Among Us Meets Minecraft In New PlayerCreated Map

Among Us Meets Minecraft In New Player-Created Map

A Minecraft builder and streamer has managed to recreate the Among Us Skeld map in the block-building game in a strikingly accurate way.

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Among Us Meets Minecraft In New PlayerCreated Map

Anyone who has ever wanted to play Among Us in Minecraft is in luck, as an enterprising player has accurately recreated the Skeld map in Microsoft’s survival crafting game. Mojang’s sandbox game has often been used as a powerful creation tool, allowing players to create everything from working computers to scale models of fictional cities and locations. Most recently, a group of modders joined forces to build Night City from Cyberpunk 2077.

Among Us became one of several big surprises in 2020, jumping up the Steam charts and racking up millions of downloads on PC and mobile. The sudden jump in popularity was even more surprising considering that the game originally launched in 2018. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge of streamers playing the game while stuck at home, leading to it becoming a hit years after its original release.

Minecraft builder Salestro has built the map known as The Skeld from Among Us in the block-building game. The map, which was reported by GamesRadar, includes every room and area from the original title. There are even objects from Among Us on the various tables and worktops scattered throughout the spaceship. Although the workstations, where players carry out tasks, are not present in the Minecraft creation, Salestro has gone to the effort of adding small details such as electrical wiring and the leaves being ejected out of the garbage chute.

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Developer InnerSloth was working on a sequel to Among Us last year but cancelled the project in favor of updating the original game with new content and features. This will not only include brand new maps, like the Airship that was shown off during The Game Awards, but also gameplay changes and improvements. The studio has also ported Among Us to the Nintendo Switch and has been working on versions for other platforms after players on PlayStation and Xbox asked for ports.

Thanks in part to its huge popularity over the last few months, Among Us has become a common subject for various fan creations. This includes everything from fan art to elaborate kill animations inspired by popular movies. So it seemed inevitable that Minecraft builders would eventually start to create their very own tributes to the game, especially when the sandbox title is already used for similar projects by millions of players.

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