Fan Explains Why Some Borderlands 3 Players Hate Ava Compares Her to ScrappyDoo

Fan Explains Why Some Borderlands 3 Players Hate Ava, Compares Her to Scrappy-Doo

A Reddit user and Borderlands 3 fan offers a detailed explanation as to why many fans of the looter-shooter seem to hate Ava.

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Fan Explains Why Some Borderlands 3 Players Hate Ava Compares Her to ScrappyDoo

Borderlands 3 has been out for a couple of weeks now, giving fans of the franchise plenty of time to play through the story and dive into the various endgame activities. Since the game’s release, fans have started developing opinions on certain characters, with the general consensus seeming to be a general dislike for the new character Ava. In fact, the Borderlands 3 Ava hate has gotten so prevalent that Reddit user ironangel2k3 has offered a detailed explanation as to why they believe the game’s community seems to dislike her so much.

Before we can get into ironangel2k3’s explanation as to why they believe many members of the Borderlands 3 community hate Ava, we must warn that they venture into MAJOR SPOILERS for the story. Anyone who has yet to complete the hugely successful Borderlands 3 will want to hold off on reading this until they do so.

Here is the abridged version of ironangel23k’s explanation as to why Borderlands 3 fans dislike Ava.

ironangel2k3 (who also came up with this brilliant Bastion rework in Overwatch, by the way) explains in their Reddit post that Ava can be categorized under “The Scrappy” TV trope. For the uninitiated, a “Scrappy” character is someone who is “overly annoying, arrogant, or abrasive” that is “unintentionally hated and hated for narrative reasons,” according to TV Tropes. As explained by ironangel2k3, Ava meets this criteria because of her personality and how removing her from the plot “does only positive things for the story.”

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ironangel2k3 points out how Ava winds up getting a fan favorite character, Maya, killed off, and for no good reason. In Borderlands 3, Ava disobeys Maya and puts herself in danger (forcing Maya’s intervention, and in turn, causing Maya’s death at the hands of the Calypso Twins) just because she didn’t want to be left on the ship while the Vault Hunters opened a vault. She also blames Lilith for Maya’s death, even though it is clearly Ava’s fault.

Ava causing Maya’s death, which we noted in our Borderlands 3 review as a moment that was ruined a bit by Ava’s obnoxiousness, is not necessarily the main reason why the fandom has turned against the character so harshly. According to ironangel2k3, the real reason is that not only does Ava not really do anything positive for the group throughout the whole story and in fact causes Maya’s death, but she is rewarded for doing so at the end of the game by being made the leader of the Crimson Raiders. This is despite far more qualified and older people around that Lilith could have given the honor to – and it would have made much more sense than making Ava head of the organization when she really didn’t do anything to earn it.

Of course, there are people who actually like Ava in Borderlands 3, but they seem to be the minority if social media is anything to go by. ironangel2k3 points out that it’s possible that Gearbox may redeem Ava in the eyes of her detractors in future Borderlands 3 DLC episodes, but we’ll have to wait and see on that front.

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Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit, TV Tropes

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