Animal Crossing 2021 Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

Animal Crossing 2021: Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is back with its free update, and these builds from the subreddit showcase Gyroids, gardens, DS nostalgia and more.

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Animal Crossing 2021 Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is better than ever. The 2.0 update and paid DLC Happy Home Paradise are out now and it has reignited a creative flame for many fans who haven’t worked on their islands in months, leading to some great fan creations now showcased around the internet. The new update not only brought a number of new villagers, new mechanics, boat tours, shops, and gardening, it also allows players to create and design more interiors than ever before.

Looking at the subreddit for Animal Crossing, players have not only made memes and fanart for their favorite characters, they’re engaging with the game on the design axis as well, creating everything from villagers’ homes to polished rooms and public outdoor spaces. Happy Home Paradise has also given a lot of free reign to players when it comes to design as well. The sheer number of features Happy Home Paradise adds to Animal Crossing stacked with the fact that it’s one-hundred percent focused on creativity means that many players are working on incredible new builds.

These builds represent the best of 2021 so far – their style and presentation are some of the best in terms of creativity, aesthetic beauty, and functionality. These fans have gone above and beyond when it comes to design. Whether funny, interesting, or just cool to look at, these creators have all designed something that looks incredible and represents a great deal of hard work.

Animal Crossing Fans Are Building Shrines To Gyroids

Animal Crossing 2021 Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

It seems as through many players are setting aside entire rooms to play with Animal Crossing Gyroids, and the results have been mesmerizing. After outfitting rooms filled to the brim with copies of different sounding Gyroids it turns into an acoustic wonder with different themes and applications. Many have turned their attics into makeshift meditation rooms and spooky Animal Crossing haunted house-inspired spaces with the addition of these musical clay figures. The Gyroids are fun to collect, and so collecting as many as possible to make the strangest music seems like a compelling pastime.

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The best one so far is the combination of Gyroids and the classical music from K.K’s collection. Posted by coffeephilic, the video shows a room filled one side with cooing Gyroids and the other with shakers. They then use the Flex reaction and a spiffy haircut to mimic the conducting of the gyroids. Everything is perfectly in sync as the Gyroids sway side to side and create wonderful orchestral sounds.

The Animal Crossing 2.0 Update Lets Players Take Wonderful Interior Shots

Animal Crossing 2021 Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

One of the largest downsides to the free update is the fact that players can’t pan the camera left or right outdoors – they’re stuck with a straight ahead viewpoint. However, when taking pictures indoors, the newly added Animal Crossing pro camera gains the ability to turn to face different walls in their house. This has allowed for some wonderful house tours, and recently, user001414 posted a tour of their gaming room using this personalized camera. References to Kirby, Stardew Valley, and what seems to be a stream setup make for a comfy and aesthetically pleasing design.

Getting up-close and personal with the furniture lends itself a much different feel from the more top-down perspective that players might be used to. This feature is especially fun when taking photos of neighbors who have entered your house, so pictures of villagers can be taken while sitting next to them. It also wonderfully captures area lighting in a way that makes these digital rooms feel like real spaces better than the usual mode does.

These Fan-Made Animal Crossing Garden Designs Are Perfect

Animal Crossing 2021 Coolest Things People Have Made In The Game

Collecting recipes is hard work, and finding the ingredients for them consistently is even harder without a central public garden. Gardens and cooking are now essential in Animal Crossing, and fans have now been designing full fields to till and kitchens to go with them. The best garden designs range from traditional corn and tomato fields to intricate, classy rooftop establishments with night-time lighting.

r4nd0x has made an elaborate garden using trellises and barbed wire to mimic an upscale country ranch on their island. Pathways separate the gardens by crop and give the farm a peaceful feeling while still being space-efficient. The farm’s modest size is brought up by its level of overhead decoration, but others have adopted a more sprawling, open design. FelixTurtle’s post, seen below, is filled with all sorts of fall decorations like pumpkins and wells, along with a custom design for fertilizer. Standing in the middle, everyone can see each quadrant of the farm. This design is still tightly packed with décor, but many of the fall-themed Animal Crossing items and designs they used border the fields rather than go over top of them, adding some breathing room to the chaos of growing crops.

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The Wild World Town Hall In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After many presumed him to have passed away, New Horizons confirms that Tortimer is still very much alive, even if retired. Tortimer used to be the mayor in past games before much of the responsibility was passed on to the player. However, through Happy Home Paradise, players can create a house specifically for the old turtle and one user, TheBearInSpace, has taken it upon themselves to let him relive his glory days.

The specific build of the Wild World town hall may be lost to time, but like every good remaster this recreation builds on the original’s style. Giving space for the Post Office and the Civic Center, this build captures the wooden architecture and placement of furniture in the original DS game. Tortimer’s return to Animal Crossing fits right in with this aesthetic and the old antique feel contrasted with the ATM and the modern technology makes it feel like a real town hall.

There’s no doubt that as more people discover the game and get engrossed in its collecting mechanics that even more designs will pop up in 2021 that rival and surpass these, but the amount of great designs already could help inspire those who are just starting their islands. With twenty-five new plots to remodel and ten villager houses on players’ own islands to decorate, there’s a lot of room for experimentation with building themes and designing houses for specific nostalgic or aesthetic niches. These builds may be the result of many hours put in the game, but each one is interesting and creates a different atmosphere from the others.

It’s inspiring to watch other people succeed in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons – their creativity influences everyone around and gives new players tips and tricks to work with. When someone posts their design to social media, it motivates others to continue building what they want to build knowing that every creation is unique. The builds discussed here are individual visions, and for anyone who feels creative when playing, it can be encouraging to know that there are others who will get excited about their individual visions as well.

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