RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

RWBY: 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna, Answered


Black Belladonna is a main character on RWBY, yet there are some questions that fans still have about her. We have you covered with these 10 answers.

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RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Blake Belladonna began the series as one of the most mysterious characters in RWBY. Most of her time was spent giving brief answers to her new teammates, reading her books, and investigating the White Fang on her own. Over time, she came to trust her teammates and opened up more, but much of her time in the seven volumes has been spent on her own.

Blake is the only member of team RWBY who is a Faunus. With her cat ears and cat-like reflexes, she’s certainly a big asset to the group – when she’s not blaming herself for past tragedies. Definitely a fan favorite, fans are excited for the show to explore more of her character as it moves forward.

10 What Is Blake’s Fairytale Inspiration?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

All four of the women that make up Team RWBY have a little bit of inspiration from fairy tale characters. Ruby’s Little Red Riding Hood connections are easy to spot, but others, like Yang’s connection to Goldilocks, can be more difficult. Blake is more like the latter, with the connections easily spotted once you know what it is you’re looking for.

Her tendency to stick her nose in a book when she’s in a group of people and her need to do what’s right for everyone is a lot like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Blake’s tendency to be short with people and follow her own instincts, however, is more like the beast. That dual inspiration makes her unique. If fans are looking for more nods to the fairytale, they’ll notice she has her own candelabra at the start of her time at Beacon with a design that calls to mind Disney’s Lumiere.

9 What Is Her Semblance?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Blake’s semblance is officially termed Shadow in RWBY. Those familiar with the Naruto franchise might recognize how the term relates to her semblance. She can create “shadow clones” of herself.

It’s not clear how long Blake can maintain her shadow clone, but once she creates it, she typically uses it to distract her enemy and take a blow for her so she can move farther away. Typically, the audience sees her literally propel herself away from the clone just before it’s struck by an enemy, so how long they can last is still a mystery.

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8 What Is The Book She Was Reading When First Introduced?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

When Blake first met Ruby and Weiss, she was shown reading a book. While we don’t actually see a title on the book, we do get a hint about what the book is later.

Ruby asks her what she’s reading once they’re all supposed to be going to bed for the night, and Blake tells her that it’s about a man who has two souls. While that’s interesting, viewers get to see a line in the book reading, “he raised the glass to his lips,” which is actually straight out of a real novel about the duality of man. It comes from The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.

7 Is There Meaning Behind Blake’s Name?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Just as all of the members of Team RWBY have some fairytale nods in their personalities, they also each have a signature color. That color is reflected in their names.

In the case of Blake, fans will notice she often appears in black and purple. Her given name actually translates to “black” in Old English. “Black” was also the title of her first RWBY trailer. Even her surname, Belladonna, gives a nod to the color black. The poisonous berries on the belladonna plant are black, though their flowers are purple, just like Blake’s aura.

6 Was Her Name Always Going To Be Blake?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Funnily enough, Blake’s surname was actually considered for her first name at one point. Series creator Monty Oum revealed to fans via twitter that he and his team decided that they needed a sharper name, so Belladonna became her last name, and Blake became her first name.

Fans also speculate that Blake’s character might have once been considered to be the W in RWBY. As the names work out now, each letter corresponds to a color (in English) with the same first letter, as well as the character’s names. Ruby is red, Weiss is white, Blake is black, and Yang is yellow. One of Oum’s first tweets about the series, when he was working on it, was to ask his followers if anyone knew of a word associated with the color black that began with the letter W. What would Weiss’ name have been then?

5 How Have Her Cat Ears Changed Over The Series?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

As the anime has progressed, the animation style changed slightly to include more and more detail in the characters and background. Blake’s ears in particular have had changes made to them in different volumes. In the first volume of the series, her ears appear more purple, while in the second, they’re black with white on the inside.

By the time the series made it to its fourth volume, the coloring on Blake’s ears changed yet again, black ears with gray on the inside. Her ears have also become more expressive as the animation models have changed. Now, her ears move and bend with her emotional state, something they didn’t do early in the anime.

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4 How Many Fights Has She Won In The Anime?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Over the course of RWBY, Blake has participated in 24 different fights. Impressively, she’s only truly lost one of them – the one where she and Yang first took on Adam together, and Yang lost her arm. That doesn’t, however, mean she’s won 23 bouts with enemies.

Three of Blake’s fights have been interrupted by outside forces, making her withdraw, even if she wasn’t ready to. One of those times was when the students had to abandon taking on Grimm during the fall of Beacon to get people to safety. That means she’s won 20 fights over the course of the anime so far.

3 Does Blake Have Other Cat Traits?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

In the world of RWBY, a Faunus doesn’t just have a single physical trait of an animal. They also end up with some traits that can be harder to spot. In the case of Blake, some of her preferences and behaviors give a nod to her cat side.

Not only does Blake love tuna, like most cats, but she’s also not the greatest with dogs. In the real world, dogs and cats can get along depending on personalities, but in RWBY, Blake takes one look at Ruby’s dog Zwei and scrambles to the top bunk bed to avoid him. She also makes a point of wanting him to stay away from her stuff. Animators even chose to have Blake follow the dot from a laser pointer to get to Yang in one episode, a nod to domesticated cats being fascinated by them.

2 What Can Her Weapon Do?

RWBY 10 Questions About Blake Belladonna Answered

Blake’s weapon of choice is called Gambol Shroud, and like Ruby and Qrow’s weapons, it’s actually a type of scythe. Specifically, it’s a “variant ballistic chain scythe,” which gives fans a hint to all of its working pieces.

Blake’s weapon can be modified and taken apart to be used as a sword resembling a cleaver, a katana, and even as a gun. Interestingly, she also has a ribbon along the back, which gives it the appearance of a whip when it’s not in use. Blake regularly uses the ribbon as more of a grappling hook.

1 When Did Blake Decide To Become A Huntress?

Early fans of RWBY actually got to see the moment Blake decided to study to become a huntress. It happened in her “Black” trailer.

During the events of the trailer, Blake became more and more worried about Adam’s plan to blow up a train car. She decided to literally sever her connection to him, disconnecting their train cars from one another. It was at that moment that Blake decided to leave Adam, his new version of the White Fang, and destructive behavior behind. She decided she wanted to use her life to help people, and being a huntress was a great way to use the skills she already had.

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