A former “It girl” who found success with “masala” movie Om Shanti Om opposite Shah-Rukh Khan, she has also taken on challenging roles in Piku and the upcoming Chhapaak, where she plays a woman scarred by an acid attack.

Also like Priyanka, the Danish-born star has shown business acumen as a model, producer, and designer. Deepika is active as a feminist and proponent of mental health and seems likely to join her country-woman in crossing over to Hollywood success if she wished.

4 Won’t Make It: Anil Kapoor

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

Bollywood veteran Kapoor would have trouble becoming a Hollywood star, because he’s already tried, with key roles in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Slumdog Millionaire, and TV shows 24 and Oasis. Because the reliable actor is a mid-level box-office draw in southeast Asia, he was given a lead if the spinoff TV series 24: India.

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What holds Kapoor back is the wealth of Hindi/Pakistani character actors that already exist in Hollywood, like Dev Patel, Riz Ahmed, and Irrfan Khan. Kapoor is no longer a leading man on either side of the planet.

3 Will Make It: Aamir Khan

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

No-one has conquered Bollywood like Aamir Khan, the actor and director who’s produced some of the country’s biggest hits, 3 Idiots, Dhoom:3 and Dangal. With hits in China like Lagaan and PK, some have called him the most popular star in the world.

For an actor who thrives in comedies, and behind the scenes as producer and director, Aamir would be instantly castable in Hollywood in any role requiring gravitas, due to an earnest intensity that melts hearts and weathers the weak-hearted. He’s no longer the young man taking on action roles, but his intensity, and his knowledge of the mechanics of movie-making, would make him a strong asset to any Hollywood production.

2 Won’t Make It: Sunny Leone

5 Bollywood Stars Who Would Make it in Hollywood (& 5 Who Wouldnt)

Miss Leone would have a hard time becoming a star in Hollywood – well, traditional Hollywood films anyways. The Canadian beauty has starred in a dozen Bollywood productions since 2014, but it’s her previous career as an adult film star that’s a concern.

Leone is one of the most Googled names in India for the wrong reasons. She’s been flirting with stardom in Bollywood, and considered for several low-level Hollywood films (e.g. I Eat Your Skin), but her inability to gain traction in either box-office makes her Hollywood ascension doubtful.

1 Will Make it: Hrithik Roshan

He dances, he sings – well, lip-synchs anyways – and his cinematic fight scenes are top-notch. Considered by many to be the best actor at the top, he’s been a superhero (Krissh 3), a paraplegic (Guzaarish), an action star (Bang Bang, Dhoom:2) and a math teacher (Super 30). Although Roshan doesn’t rule Bollywood like Aamir Khan, his appeal and box-office receipts are strong enough to greenlight any production.

He’s been called a Greek God for his physique and green eyes and was once touted as a possible James Bond – behind Idris Alba, Tom Hardy, and a dozen others. He’s experimented with US audiences when he helped produce romance Kites, which was “remixed” for North American audiences via director Brett Ratner. His wax-model is popular in Madame Tussauds museums all over the world – why not the man himself?

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