Divinity Original Sin 2 – How To Get The Spiders Kiss Talent

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – How To Get The Spider’s Kiss Talent

Spider’s Kiss is unique among talents in Divinity: Original Sin 2 for many reasons. Follow this guide to obtain its power.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 – How To Get The Spiders Kiss Talent

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, most talents can be obtained through skill points earned via leveling up. The Spider’s Kiss talent, though, is a bit more complicated. It requires completing the quest “A Web Of Desire,” found on Reaper’s Coast during Act 2.

The quest is simple enough to complete, but requires following certain steps. Furthermore, the direction of the quest and the talent’s effects vary based on player choices. If players aren’t careful, the Spider’s Kiss that they receive may not have the desired outcome. Follow this guide to ensure that the Godwoken makes the most out of this unique effect.

Obtaining The Talent

Divinity Original Sin 2 – How To Get The Spiders Kiss Talent

Speak With Dorotya

In the Undertavern beneath the Black Bull in Driftwood, speak with a human woman named Dorotya, the Decadent One. She will request that the player prove their worth by telling a tale of their adventures. There are several ways that characters can respond; for example, by flaunting their status as Champion of the Fort Joy Arena. Once impressed, Dorotya will invite the player to look into her ring.

Choosing A Vision

Upon looking into Dorotya’s Ring, she will ask them what they see. Players may choose any one of the following, which will influence the effect of the Spider’s Kiss talent when they receive it.

  • Towering Oak: +2 Strength
  • Curved Quill: +2 Intelligence
  • Golden Chest: 2000 Gold
  • Stately Dragon: +2 Wits
  • Transparent Chrysalis: The Glowing Idol of Rebirth, which resurrects the holder with full Vitality upon death.
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Follow Dorotya

Dorotya will then insist that the player follow her out of sight. Ensure that the character completing this quest is detached from the rest of the party, and meet Dorotya in her secret hideout (dubbed “Dorotya’s Kissing Corner). The lovely lady will then transform into a giant spider and ask to kiss the player character — hence the talent’s name.

Players may either accept her kiss, or draw their weapon to attack. Note that there is no option to peacefully refuse, so be ready for a kiss or for a fight. Accepting Dorotya’s kiss will grant the receiving character 5000 EXP; the player can repeat the quest with each character to earn that amount for each one.

Alternatively, fighting and killing Dorotya nets each character 4,000 EXP. Her body will yield two unique daggers, a key, and an Ashen Idol of Rebirth. The latter item can be combined with a resurrection scroll to create the Glowing Idol of Rebirth mentioned above. Naturally, however, killing Dorotya prevents any further characters from acquiring Spider’s Kiss.

What The Spider’s Kiss Talent Does

Divinity Original Sin 2 – How To Get The Spiders Kiss Talent

Once obtained, the Spider’s Kiss talent grants the holder the benefit based on their above choice of vision. Additionally, no matter the bonus, it also carries a drawback of -2 Constitution. Be sure to bear this in mind before accepting Dorotya’s kiss.

Unlike most Talents, Spider’s Kiss cannot be removed via the Magic Mirror on the Lady Vengeance. The spider lady’s gift is permanent, so consider all the benefits and drawbacks before deciding to acquire this talent.

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