Pokemon Unite Best Crustle Builds

Pokemon Unite: Best Crustle Builds

This stalwart Defender can hold positions and unleash powerful attacks. Here’s what you need to know!

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Pokemon Unite Best Crustle Builds

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The characters designed to hold positions in MOBA games go by different monikers, though, their roles are often quite similar in that they are meant to defend certain crucial points or provide support for their allies. In Pokemon Unite, one of such roles is the Defender category, which boasts some of the most resilient pocket monsters in the franchise.

Out of this group, the member with arguably the most potential to be an offensive threat is the Bug and Rock-type Crustle. Players selecting this solidly-built bulldozer of a creature will usually want to specialize into one of two builds to optimize their strategies: a master of trapping foes or a surprisingly fast and ferocious battlefield bully.

Crustle Trapper Build

Pokemon Unite Best Crustle Builds

Crustle Trapper Build Moveset

  • Stealth Rock
  • Rock Tomb

Crustle Trapper Build Items

  • Leftovers (Held Item)
  • Muscle Band (Held Item)
  • Rocky Helm (Held Item)
  • Potion (Battle Item)

How To Use The Crustle Trapper Build Effectively

An important point for any Crustle build is to take note of the ability Sturdy, as it is a core feature in a lot of the best tactics surrounding Crustle since it passively boosts the player’s Defense and Special Defense every time they lose a certain amount of HP. These boosts stack, so the longer Crustle goes without being knocked out, the stronger they will get.

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Wearing down the foe with Stealth Rock is a great way to initiate any confrontation with an opponent. It will deal some damage when used and leave behind an area of floating stones that will deal damage over time to any enemy or wild pokemon within it. As such, Stealth Rock is a great move to use as often as possible to achieve higher DPS for brief periods.

The most significant aspect of this build is Rock Tomb as well as how the player uses it. Essentially granting Crustle the power to summon a curved wall of rock that hurts adversaries when it rises, this attack is arguably the best trapping move. The damage-dealing potential of Rock Tomb is quite low by itself, but it can be perfect for cornering a target and laying down Stealth Rock before striking at one’s prey. Ideal usage can be tricky to pull off, as it will require players to aim Rock Tomb quickly and precisely; a difficult feat since Rock Tomb’s summoning range is actually much greater than most other moves, so aiming it will take practice. Furthermore, doing so before swiftly setting up Stealth Rock in the best spot (inside the curve wall of Rock Tomb) can be even tougher during the heat of battle, so it is recommended to unleash this trap from the cover of tall grass or while foes are distracted by allies.

Crustle Offense Build

Pokemon Unite Best Crustle Builds

Crustle Offense Build Moveset

  • X-Scissor
  • Shell Smash

Crustle Offense Build Items

  • Rocky Helm (Held Item)
  • Focus Band (Held Item)
  • Muscle Band (Held Item)
  • Potion (Battle Item)

How To Use The Crustle Offense Build Effectively

This build turns Crustle from a Defender into something closer to an Attacker, as players using these moves should be aiming to get takedowns and spend a lot of time shoving foes around. As such, being on the frontlines this much means that Crustle will definitely be taking more damage, so using the Focus Band Held Item instead of the Leftovers mentioned on the previous build will be a better idea due to the faster and more timely healing effects of the former.

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When used in conjunction with the passive effects of Crustle’s ability Sturdy, Shell Smash can become an incredibly powerful buff. This boosting move essentially converts a portion of the player’s Defense and Special Defense into Attack (while boosting movement speed by a flat rate). If players have had their HP drop plenty of times to stack the effect granted by Sturdy, they can essentially negate a lot of the Defense and Special Defense lost when using Shell Smash for a buff with nearly no downsides. On top of this, since the speed boost is significant, players can even use Shell Smash for a quick retreat, as it will allow Crustle to outspeed most foes over a short distance.

X-Scissor is by far Crustle’s best damage-dealing move, though, it should not be used wantonly, as that would squander its potential. Firstly, players should buff themselves with Shell Smash to increase the damage done by basic attacks and X-Scissor. Then, Crustle users should aim to use the shoving power of X-Scissor move to push opponents into objects and walls, as this will deal nearly double the damage on the hit which pushed the foe into the object and stun them briefly. The speed boost of Shell Smash lets Crustle outmaneuver slower foes, so getting those crucial wall-shoves will be a bit easier with this buff active. When used in combination with the attacks of allies, this Crustle build can be extremely difficult to go up against, even for those who see it coming.

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