Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Hell’s Kitchen: 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season


Hell’s Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay’s competitive reality television show, where chefs compete to win a grand prize. But do the right cooks always win?

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Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Hell’s Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay’s competitive reality television show where chefs compete to win a $250 million dollar salary as executive chef at a five-star restaurant. Over the 18 seasons that this show has had, we’ve had some pretty close finale calls which ended up with disappointed viewers and fan of the show.

Although we all trust Ramsay to choose the best man or woman for the job, there have been a few seasons where the winners were questionable. It’s no doubt that all these chefs are professionals and skilled at their trade, but there’s more to Hell’s Kitchen than talent. Here are 10 times where Hell’s Kitchen wins were not necessarily the right choice.

10 Season 14

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 14 was a strong season from the start. The final four (the Black Jackets) were amazing contestants who had strong performances all season and included Milly, Nick, Terrece “T”, and Meghan. This roster was neck and neck but ultimately ended up with Meghan and T in the finale. Don’t worry though, Milly and Nick make another appearance in a later all-stars season!

Meghan’s confidence seemed to rub some viewers off the wrong way, while T’s team-focused and humble demeanour shone through. Both were consistent and terrific chefs, but T had a calm composure about her as well as a good attitude that had the audience rooting for her the whole time.

9 Season 11

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 11 came down to Ja’Nel Witt and Mary Poehnelt. Ja’Nel ended up with the win, but the decision received some backlash due to Mary’s outstanding performance as he’d chef in the final round. She showed leadership, skill and supported her team throughout the dinner service.

Many people were disappointed by Ja’Nel’s win and felt as though Mary had a better service as well as maintained a positive attitude throughout the season. Not only did Mary improve and flourish throughout her time on Hell’s Kitchen, but her spirit and determination didn’t waver.

8 Season 15

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 15 was an intense season with some strong characters like Jackie, Amanda and Jared. Ariel Malone and Kristin Barone were the two chefs left standing and were definitely good competitors. They both had overall good seasons with strong performances to back them up.

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Some viewers felt that Ariel didn’t display the leadership qualities needed to be an executive chef. Kristin seemed to have a louder voice in the kitchen which is why a lot of people were rooting for her to win. Although Ariel was a smart decision-maker, Kristin dramatically improved over time.

7 Season 17

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 17 was an all-star season, bringing back some of America’s favourite and least-favourite contestants. Not surprisingly, both Nick and Milly from season 14 ended up back in black jackets. The final two had another season 14 contestant, Michelle Tribble as well as Benjamin Knack from season 7.

Michelle definitely showed talent and potential to grow as a chef although, at the age of 22, Benjamin has experience over her. While everyone thought Michelle was a natural, Benjamin showed professionalism, maturity and was overall a great team-player. He demonstrated consistent quality as well as support and leadership.

6 Season 6

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

To give credit where credit is due, David Levey did deserve his place in the final of Season 6 given that he survived a good chunk of the season one-armed. This being said, Kevin Cottle not only had the talent and drive to win this competition but displayed excellent control during dinner services. Even when Kevin made a mistake, he got right back up again and ended service on a good note, showing that he can bounce back and improve.

Both chefs deserved their spot in the final, but at the end, Kevin’s hard work, skill and power in the kitchen were sadly not rewarded.

5 Season 4

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Petrozza was a memorable contestant who had full support from the viewers. During the finale, Petrozza had a great menu and great quality control whereas Christina seemed to have had dishes sent back. Overall, Petrozza had a better final dinner service.

Apart from performance, Petrozza had an incredible attitude throughout the competition and oozed positivity, spirit and authenticity. His losing statement during the finale had the people at home in tears as he talks about all the beautiful people he met during the show. Many people think that age was a deciding factor given that Petrozza was in his late 40s at the time and believe that Ramsay chose Christina for her larger window of improvement.

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4 Season 12

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 12 was interesting considering that Jason Zepaltas, runner up, was first in season 9. He left after the first dinner service due to health problems but returned a few seasons later healthier, and ready to fight. His signature dish impressed Ramsay and showed his improvement throughout the years.

While some people commented on Jason’s loud and boisterous personality, his consistency in dinner service performances compared to Scott who had been up for elimination a few times speaks volumes.

3 Season 9

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

Season 9’s final four were an interesting mix. Elise was disliked throughout the season for her arrogance and unwillingness to be a team player. While the two final chefs ended up being Paul Niedermann and William Lustberg, many people were shocked to see Tommy Stevens go home first out of the black jackets.

Tommy had a great spirit and was loved by his fellow competitors as well as by Ramsay. While the two finalists were talented chefs, a lot of viewers felt they were not memorable and that Tommy had more potential, drive and voice than both of them.

2 Season 13

Hells Kitchen 10 Times The Wrong Chef Won The Season

One of the most liked contestants in Hell’s Kitchen history was Sterling Wright. This grill chef from Nashville, Tennessee captured the hearts of all in his time on the show. Sterling, unfortunately, did not make it to black jackets and was eliminated right before, but everyone at home was in tears at him and Ramsay’s goodbye. Ramsay even let Sterling keep his jacket!

While Sterling did not move on to win as many of us were hoping for, his ability to “keep it 100” and his willingness to help his team would have made him an excellent executive chef.

1 Season 8

Most people were disappointed with the final two on season 8. Nona Sivley (winner) and Russell Kook II (runner up) were not everyone’s favourite picks. It was Jillian Flathers who stole the hearts of many at home with her sweet nature but her ability to dominate in the kitchen. It was undeniable that she is a skilled chef and got even better as the season progressed.

Fans were disappointed in Ramsay’s decision to eliminate her in third place. She overcame obstacles, improved greatly and showed that she could be a leader despite her bubbly personality.

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