West Side Story Reviews Spielbergs Movie Almost As Good As Original

West Side Story Reviews: Spielberg’s Movie Almost As Good As Original

The first critical reactions to Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story have arrived, and they’re bursting with praise for the musical remake.

You Are Reading :West Side Story Reviews Spielbergs Movie Almost As Good As Original

The first critical reactions to Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake have arrived, and they’re largely glowing with praise. This December will see the release of Spielberg’s first-ever musical, and expectations are pretty high. Even beyond Spielberg’s track record, West Side Story is one of the most iconic musicals of all time. First staged on Broadway in 1957, the musical brings Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to 1950s New York City, telling a timeless love story. Following the recent passing of lyricist Stephen Sondheim, West Side Story’s arrival feels even more timely than ever.

Instead of Montagues and Capulets, West Side Story zeroes in on the conflict between two street gangs: The Jets and the Sharks. The homegrown boys of the Jets resent the Puerto Rican Sharks for infringing on their territory, and the simmering tensions come to a boil when two young lovers from opposite sides fall in love at a dance. West Side Story’s iconic romance between Tony (Ansel Elgort) and Maria (Rachel Zegler) has already been brought to the big screen once before in 1961, but this new adaptation might stand a chance of surpassing it in quality.

The first critical screenings for West Side Story were held on Monday night, and the social media embargo lifted not long after. Based on the reactions that soon flooded social media, Spielberg has another hit on his hands. Overall, the critics who shared their thoughts were pretty enthusiastic about this new West Side Story, particularly when it came to the performances and technical aspects. Read a sampling of their reactions down below.

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Steven Spielberg’s #WestSideStory is a TRIUMPH! It’s beautiful & brilliantly photographed – a real love letter to NYC w/ a tremendous ensemble cast who truly redefine this classic story for a new generation. Shout outs to @rachelzegler & @ArianaDeBose who CRUSH it in this film. pic.twitter.com/9wJbUJclnV

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Steven Spielberg’s #westsidestory is bold and stirring. The best parts are Tony Kushner’s book and the dramatic reimagining of classic numbers such as “America” and “Somewhere.” Ansel was a bit flat, but the rest of the cast is great and it feels like an #Oscars contender. pic.twitter.com/PAYJcoVAfZ

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WEST SIDE STORY is *phenomenal.* Steven Spielberg has been talking about making a musical for almost his entire career, and this was worth the wait. This is top-tier Spielberg.

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WEST SIDE STORY: If it’s not quite essential, it’s still tremendously entertaining. Vivid, beautiful work from our greatest living American moviemaker. Invigorating choice to have subtitle-less Spanish comprise ~40% of dialogue. David Alvarez is the breakout, but everyone’s aces.

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Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story 2.0 is an ecstatic act of ancestor-worship: a vividly dreamed, cunningly modified, visually staggering revival, passionately conservative but brilliant. No-one but Spielberg could have brought it off – review later

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Hot damn. So, yes, as it turns out, Steven Spielberg knows how to make a WEST SIDE STORY movie

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So WEST SIDE STORY is my favorite Spielberg film in nearly 20 years. It is gorgeous filmmaking in every respect. @rachelzegler & @AnselElgort are amazing. The supporting cast is impeccable. And Rita Moreno made me cry. So yeah it’s a classic reborn as another classic.

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Embargo lifted: I saw West Side Story tonight and I’m happy to report that musical theater will show up at the Oscars for impeccable visuals, Ariana DeBose is A DAMN STAR and it’s only the beginning for Rachel Zegler. I love this for us.

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Spielberg’s West Side Story had some big shoes to fill. The 1961 movie has long stood as one of the best musical adaptations of all time, winning a shocking 10 Oscars upon its release. If anyone was going to tackle a remake of it, Spielberg likely stood the best chance of winning over apprehensive viewers. Based on these reactions, it sounds like he managed to pull it off. Full reviews will come later and likely offer more nuanced takes on the pros and cons of West Side Story. For now, though, people who remain wary of this adaptation can rest easy.

Several of the reactions have named multiple standouts within the West Side Story cast, but Zegler and Ariana DeBose (as Anita) received the most praise out of everyone. Both actresses have been steadily building up buzz within the past year; DeBose shined in musicals The Prom and Hamilton, while Zegler has two major projects coming up in Snow White and Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Should West Side Story end up courting Oscars, these two actresses just might find themselves among the nominees. Audiences will get to see for themselves in just a few weeks.

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