Arielle Vandenberg Reveals How Love Island is Filming During Covid19

Arielle Vandenberg Reveals How Love Island is Filming During Covid-19

The host of Love Island USA Arielle Vandenberg says “it is different but we are making it happen” when it comes to filming during the pandemic.

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Arielle Vandenberg Reveals How Love Island is Filming During Covid19

The reality TV dating show Love Island USA is stepping up their safety protocols in order to keep filming during the Covid-19 pandemic. In a recent interview, host Arielle Vandenberg explained how production adapted to new Covid-19 regulations and guidelines. So, is the show providing hand sanitizer near beds for a 99.9 perfect germ free hookup? From getting tested multiple times, to quarantining, Vandenberg spilled the tea on how Love Island USA, or better known as Love Lockdown this season, is continuing filming during these uncertain times.

The US version of the hit international reality TV dating show, Love Island is definitely a lot different this year. The show follows a batch of sexy singles as they stay at a luxury resort to pair up with contestants and win over the public for a chance to win a grand cash prize. Although, due to the pandemic, Love Island USA has had to adjust filming in order to bring the steamy hookups to fans’ living rooms. CBS decided to nix having the cast fly overseas to a ritzy resort and instead created their very own “bubble” in a villa above a Las Vegas boutique hotel, the Cromwell. Along with their quarantined bubble, the host of the show, Arielle Vandenberg revealed more changes. She opened up about production in a recent interview promoting the new season and how everyone is remaining safe during Covid-19.

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In a recent Q&A, Metro reports that Arielle Vadenderg talked about how Love Island USA was stepping up their safeguards for preventing Covid amongst the cast. The host of the show revealed, ‘It is different but we are making it happen. ‘It’s been so incredible that we are actually able to do this.” She adds, ‘We have all been quarantining for weeks and have had multiple Covid tests, and literally nothing is slipping through the cracks here.”

It also sounds like the host doesn’t mind the Las Vegas quarantine. She said, “We are in a Love Island bubble and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Arielle Vandenberg has been the host of Love Island’s USA since the first season. She’s a ball of energy who gained her stardom with the video platform Vine and her quick wit is definitely seen on the show’s new season.

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