Destiny 2 Walk the Line Quest Guide

Destiny 2: Walk the Line Quest Guide

Unlocking exotics can be a daunting process in Destiny 2, but Guardians can follow this guide for completing Duality’s Walk the Line quest.

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Destiny 2 Walk the Line Quest Guide

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a game full of diverse maps, dangerous aliens, and rare loot. When it comes to claiming desirable exotic weapons, these quests can involve all kinds of intricate details. Though one of the newest pieces, Duality, is fairly straightforward to claim, Guardians will want to follow this Destiny 2 guide for the specifics.

Duality is a recent addition to the library of exotics and offers interesting effects. As a shotgun, it is useful in Crucible and for dropping enemies quickly without much hassle. Unlike most in this category, Duality has two types of ammo it can fire. If shot from the hip it unleashes a spread of pellets, and if fired while aiming it unloads a high power slug. The versatile nature of the shotgun makes it a piece Guardians will want to collect.

The great part about Duality is that players can grab it from Destiny 2’s season pass. In fact, the first step of this guide involves loading up the season pass screen and selecting the gun from there, but there’s a catch. For premium season pass owners, the shotgun can be picked up starting from rank 1. However, those taking advantage of the free version of the pass will need to wait until rank 35 before accessing Duality. Once adding it to the inventory, players are ready to start the quest.

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Head over to Banshee-44 in the Tower and snag the Walk the Line quest. From there, Guardians will need to complete three steps to unlock the Duality catalyst. The first involves gaining 300 points of calibration progress. Destiny 2 fans will likely be familiar with this portion, but it requires completing various activities. Most of the fun content like Nightfalls, Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible all award points. Wins in Gambit and Crucible, or beating Nightfall: The Ordeal gains the most progress, so try teaming up with friends to more easily achieve these goals.

The other two steps of the quest can be completed in tandem, which is helpful. The first is killing 50 enemy Guardians with Duality. Sounds easy enough, but most likely the third step will require some effort. Players will need to kill 100 enemies with the Duality slug ability. That means aiming down the sites to finish off a target. While tempting to shoot from the hip, make sure to aim so this portion can be completed. After finishing the steps, just talk to Banshee-44 again to earn the Duality catalyst. Now it is just a matter of farming 400 enemy kills with the shotgun to earn the bonus range and magazine size.

Of the many exotic quests in Destiny 2, Walk the Line is one of the less complex. It pretty much just needs Guardians to play game modes and kill a ton of enemies. No doubt grinding will take some time, even for the most hardcore players. But any fan of the series will know this is all part of the appeal. Duality sounds like a weapon worth collecting, so make sure to log in and grab it from the season pass.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is now available PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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