Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

One of the most recent Battlefield 6 rumors suggests that DICE’s next game is copying 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in a significant way.

You Are Reading :Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

There has been no shortage of Battlefield 6 rumors as of late, with players learning quite a bit about the project through various leaks. From fully destructible cities to a World War 3 setting and a player count of 128, the next Battlefield game is shaping up to be and interesting one. However, one of the newest rumors suggests that the franchise could be taking inspiration from one big decision that was made for 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game.

This rumor is particularly interesting considering just how different the two franchises are, as little similarities between Battlefield 6 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare exist apart from their settings and the first-person perspective. However, this leak could change that, as one simple move could have huge implications for the Battlefield franchise. While this is still only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt, fans can expect some big things if it proves true.

An End To The Current Naming Convention

Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

The leak in question comes from Tom Henderson, who has proven to be a fairly reputable source in the past. According to Henderson, Battlefield 6 will not be called Battlefield 6 at all — instead, it will drop the format of numbered titles entirely. Battlefield 6 will instead simply be called “Battlefield,” marking a fresh start for DICE’s beloved FPS franchise. If this sound familiar, that is because it is, as Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare subseries did the same less than two years ago.

With the Modern Warfare trilogy wrapped up back in 2011, Infinity Ward’s return to the modern era saw the developer starting from scratch. Though characters like Captain Price and Gaz made a return, and more figures returned via the game’s post-laucnh Seasons of content, the old story was left behind. In its place, a fresh tale was told, with this one focusing on the new character Farah and her country’s fight for freedom. Beyond just starting a new narrative, though, a new tone of realism was introduced, with action-packed missions like Modern Warfare 2’s Cliffanger being replaced with gritty and intense night vision raids. While some still prefer the classics, this new style worked well for fans, too, and it seems like Battlefield may be trying to pull from this success.

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Not only is Battlefield 6 supposedly taking place in World War 3, a fictional conflict that was already covered heavily inside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but it is also pulling the naming convention from 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. Infinity Ward’s return to the successful Call of Duty subseries saw them dropping the numbers that came after each Modern Warfare, which made sense because of how the new story was not connected in any way. While just calling the game Modern Warfare may cause some issues with naming its eventual sequel, for this specific reboot, it made sense. It indicated a new tone and a fresh start, and Battlefield copying this style may indicate that EA and DICE are attempting to do the same.

After all, the Battlefield series is no stranger to making use of odd names for its games, as Battlefield 1 shows this clearly. As such, simply calling the next Battlefield game “Battlefield” would hardly be a big deal, and it makes sense with what DICE is supposedly trying to do. Several rumors have come out suggesting that the developer is aiming to recreate the feel of older games like Battlefield 3, bringing back the feelings had when players enjoyed those titles. Further, there is no denying that Battlefield 5 failed to meet expectation. While using the name Battlefield 6 implies a continuation of Battlefield 5’s style and systems, the use of the title Battlefield suggests some level of distance between that game and this new title — with the brief Battlefield name symbolizing a fresh start just like Modern Warfare’s.

What A Soft Reboot For Battlefield Could Mean

Battlefield 6 Rumor May Suggest Game is Ripping Off Modern Warfare

If Battlefield 6’s rumored title is truly suggesting a fresh start, fans can expect Modern Warfare’s style of a soft reboot to be copied as well. This will likely be seen in Battlefield’s next campaign, as characters like Dima, Recker, and Blackburn will likely be left in the past. The “war of 2020” plotline from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 will likely be abandoned completely, with the warships, nukes, and planned war with China likely to be dropped in favor of a World War 3 narrative. Aside from a new story, however, Battlefield’s soft reboot could usher in a new style of gameplay for the series.

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With little officially known about the next Battlefield game apart from its player count, perhaps DICE takes a more cartoony approach with this title. A bright new visual style could change things up even further, creating a greater level of distance between the old and new styles by making use of some more unique graphics. If there is a campaign, players could be introduced to a squad of lighthearted and funny characters like the ones seen in the Bad Company subseries — with a group of misfits fitting the concept of a less serious Battlefield game to a tee. While some would surely be sad to see realism take a backseat, prioritizing fun over everything else could attract a new, larger audience.

On the flip side, DICE may stray even further from the tone of the Bad Company games by going hyperrealistic with the next title. With the power of next-gen consoles, the series can look even more stunning in terms of visuals, matching the boosted player count with an absurd level of detail. Pulling from Modern Warfare even further, the next Battlefield game could be grittier and more realistic. Finally including gore in multiplayer, pulling from real world events, and showing the collateral damage that war can cause are all ways that Battlefield can become more focused on realism than it already is. A darker look at warfare that looks at the concept of World War 3 in a more mature way, a serious style could renew interest just like it did for Modern Warfare.

At the same time, calling the game Battlefield could purely be used to get away from the failures of Battlefield 5 as opposed to giving the series a fresh beginning. Regardless, fans will not have to wait too much longer to find out if these rumors are true, as a reveal is confirmed to be coming in spring. If the leak proves true, though, it is hard to deny that DICE and EA are pulling from one of the biggest video game franchises of all time – and their direct competition. If this truly is the case, hopefully this soft reboot of Battlefield will prove just as successful as Modern Warfare’s did.

Battlefield 6 is in development.

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