Exclusive Charlize Theron Really Wants to Do a George Miller Furiosa Spinoff

Exclusive: Charlize Theron Really Wants to Do a George Miller Furiosa Spinoff

Mad Max: Fury Road star Charlize Theron exclusively tells Screen Rant that she’s ready to do George Miller’s Furiosa solo movie.

You Are Reading :Exclusive Charlize Theron Really Wants to Do a George Miller Furiosa Spinoff

Exclusive Charlize Theron Really Wants to Do a George Miller Furiosa Spinoff

Charlize Theron is ready for a Mad Max: Fury Road spinoff about Furiosa to happen with George Miller. There aren’t many reboots that can match the acclaim that came with George Miller’s reboot of Mad Max. A franchise that once starred Mel Gibson was handed over to Tom Hardy a few years back. Despite production issues and reportedly a heated set when things got rolling, Fury Road still managed to be one of 2015’s best films. It was a return to form for Miller as he delivered an adrenaline-filled ride from start to finish. While Hardy played the titular character, it was Theron’s Furiosa that really caught on with audiences.

Theron brought a powerful performance to Fury Road, and it’s only left fans wanting more. There have been reports of a spinoff/prequel in the works for a few years now, but so far nothing has come out of it. Nearly three years may have passed since Fury Road debuted, but Theron is just as interested in another film as before.

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Screen Rant spoke to Charlize Theron during the press junket for her new film Tully. During the interview, we asked her about the chance of a Furiosa movie happening. She wasn’t able to provide an update on the film’s status, but she’s hopeful it will happen. She said:

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I hope so. I love that character I loved working with George Miller and if he was ever on board, yeah. I mean, I would be in right from the beginning. With him (George Miller) it’s kind of like working with Jason Reitman. I wouldn’t even need to see a script, I trust him that much and it’s great when you have that with a filmmaker.

Exclusive Charlize Theron Really Wants to Do a George Miller Furiosa Spinoff

Its no surprise that Theron is still eager to play Furiosa again. She’s been very vocal in the years since Fury Road’s release that she wants to star in a solo movie. There was even a point when it was rumored to already be in pre-production, but any Furiosa-led sequel or prequel has yet to make headway since. A potential movie led by Theron in this franchise could explore her backstory further, or see her try to spread the wealth after successfully taking over The Citadel. With Gas Town, The Green Place, and The Wasteland still holding potential for exploration, there’s a number of avenues for Furiosa to take.

Even though Theron remains hopeful, as does Miller, there appears to be a legal battle preventing any more Mad Max movies from moving forward. Miller is currently suing Warner Bros. over lost earnings. He believes he’s entitled to a $7 million bonus for coming in under budget, before WB meddled and demanded changes that increased the budget. Considering Fury Road made just under $380 million worldwide, wasting away franchise potential over a $7 million dispute is a strange move from the studio. But, if they can find an agreement and repair this relationship if needed, then maybe Theron will get to star in Furiosa one day.

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