What Elden Ring Needs To Attract People Other Than Dark Souls Fans

What Elden Ring Needs To Attract People Other Than Dark Souls Fans

Expanding the appeal of Elden Ring beyond Dark Souls fans allows FromSoftware to make quality of life changes that improve upon the Souls formula.

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What Elden Ring Needs To Attract People Other Than Dark Souls Fans

With FromSoftware’s latest title Elden Ring still in development, there exists the opportunity for the company to broaden the game’s appeal and make it more accessible to players who can’t get into Dark Souls. FromSoftware’s dark fantasy RPGs have been a huge hit among fans, but for as popular as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne are, the company has struggled to capture the attention of a wider audience.

While making a Dark Souls-like game more accessible to new players may sound like a bad idea to fans of the series, if done correctly, the move could lead to a number of improvements that even hardcore Souls fans may appreciate. People need only look to Capcom’s success with Monster Hunter World to see the benefits of making some quality of life changes. Elden Ring being an open world game shows that FromSoftware is already taking steps towards making the game more mainstream, but Elden Ring needs more than just a bigger box to play in to attract people other than Dark Souls fans.

One of the main criticisms of Dark Souls games is that they are too difficult. Fans may argue that a challenge is part of a Souls game’s appeal, but too tough a challenge can often work as a barrier to entry. One such way FromSoftware could prevent such an issue from occurring in Elden Ring is by implementing dynamic game difficulty balancing (DGDB) which would allow the game to become easier, or more difficult based on the player’s performance. An even simpler solution would be to allow players to choose the difficulty setting in Elden Ring when starting the game and provide the option to toggle it up or down while playing. This would allow players who would otherwise be turned off by the challenging nature of Souls games to give Elden Ring a chance.

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Why Dark Souls Games Are Hard To Get Into

What Elden Ring Needs To Attract People Other Than Dark Souls Fans

FromSoftware games can be challenging for some and incredibly frustrating for others. On top of losing in-game currency upon death in Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, players are required to trek through the same challenging section over and over again until a checkpoint is reached or a boss is defeated. The grind and loss associated with death could be mitigated in Elden Ring by reducing the amount of currency lost upon death, or by allowing players to donate a portion of said currency to a bank-like NPC for safekeeping. As for loss of progress, adding in more checkpoints or placing them closer to difficult boss fights would go a long way to encouraging players of Elden Ring to keep trying and if nothing else, it would certainly reduce the number of controllers getting tossed around.

Another feature that would pique the interest of mainstream gamers is the inclusion of survival mechanics. There will likely be a lot of time spent traversing Elden Ring’s large open world, and what better way to make use of that time than to hunt and gather materials that could later be used for crafting or upgrading equipment? Being able to forge various items while out on the field would also allow players to spend more time in the game’s open world and avoid having to return to a Nexus-like area whenever resources run low.

Pleasing everyone is usually a sure-fire way to please no-one. However, FromSoftware could do very well indeed if they were to open up Elden Ring to new players while retaining the allure of a Dark Souls game. Whatever changes to the tried-and-true formula FromSoftware decides to implement, the company will need to consider appealing to new players if they wish to grow their audience and expand Elden Ring’s reach beyond people other than Dark Souls fans.

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