Slack Skype Google Hangouts & Around Are Probably Safer Than Zoom

Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts & Around Are Probably Safer Than Zoom


If you’re concerned about Zoom and the constant stream of reported issues and security concerns, there are other video conferencing apps.

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Slack Skype Google Hangouts & Around Are Probably Safer Than Zoom

As more people work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the video chat app Zoom has seen a surge in usage. However, users of the app have also faced security concerns. Therefore, it might be good to know that there are other platforms, like Slack, Skype and Around, that probably offer a safer video-calling experience.

With so many people forced to stay at home in an attempt to contain the virus, the demand for video conferencing apps has increased massively. Zoom has become one of the most popular solutions for a lot of people, and for both work and personal video calls. This has also lead to an increase in attention and the number of complaints regarding the design and security flaws of the app. Zoombombings have become a real menace for many and although the company released an advisory on how to deal with trolls who are out to spoil the party, it remains to be seen what has changed. That was not the only issue either, with complaints surfacing recently over how Zoom shares user data with Facebook.

Although the sudden rise in new users has certainly played a part in the increased complaints, the company is at fault for not fixing these issues over the years. While experienced Zoom users might be able to handle some of the flaws by being careful with how they use the app, new users might be more alarmed and confused as to how to deal with what seems like a variety of issues. For those users, there are other solutions that can offer a video chatting experience that’s as good as Zoom, and without many of the same problems.

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The Best Alternatives To Zoom

Microsoft Skype is an extremely popular video chat platform, and in many ways, is very similar to Zoom. However, it is primarily designed to be a useful tool for professionals, making it is not the most exciting video calling solution. It also lacks some of the collaborative social features found in Zoom, such as breakout sessions. Nevertheless, it is a very functional and reliable platform, and arguably more secure than Zoom’s cloud-based design. Google Hangouts is another popular platform that new users can settle into without much difficulty. For those looking for something different, there’s the recently released Around app which offers a cleaner video-calling experience with its ‘floating heads,’ and a focus on security. Alternatively, those who prefer a more familiar desktop interface might find Facebook Messenger’s video calling is worth a try.

Then there’s Slack which remains one of the best multi-purpose platforms for office teams looking to conduct discussions, as well as one-to-one chats. Also, it can be synced with Zoom, Skype and Around to start video-calls with other Slack members, thus making it a great platform for teams working remotely. However, if what users want is a fun chat with a group of people, then the social-minded Houseparty app is a great choice thanks to all its social games and casual style. These are just a few of the options out there, and with so many apps to choose from, users don’t have to flock to Zoom, especially those who are unfamiliar with the platform or concerned about security issues.

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