Waverlys Angel Powers Secretly Hints At Her Wynonna Earp Ending

Waverly’s Angel Powers Secretly Hints At Her Wynonna Earp Ending

Having angelic powers could cost Waverly everything in Wynnona Earp. She may have to make an impossible choice between happiness & saving Purgatory.

You Are Reading :Waverlys Angel Powers Secretly Hints At Her Wynonna Earp Ending

Waverlys Angel Powers Secretly Hints At Her Wynonna Earp Ending

Throughout Wynonna Earp’s fourth season, a common theme for the rest of the series has emerged. In the episode, “Love’s All Over,” multiple characters talk about the weight of love, foreshadowing that someone’s love will pay the ultimate price. As more and more of her father’s angel powers emerge in her, the show is hinting that one of its most loving and lovable characters, Waverly Earp, will be the one to pay that price.

Even before she learned of her true parentage in Wynonna Earp season 3, Waverly exhibited unusual abilities, like healing Mercedes’ scarred face, fighting off Bulshar’s radioactive demon with near-superhuman strength, and even resurrecting firefighter Charlie from the dead. While most attributed that to the fact that Bulshar’s ring was stuck on her finger, the truth was that the ring enhanced her dormant powers. She learned later that season that Charlie was actually an angel and her true father, making her half-angel.

Waverly began Wynonna Earp season 4 trapped in the mysterious Garden of Eden with Doc at her side. They discovered that the Garden needed human blood to keep some catastrophe at bay. In the Garden, Waverly repeated Nicole’s description to herself, as if to keep from forgetting her fiancée. Later, the Garden accepted her half-angel blood which resulted in plant life appearing and Waverly being led to a bag and collection of books with the names of her loved ones. The Garden admonished her to “choose wisely.” After this test, the Garden sent the evil Eve in the guise of Nicole. To stop Eve, Waverly chose to follow in her father’s footsteps and sit on the throne of the Garden to be turned to stone as its Guardian, but her sister Wynonna prevented her sacrifice by sharing that the real Nicole was going to accept Waverly’s marriage proposal.

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Since her return to Purgatory, Waverly has exhibited that her touch can also kill, as it did when she laid hands on Margo Clanton after learning the latter wasn’t done menacing Nicole or the rest of her family. Frightened by this dark side of her power, Waverly refuses to talk about them at all, playing the incident off to Doc as a fluke. One way or another Waverly will have to return to restore balance to the Garden, to protect those she loves, Purgatory, and the entire human race. She won’t be able to hide her angel powers for long.

What Waverly fears most, the loss of her humanity and the risk of fractured relationships is all too possible, yet even greater threats lie in wait. As promos show, Wynonna Earp will return to the Garden, by design or force. Eve will come to Purgatory to get her vengeance. While it was speculated Eve would be the dark-haired, winged woman from the promo, it’s more likely that individual will be Eve in the guise of Dark Angel Waverly, whose arrival will be the threat that forces the real Waverly to stop hiding her powers. As hinted in the opening credits all season, Waverly will respond to this catalyst threatening havoc and destruction on those she loves most by finally unleashing her full angel powers and her wings.

Wynonna Earp’s Waverly Earp will protect her loved ones at all costs and decide to return to the Garden to take her father’s place on the throne as the stone guardian of Eden. This is also foreshadowed in the promo by Wynonna asking what’s happened to her sister and Nicole adamantly declaring, “Where you go, I go,” supporting whatever decision Waverly is making. Earlier, in the Garden, Waverly told Wynonna Earp that guardians don’t get to love, but Waverly has already loved fiercely. In the end, the love of the two most important women in Waverly’s life, Wynonna and Nicole, will be the reason she sacrifices herself and also the reason she survives that sacrifice.

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