Too Hot To Handle Fans Creep Francesca Faragos Instagram To See Work Shes Had Done

Too Hot To Handle: Fans Creep Francesca Farago’s Instagram To See Work She’s Had Done

Francesca Farago was hated by many for her beauty on Too Hot To Handle, but fans want to know how real her attractive looks actually are.

You Are Reading :Too Hot To Handle Fans Creep Francesca Faragos Instagram To See Work Shes Had Done

Too Hot To Handle Fans Creep Francesca Faragos Instagram To See Work Shes Had Done

With the rise of the Kardashian family sweeping global popularity, Netflix’s new reality show Too Hot To Handle decided to cast its own Kardashian-esque persona named Francesca Farago. The new show sees sexy singles testing their willpower to not sleep with one another. When Francesca Farago arrived on the scene this idea became a mere distraction for the male contestants. Throughout the show Francesca was not only arguably the hottest contestant but also the most hated.

Initially, having her pick of the litter, she became romantic with Australian heartthrob Harry Jowsey. But this union didn’t go according to plan. After both were caught having a steamy slip of the tongues, the entire group was fined for the rule break. With both Harry and Francesca deeply concerned about their own personal image, the couple became adversaries. Since Harry was more popular among the group, Francesca found herself ostracized. But fans are wondering, to what lengths has Francesca gone to manufacture her image?

According to RealityTitBit,

“In the very first episode, when everyone was still getting to know each other, the editors included a scene in which Chloe Veitch and Francesca discussed Francesca’s boob job. Chloe asked: “How big were they before?” To which Francesca replied: “They were big.

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”When we took a scroll through Francesca Farago’s 600+ Instagram posts, stretching back to 2014 (when she was just 19 years old), not too much has changed about her. The greatest change has been to her lips, as it is clear she has had lip fillers over the years. If, as we are to believe from the conversation between Chloe and Francesca, that she has had a boob job, she would have had it at quite a young age.”

Upon first glance, Francesca does appear to be a veteran of the surgical knife. But this information suggests that Francesca has had work done possibly from the time of being a teenager. If that’s the case it makes her more understood.

Francesca, like many of us, deals with insecurities about her personal image. She validates herself by looking at the work she’s had done and feeling superior when looking at others. She makes several condescending comments in the series about her looks compared to the others. The male attention she receives further substantiates this. And good for her. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Even Francesca.

The issue the show aims to address is the underlying insecurities. For example, after the group sides with Harry after the kissing debacle, Francesca strikes back by kissing friend/series troublemaker Haley Cureton. The megalomania that proceeded this endeavor from both girls was unprecedented. After being outed as the culprits by Lana, it became hard for Francesca or Haley to win back the group’s favor. But thankfully in the end, things work out for Francesca and she is able to patch things up with Harry. Most importantly, by the end of the show she overcomes her personal issues and displays an ability to build a deeper and lasting relationship with her lover.

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