Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Arrowverse: Ranking Every Hero Death

Arrowverse fans got to see plenty of heroes saving the world over the years, but some of them tragically didn’t make it.

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Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

As opposed to 8 years ago when Oliver Queen was the only vigilante around, the Arrowverse is now teeming with heroes and, as more shows get made, that likely isn’t going to change soon. Unfortunately, heroism can sometimes mean sacrifice and there is no shortage of heroes that have sacrificed themselves for the greater good on the shows.

Almost every Arrowverse character has died, the majority of which were undone due to time travel or supernatural means. While each character’s death was meaningful and left a major impression, some deaths have been more important than others.

14 Roy

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

While lots of the characters’ death are highlighted in the shows, the death of Roy Harper aka Arsenal was handled a little differently.

In season 7, when he returned to help the team deal with Emiko, he revealed to Oliver that while he, Thea and Nyssa went to go and destroy the Lazarus pits, he was killed by a member of the Thanatos Guild and was then revived by the Lazarus Pit. Unfortunately, his death didn’t hold a lot of emotional weight since it occurred off-screen and didn’t last.

13 Ronnie

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

As a result of an unstable wormhole being created by Barry going back in time and then Reverse-Flash attempting to use it to get back to his timeline, a singularity opened above Central City.

In an effort to stop it from destroying the world, Firestorm, who at the time was Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, flew into its eye and separated from each other. Unfortunately, it resulted in Ronnie dying while Stein ended up surviving the incident.

12 Behrad

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Season 4 introduced a living version of Zari’s brother, Behrad, with him replacing his sister in the timeline and taking her spot as a member of the team. However, in season 5, when Atropos boarded the Waverider in search of the other pieces of the Loom of Fate, Behrad steps in to stop her and protect his sister who was in the air totem.

Atropos then killed him by cutting his life thread after sensing that he was from an alternate timeline. His death devastated Zari but he was brought after the Legends regained control of the Loom.

11 Nora

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Nora West-Allen was daughter of Barry and Iris who traveled to the past from the year 2049 to meet her dad. She was erased from existence when she and Team Flash worked together to destroy Cicada’s dagger.

Despite knowing that it could save her life, she chose not to enter the negative Speed Force due to her realizing it was corrupting her and making her more like the Reverse-Flash.

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10 Sara

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Sara Lance aka the White Canary has probably died the most out of any character in the Arrowverse. She was believed to have gone down with the Queen’s Gambit but her first real death was at the hands of Thea while she was being influenced by Malcolm Merlyn. She was later revived with the Lazarus pit which resulted in her suffering from bloodlust.

She then died again after being killed by a brainwashed Rip and then was revived by Gideon. Her most recent death happened in season 5 when she was attacked by a zombie horde with the rest of the team but was ultimately brought back by Charlie.

9 H.R.

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

H.R. Wells from Earth-19 was the 3rd Wells to be a part of the team in season 3. The entire season was built around the team working on preventing the death of Iris at the hands of Savitar, which Barry saw when he traveled to the future.

In the end, H.R. ended up swapping places with her using a device that can change the appearance of the user. Even though his sacrifice was sad, especially considering how poorly he was treated, it was undercut by the fact that no one expected them to actually kill off Iris.

8 Shado

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Shado was the daughter of Yao Fei, Oliver’s mentor on the Lian Yu, who was in a romantic relationship with Oliver and was killed by Anthony Ivo when he forced Oliver to choose between her and Sara.

It was her death that led Slade Wilson to go off the deep end and become a villain, blaming Oliver for his choice and resulting in him coming to Star City and fighting Oliver as revenge.

7 Snart

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Although Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold wasn’t a hero when he joined the Legends, he certainly died as one. Snart sacrificed himself in order to destroy the Oculus and prevent the actions of the team from being controlled, allowing them to have a shot at defeating Vandal Savage.

In the explosion, he manages to take out the Vanishing point and kill Time Master Druce with his final words being “There are no strings on me”.

6 Rip

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

In an effort to buy the Legends more time to get away from the time demon Mallus, Rip removed with the Waverider’s time drive and planned to use it as a bomb.

Knowing that it would only temporarily delay the demon and risk his life, Sara tries to convince him not to go through with it but he reveals his desire to be reunited with his wife and son. It’s an extremely touching scene in a show that has become known for its silliness.

5 Stein

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Martin Stein was one half of Firestorm with the original other half being Ronnie Raymond who would later be replaced with Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. His death came during the Crisis on Earth-X event when he was shot by a Nazi while attempting to make his way to open a breach.

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He was then taken back to the Waverider where he would later succumb to his injuries after breaking the link with Jax which was the only thing keeping him alive.

4 Eddie

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Eddie Thawne was Joe’s with the Central City Police Department and Iris’ boyfriend who learned that he was an ancestor of Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse-Flash. After seeing him and the Flash fighting with Eobard moments away from killing Barry and the rest of the team, Eddie shoots himself wiping Eobard from existence.

Season 1 of The Flash is often regarded as the best of the series and this moment is one of the reasons why, although many have been holding out hope for Eddie to come back, especially since Reverse-Flash is still running around.

3 Laurel

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Laurel Lance was originally a lawyer and became a vigilante in season 3, taking up the mantle of the Canary from her sister and going on to be a hero. However, not too long after being offered the position of District Attorney, Laurel was stabbed by Damien Darhk with one of Oliver’s arrows as revenge for her father’s testimony.

Despite initially seeming like she would make it through after her operation fine, she ended up dying in the hospital but not before instructing Oliver to have someone become the Black Canary. It was completely unexpected and felt like a kick in the gut to those who were fans of the character from the comics.

2 Quentin

Arrowverse Ranking Every Hero Death

Despite starting out trying to arrest Oliver and out him as a vigilante, over time Quentin Lance ended up becoming a huge ally to Team Arrow.

Quentin was killed indirectly by Ricardo Diaz in the season 6 finale after jumping in front of a bullet intended for Earth-2 Laurel Lance aka Black Siren, whom Quentin had seen as his own daughter, and later having a seizure during surgery. Luckily for him, he was brought back at the end of the series and revealed to be the mayor of Star City thanks to Oliver’s sacrifice.

1 Oliver

Despite it being announced early on that Oliver Queen would die in Crisis of Infinite Earths, it didn’t make it any less impactful when it happened. What fans didn’t know was that Oliver would actually die twice during the event. The first time would be after he would stay behind on Earth-38 and fight the shadow demons resulting in thousands of extra lives being saved.

The second death was after he was granted the powers of Spectre and used his final moments not only to defeat the Anti-Monitor but restore the multiverse.

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