The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

The Office: 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room


Dwight definitely always thinks that he’s the smartest person in the room, but these scenes from The Office are when he actually was.

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The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

The iconic sitcom The Office is all about the character. The annoying yet charming boss, Michael Scott. The adorable couple Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert. And of course, the series wouldn’t be the same without the assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute. Dwight is often blunt, harsh, and he thinks he’s the most intelligent person in the room.

However, he often makes unrealistic suggestions and is usually wrong. Dwight comes up with wacky plans such as using a hive of bees to defeat The Michael Scott Paper Company. Regardless, Dwight also has moments of brilliance. Indeed, he truly can be the most intelligent person in the room. Dwight manages to be the voice of reason on several occasions. At the same time, he can use his intelligence for evil.

10 Dwight Knows More About Real Estate Than Michael

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

Dwight Schrute and Michael Scott have a close friendship. Of course, Micahel assumes he’s much more intelligent than Dwight. Michael often mocks Dwight for his suggestions and ideas. However, Dwight usually offers excellent advice to Michael, which he ignores. In the episode “Office Olympics,” Michael purchases a new home and is excited to make it official. At one point, Michael mocks Dwight for knowing nothing about buying a home. Surprisingly, Dwight knows a great deal about real estate and owning a home. For instance, Dwight lives on a highly successful beet farm. Dwight clearly understands mortgages, real estate, and owning property much more than Michael does.

9 Dwight Tricks Phyllis

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

In the episode “Stress Relief,” Dwight stages a fake fire to test the employee’s preparedness for such an event. Of course, the employees all panic, and Stanley has a heart attack. Later, Dwight begrudgingly apologizes to his co-workers, but he doesn’t mean it. He only makes the apology because head office makes him. Dwight must also get them to sign a form indicating his co-workers accept his apology. Phyllis refuses to sign the document because Dwight’s not sorry. However, Dwight has a fake package delivered to Phyllis and tricks her into signing the form.

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8 Charles Trusts Dwight

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

Jim and Dwight have a long rivalry that lasts most of the series. Jim spends most of his time pranking Dwight. Of course, Jim is one of Michael’s favorite employees and rarely ever gets punished.

However, that all changes when Charles Miner arrives. Charles doesn’t appear to like Jim at all. At the same time, Dwight becomes Charles’s most trusted confidante. Charles often praises Dwight several times and considers Jim a disappointment. Charles thinks highly of Dwight and his skills.

7 Dwight’s The Voice Of Reason

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

Dwight has come up with a long list of silly and unconventional ideas. At times, he gives Michael lousy advice that usually doesn’t help. However, Dwight can sometimes be the voice of reason. In the episode “Mafia,” Dwight and Andy convince Michael that an insurance salesman, Angelo Grotti, is a part of the Mafia. At one point, Andy goes too far and makes several wild suggestions. Well, it turns out that even Dwight has a limit. He indicates that nobody should listen to Andy and even questions his methods. For instance, Andy shows up to a meeting with Grotti dressed like a mechanic carrying a tire iron.

6 Dwight Secretly Placed A Recording Device In Jim’s Office

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

During season 6, Dwight’s worst possible nightmare came true. CFO David Wallace named Jim a co-manager along with Michael. Dwight was furious that his bitter enemy landed his dream job. Therefore, Dwight decided to sabotage Jim to get him removed from the position. Dwight’s mission requires him to gather intel. In the episode “The Lover,” Dwight gives Jim a wooden mallard when returning his pen. Jim quickly realizes that Dwight planted a listening device in the mallard and toys with him. However, Dwight outsmarted Jim as the mallard was a red herring. He also placed a listening device in the pen, which Jim never discovered.

5 Dwight Figured Out That He’s The Father Of Angela’s Baby

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

Dwight and Angela’s love story was as crucial as Pam and Jim’s. Dwight and Angela’s relationship started quietly but ended after Dwight euthanized her cat. However, they continued to meet up even when Angela dated Andy and Senator Robert Lipton.

Eventually, Angela and the senator have a child together. Dwight does that math and figures out that he might be the father of the child. Indeed, Dwight is confident he’s the baby’s daddy the second he looks at him. Angela denies that Dwight’s the father, but he is soon proven right.

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4 Dwight vs. The Michael Scott Paper Company

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

For years, Dwight was very loyal to Michael and would do anything for him. However, that all changed when Michael left Dunder Mifflin to form the Michael Scott Paper Company. Tension grew between them, partly because Michael never asked Dwight to go with him. They ended up becoming bitter rivals during that time. Dwight often outsmarted Michael, such as sabotaging their workspace. Later, Dunder Mifflin decides to purchase the Michael Scott Paper Company because they’re taking away so much business. Dwight is the only one that figures out that Michael’s company is losing a great deal of money. He attempts to inform Charles Miner, but Jim intervenes.

3 Saving Jim

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

Dwight often considered Jim to be his enemy. They had a long-standing feud that lasted several seasons. Jim enjoyed teasing and mocking Dwight. For instance, Jim ridiculed Dwight for claiming that he’s dangerous because of his martial arts and weapons background. However, Dwight often does the right thing and considered himself a hero. He proved that when he saved Jim’s life. Pam’s ex-fiance Roy was upset and tried to attack Jim in the office. Luckily, Dwight was ready with pepper spray and subdued Roy.

2 Dwight Defeated Jim In A Snowball Fight

The Office 10 Times Dwight Was The Smartest Person In The Room

As noted, Jim spent most of his day pranking Dwight and embarrassing him. Jim usually got the upper hand on Dwight and rarely got punished. In the episode “Classy Christmas,” Dwight finally gets some revenge on Jim. After Jim hits Dwight in the face with a snowball, he challenges Jim to a snowball fight.

Dwight formulates a plan and disguises himself as a snowman. He then attacks an unexpecting Jim with a series of snowballs. Indeed, Dwight manages to injure Jim during the snowball fight. Dwight finally beat Jim at his own game.

1 Salesman Of The Year And Schrute Farms

Dwight might seem like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. However, he’s a great salesman and a successful entrepreneur. Indeed, Dwight was one of the company’s top salesmen and even won salesman of the year. Dwight might have unconventional methods, but he gets the job done. Eventually, he works his way up the ladder and becomes manager. Later, Dwight purchases that business park that contains Dunder Mifflin. Dwight also owns and operates a beet farm, Schrute Farms, with his cousin Mose. Initially, several characters mock Dwight for owning a beet farm. However, they soon discover that he runs a successful farm and top-rated bed & breakfast.

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