The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrevs Character In The Originals Explained

The Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev’s Character In The Originals Explained

Nina Dobrev crosses over to The Originals playing the first doppelganger whose life becomes tragically entangled with the Mikaelsons: Tatia.

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The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrevs Character In The Originals Explained

Nina Dobrev has played multiple characters in The Vampire Diaries franchise, including Tatia on The Originals. Dobrev showcases her acting chops by playing three characters in the main series: good girl Elena Gilbert; her evil, vampire doppelganger Katerina Petrova aka Katherine Pierce; and Silas’ immortal love and Anchor to the Other Side, Amara. During The Originals season 2, Dobrev makes a crossover appearance in “Red Door” as Tatia, an ill-fated young widow whose blood changes the course of the Mikaelsons’ lives forever.

On The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert learns she’s Katherine Pierce’s doppelganger, but it takes until season 4 for the series to fully explain the significance of these mystical carbon copies. Doppelgangers are the byproduct of the immortality spell cooked up by Qetsiyah and Silas. Immortality goes against the natural order, so nature found a way to restore the balance by creating versions of Amara and Silas who could die. And during The Vampire Diaries season 5, doppelgangers become a major part of the story, including the introduction of another Silas doppelganger, Tom Avery.

Amara’s “shadow selves” come from the Petrova bloodline, and Katherine’s origin story only goes as far back as the 15th century. Her father’s ancestors are Travelers, but he turns his back on their magic, believing it to be evil. Katherine gives birth out of wedlock and is banished to England where she meets Klaus, and the rest is Vampire Dairies’ history. During season 3’s “Bringing Out the Dead,” Klaus and Elijah tell Damon and Stefan about Tatia, the originator of the Petrova line, whom they both loved, and whose blood their mother uses to turn them into vampires.

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The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrevs Character In The Originals Explained

Given Tatia’s importance, particularly to the Mikaelsons, it’s appropriate she makes her first appearance during The Originals season 2. The show’s creators downplay the Klaus-Tatia-Elijah love triangle; through flashbacks, viewers learn Klaus fancies Tatia, but she only has eyes for Elijah, and they declare their shared affection for each other before Esther and Mikael turn their children into monsters. More importantly, Tatia’s tragic end doesn’t come at Esther’s hands (Tatia hands over her blood to Esther willingly, unaware of the insidious intent behind the request) as both brothers are led to believe: it’s Elijah who kills the first woman he ever loved thanks to his newfound bloodlust.

Esther returns during The Originals season 2 with the sole purpose of undoing the magic that unleashed a plague on mankind – vampirism. She uses Tatia as a way to destroy the image Elijah has constructed of himself by suppressing the memories of his worst deeds and impulses behind a figurative red door. The importance of Tatia’s blood (used after her demise to suppress Klaus’ werewolf side) is secondary to the psychological impact her death has on Elijah. Klaus’ big brother envisions himself as his siblings’ moral compass, and Esther’s revelation about Tatia contradicts this construct. Dobrev’s cameo as Tatia is brief, but she adds a layer of complexity formerly lacking in Elijah. All of the Mikaelson siblings are tortured in some way by the curse placed on them by their parents, and before Tatia’s appearance on the series, Elijah’s only cross to bear appears to be cleaning up after his impetuous brother. But in the aftermath, Elijah has to come to terms with his dirty secrets.

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