90 Day Fiance All The Reasons Liz Left Big Ed Behind in Las Vegas

90 Day Fiance All The Reasons Liz Left Big Ed Behind in Las Vegas

Liz from 90 Day: The Single Life had had it with Big Ed Brown and she’s letting the world know why she made the choice to end things with him.

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Liz from 90 Day: The Single Life has revealed all the reasons why she decided to leave Big Ed in Las Vegas. Before she left him, they had a fight at the club. The couple is no longer together. Most fans understand why things didn’t work out between them.

Big Ed became one of the most notorious franchise villains when he asked Rose Vega to shave her legs and gave her mouthwash as a gift. Since then, he has remained a controversial figure. He gets dragged for dating much younger women. He made his comeback on 90 Day: The Single Life on Discovery+, but his love life isn’t exactly smooth sailing. Big Ed met Liz, and somehow they hit it off. As the season draws to a close, so does their relationship. Since a lot of fans find the relationship creepy, they aren’t too broken up about the fact that Big Ed and Liz aren’t meant to be.

During an Instagram story via her @e_92_marie account, she alleged that Big Ed was a narcissist. She also shared that she had left the reality star in Las Vegas after he called the airlines first. He tried to change her ticket out of spite. She said, โ€œI left Big Edโ€™s a*s in Vegas because Tiffanyโ€™s friend was so rude.โ€ In the past, Tiffany was rude too, as she shared the opinion that Liz needs Botox. Liz explained that she kept quiet the whole night for Ed’s sake, as he was oblivious to what was going on around him. According to Liz, Big Ed tried to pick a fight in front of a crowd, in Old Town Las Vegas. The father of one was apparently so upset that his girlfriend refused to talk about what was on her mind that he called the airlines at 3 a.m.

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The mother of one had no idea what to expect. She took matters into her own hands, deciding to leave on her own terms. Liz made it clear to fans that she didn’t regret her decision to leave since she was a mother on a budget and just protecting herself. She also alleged that Ed was a narcissistic person. Fans weren’t surprised by the TLC starโ€™s reaction, as many felt he was selfish, especially in light of how he treated Rosemarie.

Even though fans now know that Liz is single, plenty of 90 Day: The Single Life viewers can’t understand why she was attracted to Big Ed in the first place. Next week’s episode shows her talking about their large age gap. There are fan theories that she dated him because she wanted to be in the limelight. However, certain viewers are less skeptical and think that there could have been a genuine connection. Maybe Big Ed, who recently turned 56 and shared a birthday meal with his mom, will now try to date someone his own age.

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