The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Despite Bart being a fan-favorite character in the long-running animated series, The Simpsons, there’s a lot to know about his hilarious character.

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The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

The world’s most popular juvenile delinquent, Bart Simpson, started out as the main protagonist of The Simpsons, but as the animated sitcom shifted to adult themes, his dad, Homer, was granted the most screentime. Nevertheless, Bart has never stopped being interesting. On the contrary, his mischief has only worsened.

He has made countless prank calls to Moe’s Tavern, engaged in underage drinking, sprayed graffiti all over Springfield, bullied his younger sister, Lisa, and defaced national moments. Just like the rest of his family members, Bart has been around for decades, hence it might be easy to miss some of the lesser-known details about him.

10 He Has The Best Driving Record In The Family

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Despite only being a child, Bart is an expert driver. Homer and Marge have crashed a number of times, but Bart has only ever crashed once when he was playing with Chief Wiggum’s squad car. The crash was caused by the threat of Bart being bitten by Wiggum’s police dog.

Bart even earns himself an early driver’s license, granted to him by the City of Springfield, after moving fast enough and managing to put out a fire. Prior to that, Bart drives numerous times with a fake license. He uses the fake license to steal Principal Skinner’s car so that he can get to Jimbo’s house. He also steals neighbor’s cars a few times.

9 He Is Multilingual

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart and his siblings, Lisa and Maggie, are of French descent because Marge’s father, Clancy Bouvier, is a French national. However, he is the only one in the family that can speak French. He learned the language after a school exchange trip to France early on in the series.

When the family runs out of money during a trip to Japan in season 10 and participates in a dangerous game show to get more cash, Bart proves to be fluent in Japanese too. And before he flies to Brazil for a trip, he learns to speak Spanish, only to discover that Portuguese is the official language of the South American country.

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8 Marge Had A Hard Time Giving Birth To Him

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Marge once takes the children to the Family Fun Center. There, Bart starts misbehaving. He cheats on a skee ball game then grabs a BB gun and starts shooting things.

Marge becomes totally upset when Bart shoots dead a bird, leaving two eggs behind. She is worried that the eggs will never end up becoming birds. She then confesses that she spent 53 hours in labor before Bart was finally born. She gives Bart a dressing down, letting him know that mothers should be respected at all times.

7 Allergies

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart has the most allergies in The Simpson family and the animated sitcom as a whole. He is allergic to butterscotch, shrimp, cauliflower, and glow-in-the-dark monster make-up.

His cauliflower allergy is revealed when he becomes addicted to the junk food being dispensed at Springfield Elementary School’s vending machines. He gains so much weight that Marge decides to put him on a vegan diet. However, he has a bad reaction every time he eats cauliflower.

6 He Once Died

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart dies once in the show. Fortunately for him, the devil sends his soul back to his body because his records show he is supposed to sin for at least 100 more years. The death happens after Mr. Burns hits him with a car as he is skating. As Burns and Waylon debate what to do with him, his soul ascends to heaven.

There, he meets some of his ancestors, but he becomes unruly, which gets him sent to hell. In hell, the devil is glad to see him, but he realizes his time is not yet up, so he sends his soul back to Earth. Bart eventually wakes up to find himself lying on a hospital bed with Homer by his side.

5 Birthday Inconsistency

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

In Season 8’s “My Sister, My Sitter,” it is mentioned that Bart is 2 years and 38 days older than Lisa. In Season 29’s “Mr. Lisa’s Opus,” Lisa’s birthday is stated as May 9. A similar detail is also given on the animated’s show’s Instagram account. This means that Bart’s birthday falls on April 1, or April Fool’s Day.

However, in the Season 26 episode “Simpsorama,” Bart’s birthday is revealed as February 23rd. Given the show’s many episodes, it’s possible that the writers forgot about that crucial season 8 detail.

4 His Favorite Meal

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart has always loved junk food and his favorite food is the Krusty burger from the popular fast food joint of the same name. Bart’s frequent visits to the restaurant make him discover plenty of things, including the fact that Krusty The Clown doesn’t pay taxes.

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He accidentally rats on Krusty to the IRS. As a result, the government agency forcefully acquires the restaurant and renames it IRS Burger. They also rename several items on the menu. The Krusty burger becomes the IRS burger, while the Cappuccino becomes “FICA-ccino.” But this doesn’t stop Bart from feeding on the burgers.

3 His Name Is Rare In Springfield

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Apparently, there aren’t many people with the name Bart, at least not in the world of The Simpsons. One of Bart’s pranks in the second season involves him pouring the fake chemical, sodium tetrasulfate, onto the school grass. He spells his name with the chemical. To his surprise, Principal Skinner calls him to his office.

Bart argues that it’s not him and explains that it’s possibly another Bart. Skinner informs him that there is no other student named Bart in the school. In fact, Skinner has never heard of any other person in Springfield called Bart. His parents are thus summoned to the school for a disciplinary discussion.

2 Political Affiliations

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart is a libertarian. He is also a member of the NRA. During his time at military school as a result of the electric mega horns, he demonstrates unbelievable accuracy while operating weapons. He has Herb to thank for his NRA membership. When Homer and the rest of the family help Herb fund an invention, it ends up being a success and Herb makes a lot of money in the process.

As a way of repaying the family, he gives Homer back his $2,000, then hands out gifts to everyone else. He gives Lisa a subscription to “Great Books of Western Civilization,” while to Marge, he hands over a brand new dryer. Bart gets a free membership in the National Rifle Association and he’s more than glad.

1 His Blood Type

The Simpsons 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Bart

Bart’s blood type is O-Negative, making him a universal donor. When Mr. Burns gets admitted to a hospital and requires a blood transfusion, Homer volunteers to donate, hoping he’ll be able to extract plenty of favors from the nuclear plant owner for the result. Unfortunately for Homer, he is informed that he isn’t a match.

Homer, thus, tries to persuade Bart to give Burns blood since he is a universal donor. Bart does so, but all Mr. Burns does in return is give Homer a “Thank You” card. Angry, Homer goes on a rant, insulting Burns.

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