Last Minute PS4 Slim Xbox One S and Wii U Deals for Holidays

Last Minute PS4 Slim, Xbox One S, and Wii U Deals for Holidays

Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner. If you are still shopping for an Xbox One S, PS4, or Wii U, we’ve rounded up all the last minute deals.

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Last minute holiday shopper? Have no fear, you can still reap some holiday savings thanks to aggressive Christmas deals from retailers on both the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even the Wii U!

If you’re shopping beyond gifts for the PS4 gamer and are looking for discounts or incentives on the console system themselves, we’ve rounded up all the remaining holiday deals for you to browse through. While Sony has announced that all PS4 units will be $50 off until December 24, select retailers are offering extra incentives if you opt to buy from them. For example, GameStop was giving free two-day shipping so you can get the console in time for Christmas and Best Buy is now offering a free $50 gift card with every PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle purchase.

As for the Xbox One S, Microsoft is significantly more aggressive than Sony. Matching their $50 discount, they are now offering a $30 gift card on select Xbox One units as (from the new S to the older non-S models). Plus, you’ll even receive a free Ubisoft game of your choice upon checkout. We’ve rounded up all qualifying Xbox One S units that qualify under this deal below.

Xbox One S Bundles at Microsoft

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New 12/21 Only Gears of War 4 Console Bundles:

PS4 Console Bundles

Update: GameStop’s free two-day shipping is now expired but a better deal from Best Buy is now available.

Xbox One S Bundles at Best Buy

Wii U Bundle

If you’d much rather pick up a Nintendo Wii U over Sony or Microsoft’s offerings, you can save a big amount by buying refurbished directly from Nintendo. At Nintendo’s eBay shop, you can pick up a refurbished Wii U 32GB Deluxe unit with a bundled physical copy of Nintendo Land for only $200 flat. Because this refurbished unit is straight from Nintendo, you’ll receive a full 1-year warranty as with a new unit. Shipping is free (on eBay, unlike Nintendo’s official website) and you’ll even earn a few dollars in “eBay Bucks” as a reward incentive.

Last but not least there is one interesting Xbox One S bundle going on at Best Buy this week. In a giant bundle offering that only a big-box electronic store can offer, you can pick up a brand new Xbox One S bundle (either the Minecraft or Battlefield 1 bundle) along with a Samsung 55-inch 4K Smart Ultra HDTV for only $750. Given the UHDTV alone is close to a $700 purchase, you’re looking at an Xbox One S for only $50.

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We don’t expect any more surprising deal before New Year arrives, but if you don’t need a system for Christmas gift giving, check back as 2017 roll around as overstock units may go up for after-Christmas sale (which while rare, does indeed happen). For the Wii U, we think the refurbished unit listed above is as good as it’ll get until the Nintendo Switch arrives and retailer start clearing out their shelves to make way for Nintendo’s latest and greatest.

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