Peyton Elizabeth Lee & Noah Lomax Interview Secret Society of SecondBorn Royals

Peyton Elizabeth Lee & Noah Lomax Interview: Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Noah Lomax chat about their friendship in Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, premiering on Disney+ on September 25.

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Disney+ has been ramping up the release of original content in recent months, and the latest film to be crowned with a premiere on the service is Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals. The action-adventure film, which arrives on September 25, combines a classic princess story with a story about superheroes-in-training.

Early on, Princess Sam of Illyria discovers she possesses powers that make her better suited to the battlefield than the royal court. Normally, a teenager who hated life in the palace would be thrilled by this news, but Sam would rather hang out with her best friend Mike and play political anthems in their makeshift band. Star Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi Mack) shuttles back and forth, emotionally speaking, between her new life and the one she shares with Mike (Noah Lomax of Trial By Fire).

Lee and Lomax spoke with Screen Rant about how they viewed their onscreen friendship, what powers they’d like to have themselves, and what possibilities lie in store should there be a sequel.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee & Noah Lomax Interview Secret Society of SecondBorn Royals

I loved Sam’s friendship with Mike throughout the film. Even though he doesn’t have powers, he is still solid rock for her. Can you guys describe that dynamic?

Peyton Elizabeth Lee: I think Mike plays such an important role in Sam’s life. She has so much going on, from being royalty to a relationship with their mom to a relationship with their sister; her sister’s becoming the queen. She has all these responsibilities, and then on top of that, she has this new secret society that she’s a part of, and she has these powers that are developing.

I think for her like she needs some constant, you know? She needs something – or someone – that’s always going to be there for her and that knows her. And that’s Mike. I mean, it’s one of my favorite relationships in the movie, because we see who Sam is and who Mike is, and who they are without the titles and without the superpowers. Who they are, really, just as people and as teenagers.

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Noah Lomax: I feel like Mike, because he’s a non-royal, he’s a healthy distraction [for] Sam. Keeping her away from all the stresses that the royal life may bring her and, with their whole band thing, keeps her mind focusing on that. She’s kind of in another world and in a safe place, per se, with Mike. Yeah, I just feel like he’s always there for and he’s loyal, and that’s a good kind of friend to have for anyone.

Peyton, I loved how early on Tuma called you The Breakfast Club at the academy. Was there any way in which it kind of did feel like kids acting out or hanging out without the adult actors and directors?

Peyton Elizabeth Lee: Yeah. I mean, The Breakfast Club, that’s a hefty thing to live up to. But I think, in a sense, it’s true. Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies, but that sort of dynamic of these people who couldn’t be more different – they’re from different families, different walks of life. They have different ethnic backgrounds, and whatever it is that makes them different – they could not be more opposites, all of the characters.

But then when they’re put into this place together, and they’re forced to be together, seeing how they sort of find similarities in their differences and sort of find togetherness in their differences – that’s definitely something that I think is represented both in the film and also sort of what was happening offset as well. Because we’re all very different. We’re all from different places. We all have completely different upbringings. We’ve all been working for different amounts of years – but then finding how we’re all teenagers; we’re all growing up. We’re all trying to figure this out. We’re all living our dreams, you know?

I think all those things really made us close as a cast. And that, I think, hopefully comes through onscreen as well.

Noah, while you are not a second son or of the royal bloodline, what power would you give Mike?

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Noah Lomax: Probably… A power that I would like to have personally would be to teleport, but if I was going to give a power to Mike, it couldn’t be teleportation because that just doesn’t fit him. I’d have to give him super strength, because then he can really pound the skins on the drums and just make the right sounds to a T; that would be perfect.

Without giving any spoilers away, Secret Society of Second-Born Royals kind of leaves room for a sequel and for more adventures. Where would you like to see your characters go?

Peyton Elizabeth Lee: I would definitely like to see Mike become a little bit more a part of the action. I think he’s such a key part in sort of the final – I don’t even know what to call it, but sort of the third act of the film. He’s a huge part of their success in the third act, and I would like to see a sequel where he sort of becomes an honorary member or some sort of part of the society, even though he’s not technically a second-born.

Noah Lomax: Yeah, that would be really, really cool. Maybe I could be kind of the guy behind the scenes that does all the technical stuff for them or something. Or honestly, I’d love to see just everyone in the Secret Society kind of start to hone in on their powers and have more control and show that control. That would be pretty cool, to see how they’ve grown over time.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee: It was really funny, because we were all so close off-screen. But Noah wasn’t really in a lot of scenes with the rest of the kids, which felt so weird because we spent every night together. But then when I was watching the movie, it was interesting seeing how you don’t really see him with the other characters. Those are definitely dynamics that I would that I would love to see sort of explored more in a sequel.

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