Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Tiger King 2: Every “Star” Who Didn’t Return

Tiger King season 2 has been released, but viewers might be surprised at how many key figures didn’t return to the second season of the show.

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Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

To say that Tiger King took the world by storm when it was released in 2020 would be an understatement, but some viewers may be surprised by the number of characters who didn’t return for the show’s second season. The end of the first season concluded with Joe Exotic being sentenced to spend 22 years in federal prison in January of 2020. He was wrapped up in a murder-for-hire plot involving his arch-enemy Carol Baskin. Along with attempting to hire someone to kill Carol, he was also found guilty of 17 charges of animal abuse. With Joe Exotic in prison, how does this affect the continuation of the show that’s otherwise based on him, the titular Tiger King?

Season 2 of the Netflix series was officially announced in September 2021, and just two short months later, the second season was released on November 17th. Many viewers have already seen the entire second season, which addresses everything that’s happened since the release of Tiger King season 1. It is only five episodes long, and quite a few viewers binge-watched the entire second season in a single day. While season 2 is quite a change from the first season, it does still feature some of the same Tiger King stars audiences are used to. However, many characters of note did not return for the follow-up to what was originally intended as a limited series.

Season 2 contains everything from plans for murder, a medium, a boat trip looking for the remains of Don Lewis, and a private jet featuring a Tiger King wrap. New discoveries are announced, and old footage that didn’t make it into season 1 is played for audiences who couldn’t get enough after the first season, which was rated one of the best documentaries of 2020, concluded. Lacking, however, are several key players who made the first season what it was. Viewers may be caught off guard when they realize some of the main characters didn’t even come back for another season. This makes season 2 very different from season 1, and it’s up to audiences to decide whether it’s for the best or the worst. Below is a list of the stars of Tiger King who decided not to come back for another season.

Mario Tabraue

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

While Mario Tabraue wasn’t one of the main stars of Tiger King season 1, he was featured prominently throughout certain plotlines. Tabraue made an appearance in season 1, episode 2, “Cult of Personality.” Tabraue was filmed discussing his criminal past, as he and his wife spoke to producers about the cults that exist within the big cat world. The discussion notably featured wildlife preserve owner Doc Antle, but the Tiger King episode also addressed both Joe and Carol. Nonetheless, Tabraue is not in season 2 of Tiger King.

Cheryl Maldonado

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Cheryl Maldonado, the mother of the deceased Travis Maldonado, is another person who did not return for the second season. While Cheryl was not a main character in season 1 of Tiger King, she was another person the show featured prominently, namely to provide commentary on her son. Given how she and Joe left off, it is unsurprising that she did not come back, and given that she was only included due to Joe’s relationship with Travis, it also makes sense that she was not asked to return.

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Rick Kirkham

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Now for the notorious producer whose true history was almost entirely missing from Tiger King, Rick Kirkham does not make an appearance. Kirkham’s entire library of footage was lost when it was burned up in (as Joe Exotic put it) “a towering inferno of nothing but flames and fire.” Not only that, the crocodilians who lived in the same facility as the camera footage was also burned alive. Suspecting foul play, the entire staff of the zoo was immediately put on edge, and Kirkham was forced to leave the park. While some GW Exotic Zoo employees believed it was Kirkham who destroyed all of his own footage, others suspected everyone from Carol Baskin to Joe Exotic himself. The second season does not address what happened to Rick Kirkham after Tiger King season 1, as he, understandably, did not return, but a reunion episode made after the first season does inform viewers that Kirkham now lives in Bodø, Norway.

Joshua Dial

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Josh Dial worked for Joe Exotic as his campaign manager. Joe hired Dial after meeting him at Walmart, where Dial used to work. Dial is predominantly known as the man who directly witnessed Travis’ death in season 1. Dial did not return for season 2, but he is still living in Oklahoma. Due to his experiences during the course of his time with the GW Zoo, Josh finds it difficult to work in an office setting and did not return for the second season. In fact, when it was announced that a second season was coming, Dial explicitly stated that he is not going to watch the show. Dial does, however, feature prominently in Uncaged Tiger King along with John Reinke and Barb Fisher.

John Finlay

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay is another star from the previous season who is not featured in season 2. Finlay testified against Joe on both the animal abuse and murder-for-hire accounts, which contributed to Joe being found guilty. Finlay is six years sober, works as a welder, and has a young daughter. Finlay left the zoo before the conclusion of season 1, and he did not come back for season 2. Finlay has stated that he’s been approached with offers for interviews and even a potential biography. Viewers who enjoyed watching Finlay will be happy to know that he is also the proud owner of a brand new set of teeth.

Howard Baskin

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Carol Baskin’s husband Howard is another main character from Tiger King’s first season that had no interest in returning for season 2. Howard was extremely upset by his and Carol’s portrayal after Joe Exotic’s murder claims which existed since 2011. He didn’t appreciate being portrayed as a villain in the story of a man who was convicted of hiring someone to murder his wife and, consequently, chose not to come back for season 2. Howard is still featured in multiple scenes that use B-roll footage, including one video of note in which Howard wears a bandana and mimics Jeff Lowe.

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Mahamayavi Bhagavan “Doc” Antle

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Doc Antle played a prominent role in the first season. Next to Joe and Carol, he was the next most famous big cat fanatic. Antle owns The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.), which is a wildlife preserve in South Carolina. The prominent figure Doc Antle was not portrayed in a very positive light in Tiger King’s first season. He was accused of both running a cult and murdering tigers when he could no longer make money off of them. While he was one of the most prominent figures in season 1, it isn’t at all surprising that he wasn’t willing to come back.

Carole Baskin

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

This may come as a shock to some viewers seeing, as she is featured heavily in season 2’s trailer, but Carole did not return for the second season, which should be the least surprising of everyone on this list. Earlier this month, it was announced that Carole Baskin was suing Netflix for featuring video footage of her in season 2 of the show after she very adamantly decided she didn’t want to appear in another season of Tiger King after the way she was portrayed in the first season. When filming for the documentary Tiger King began, Carole was approached by producers who disingenuously told her that they were trying to make a big cat version of Blackfish in order to expose the abuse of the animals she was trying to save. While audiences have argued back and forth over whether or not Carole murdered her husband, Don Lewis, and whether or not she deserves the hatred she has received, Carole herself saw Tiger King’s portrayal of her as a serious insult. Unsurprisingly, she chose not to return for Tiger King season 2, nor is it surprising that she is suing Netflix for treating her as a main character once again for the second season, in which B-roll footage of her was used without her approval.

Joe Exotic

Tiger King 2 Every Star Who Didnt Return

Yes, that’s right: Joe Exotic did not return for season 2 of Tiger King. The Tiger King himself who made the show what it is isn’t in the second season. While Carole Basking refused to return for Tiger King 2, now imprisoned Joe didn’t have much of a choice. However, this doesn’t mean that he is not featured in the show once again, but his only returning role consists of phone calls and interviews done while he is in prison. There is plenty of footage of Joe that goes all the way back to his years before he became obsessed with big cats, but none of it is new. The footage of a young Joe Exotic is supplemented with interviews of his friends and family, which includes his ex-fiancé, a woman named Kimberly Craft, whom he met when he was 19. Joe’s past as a chief of police and a stripper who performed for the mayor is also discussed in the new season. Even so, Tiger King 2 viewers may still get some enjoyment from watching an entire crew of people attempting to persuade former President Trump to pardon Joe, and if not, there’s always the psychic hired by Don Lewis’ daughters that should give audiences a good chuckle.

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