Pokemon GO Best Moves For Spritzee

Pokemon GO: Best Moves For Spritzee


Spritzee is a Fairy-type Pokemon that can be quite useful in Pokemon GO’s gyms if it has the right moveset.

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Pokemon GO Best Moves For Spritzee

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y introduced a new type to the Pokemon world: Fairy-type. This new Type was used to balance out the powerful Dragon-type and gave Poison and Steel-types one more Type advantage. While some Normal-type Pokemon became Fairy-type as of Generation 6, there were plenty of new Fairy-type added to the ever-growing list of Pokemon. This included Spritzee, who, originally exclusive to Pokemon Y, was recently released in Pokemon GO.

Spritzee is a pure Fairy-type Pokemon, making it strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type. It’s weak against Poison and Steel-type moves. Despite its typing, Spritzee has a combination of Electric and Fairy-type moves in Pokemon GO, which can give it some Type-coverage in Pokemon Gyms.

How to Get Spritzee

Pokemon GO Best Moves For Spritzee

Spritzee made its Pokemon GO debut along with Goomy and Swirlix in May 2021’s Luminous Legends X. Trainers could get Spritzee or Swirlix by doing the Field Research Tasks “Catch 10 Fairy-type Pokemon” and “Use 7 berries to help catch Pokemon.” A guaranteed Spritzee encounter occurred by completing “Step 5 of 7: Catch 20 Fairy-type Pokemon” of the Timed Research quests.

For those that missed out on the Luminous Legends X event, Spritzee can be caught in the Wild or can be hatched from 7km Eggs.

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Spritzee’s Best Movesets

In Pokemon GO, Spritzee has fewer moves than its evolved form, but fortunately, players can still construct a good offense and defense move set. Here are Spritzee’s moves in Pokemon GO:

Spritzee will gain STAB from its Fairy-type moves: Draining Kiss and Charm. In addition, most of Spritzee’s Offense and Defense movesets overlap due to its limited movepool.

Here are some of Spritzee’s best movesets that can be used for Offense or Defense:

Other movesets include having Charge Beam and Thunderbolt as Spritzee’s Quick and Charge Move respectively. However, not having a Fairy-type move in Spritzee’s set won’t generate it any STAB. Plus, Electric-type moves are completely ineffective on Ground-type Pokemon. Combining Charge Beam + Draining Kiss isn’t recommended either because of their EPS and lower DPS than the Charm + Thunderbolt combo. Also, despite giving Spritzee the most STAB, Charm + Draining Kiss means Spritzee can’t dish out super effective damage on Water or Flying-type Pokemon.

Between its two Quick Moves, Charm is preferred because of its 17 DPS compared to Charge Beam’s 7.3. The Charge Move can be alternated between Thunderbolt or Draining Kiss, but since Thunderbolt has higher DPS and less EPS, the Charm + Thunderbolt moveset works the most in Spritzee’s favor. The move Thunderbolt can also be used on Steel/Flying-type Pokemon like Skarmory, which are strong against Fairy-types.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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