The Witcher 3s Graphics Are Still Being Improved 5 Years Later By Fans

The Witcher 3’s Graphics Are Still Being Improved 5 Years Later By Fans

A mod for The Witcher 3 is gearing up to release its 12.0 update, which will rework the textures for NPCs and different objects in the environment.

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The Witcher 3s Graphics Are Still Being Improved 5 Years Later By Fans

It’s been five years since The Witcher 3 released, and some fans are still tirelessly working to improve its graphics. While the game was already beautiful at launch, The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project is a mod that has tried its best to elevate The Witcher 3 to what was originally promised at its gameplay reveal all the way back at E3 2014. The upcoming 12.0 update for the mod will make things even better by improving textures for NPCs in the game.

There are a wide number of mods available for The Witcher 3 out there. A lot of them are more functional like the Reworked Project, but many others add silly or fun options to the game. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of mods out there that replace Geralt’s face with that of Henry Cavill from The Witcher TV show. Other fun mods allow players to give Geralt a perfect dad bod, complete with a noticeable gut, lack of muscle definition, and even love handles. Fans continue to create new content for the game, and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon.

PC Gamer reports that the popular The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project mod will finally be getting its 12.0 update, with mod creator Halk Hogan sharing the below impressive trailer. Most of the textures in the game will be updated and converted into 4K resolution, which will show off sharper and more realistic objects in the game. These updates will probably not be very noticeable to players who are playing the game at 1080p, but those who are playing the game in 4K will be able to see large differences between the original versions and the mod.

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While this update mostly focuses on the game’s NPCs, the modder has stated that Geralt of Rivia will be given several updates to his equipment. A video will be released soon detailing all of the work that has gone into updating Geralt for the game, as well as other features coming with the 12.0 version of this mod. A release date for the update hasn’t been given yet, so players may have to wait a bit to get their hands on it.

It is amazing that fans of the Witcher 3 are still putting so much time and effort into improving the game. It isn’t unheard of for players to focus on older video games, especially RPGs like The Witcher or Skyrim, but it is still impressive to see this amount of devotion. For the sake of ardent players’ and newcomers alike, it can be hoped that modders continue adding content to the Witcher 3 for years to come.

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