Far Cry 6 How to Slide 200m (Sliding Away Achievement)

Far Cry 6: How to Slide 200m (Sliding Away Achievement)


Sliding is a part of most games these days, and Far Cry 6 has a simple sliding achievement to unlock. Dani will simply need to climb a mountain.

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Far Cry 6 How to Slide 200m (Sliding Away Achievement)

It’s not every day that there’s an achievement for sliding in a game, but Far Cry 6 has one such achievement, called Slip Sliding Away, that can be completed with a few easy steps and a bit of maneuvering. Sliding isn’t uncommon in most first-person shooter games, and it’s a handy ability. Getting the Slip Sliding Away Achievement in Far Cry 6 is fairly simple as long as players know where to go to travel the proper distance in a single slide.

To get the Slip Sliding Away achievement in Far Cry 6, players will need to travel 200m while sliding. Far Cry 6’s map is extensive, and there are many locations players can use to get the Slip Sliding Away achievement that are easier than others. However, when attempting the achievement, players will need to take wildlife into consideration. They might have a tough time unlocking Slip Sliding Away if they get attacked by animals while sliding.

Another problem players may face when attempting to unlock the Slip Sliding Away achievement in Far Cry 6 is the location of enemy combat units. These may attempt to attack Dani while they are sliding, so players will want to choose a location with some distance from enemies. A final issue players may face on their way to completing this challenge is the appearance of obstacles. These might cause Dani to crash on the way down, preventing them from sliding the required distance.

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The Best Way To Get The Slip Sliding Away Achievement In Far Cry 6

An easy way to get the Slip Sliding Away Achievement in Far Cry 6 is to find a very high mountain or hill with a straight road or path up to its summit. The higher up the mountain or hill, players go, the greater the advantage for players. These kinds of landmass are great for this achievement, as they eliminate many obstacles and animals and are found isolated from enemies.

A great place that fits the perfect sliding profile is south of Bandoleros Mountain and west of the Los Sabios Valley. A winding road takes players between these two regions, and a river separates the two. Dani can follow the river westbound up the mountainous area and locate the path almost in the center of the mountain.

Along the route, there is an offshoot near the top with two warning signs that explicitly tell players not to slide down. They can ignore the signs and slide down the trail anyway. The trail has almost no obstacles but does have some twists and turns to navigate. Players should slide down and avoid the single rock, and the Far Cry 6 Slip Sliding Away achievement should unlock just a bit beyond that point.

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