Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

Alice In Borderland: 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other


Despite the brutal life-or-death competition in Alice in Borderland, some characters have managed to do selfless things for other players.

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Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

Content Warning: this article contains plot spoilers for the Netflix show Alice in Borderland.

Despite the violent life-or-death games in Alice in Borderland, some players manage to do selfless things for others, often risking their own lives in the process. The most selfless acts on the show are usually either tear-jerking or impressive as some characters utilize their wits and bravery to save others.

From Kuina’s faceoff against Last Boss to Chōta and Karube’s heartbreaking sacrifice, there are some remarkably selfless moments in the deadly competition. These acts are few and far between, so fans likely won’t forget the rare scenes where characters don’t prioritize their own lives above others.

Chōta Segawa And Daikichi Karube Sacrificed Themselves

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

The most selfless act in the show so far happens to coincide with one of the most difficult games in Alice in Borderland, “Hide-and-seek.” The trio – Chōta, Karube, and Arisu – enter an arena with Shibuki, not knowing that they’re about to face a tough game of hearts.

They realize what they have to do after the mechanics are explained and for a while, viewers were likely hoping Arisu would figure out a way for all of them to survive like he always does. There’s only one winner in this game, though, and both Chōta and Karube decide that it should be Arisu. It’s almost too painful to watch Arisu search for his best friends as they reminisce about better times, waiting for time to run out.

Yuzuha Usagi Convinced Ryōhei Arisu To Keep Going

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

When Usagi finds Arisu waiting for death by laser on the street, she recognizes him from the brutal game of “Tag.” She asks him if he wants to live and drags his unconscious body back to her hideout before preparing a hot meal for him.

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Usagi stays calm when Arisu breaks down and tells her that he doesn’t deserve to live after what his friends sacrificed for him. She helps him realize that he would be wasting their sacrifice if he just waits for his visa to run out. Usagi could have left Arisu to die, which would have been the easier choice considering how risky it is to trust people in the competition. Without Usagi, Arisu would have never been able to do the heroic acts and brilliant deductions shown later in the series.

Ryōhei Arisu Went Back For The Player On The Bus

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

One of the reasons Arisu is such a likable character on Alice in Borderland is that he goes out of his way to use his impressive strategies to help others. This is best seen in the tricky game of “Distance,” when Arisu realizes he can go back for the player left on the bus.

He chooses to risk his life by running thousands of yards back to the starting point in order to bring the motorcycle’s fuel to the bus and save the lone player’s life. There’s a poignant moment where he explains to Usagi how he refuses to let anyone else die because of his inaction. It turns out that this selfless act would save not only the injured player’s life but Arisu and Usagi’s as well.

Yuzuha Usagi Rescued Ryōhei Arisu

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

In the chaotic game of “Witch Hunt,” things escalate when Aguni orders his goons to start murdering and burning players to find the assigned witch. Usagi ignores how dangerous the situation is and focuses on rescuing Arisu, who’s tied up in a room quickly filling with smoke.

She endangers herself by going into a burning building with active shooters, knocking on several doors in an attempt to find the protagonist. She probably does this because she has grown close to Arisu, with the show implying that they have become more than friends. It’s only an added bonus that Arisu happens to know how to end the deadly game and save the rest of the players in the Beach.

Hikari Kuina Helped Ann Rizuna Escape

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

When Kuina and Ann encounter the Last Boss on their way to stopping the brutal round, “Witch Hunt,” Kuina tells Ann to run and tell others what she has found. The gripping sequence that follows highlights how brave Kuina is in Alice in Borderland as she faces the terrifying Last Boss without fear.

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Audiences learn more about Kuina’s complicated past during this scene. She’s had to be courageous all her life, as she’s shunned by her parents because of her gender identity. In order to save Ann and defeat Last Boss, she draws from her past experiences and uses them to empower her. She knows she could have died by that antagonist’s sword, but she understands it’s more important to stop the senseless massacre going on in the Beach.

Kujõ Asahi Admitted To Being A Dealer

Alice In Borderland 7 Most Selfless Things The Characters Did For Each Other

The “Witch Hunt” round really pushed the players to show their best and worst traits. Even the minor character, Asahi, has a shocking selfless scene towards the end of the game. When the players can’t believe that Momoka is the witch, it dawns on Asahi that the only way everyone can survive is if she sacrifices herself.

She stands up and starts saying that she and Momoka are both dealers, responsible for setting up and managing the games. She barely gets a few more words in before a laser shoots down from the sky and kills her. This is more than enough proof for other players in the room to believe in Arisu and Ann’s conclusions and her confession helps end the carnage.

Aguni Morizono Sacrificed Himself

The final game of the first season is riveting until the end and most fans would agree that “Witch Hunt” really does deserve its high rating of ten of hearts. Things seem to be going in the right direction after Arisu convinces Aguni to face his pain and guilt around having to kill Hatter in self-defense. Things calm down for a moment as the antagonist sheds a tear.

Niragi completely ruins everything Arisu has done to fix the situation, though, as he bursts out of nowhere and starts shooting at everyone in the room. When he points his gun towards Arisu and shoots, Aguni uncharacteristically puts himself between the bullet and the protagonist. He decides to become a hero and runs towards Niragi, getting shot multiple times in the process. They both burn to their deaths offscreen as Aguni drags Niragi into the building, finally ending the gruesome game with his selfless act. Aguni’s death in Alice in Borderland is heartbreaking but admirable, as Arisu would have certainly died if he hadn’t interfered.

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