Why Cruella 2 Means 101 Dalmatians Likely Wont Happen

Why Cruella 2 Means 101 Dalmatians Likely Won’t Happen

Disney’s announcement to pursue Cruella 2 makes it unlikely that 101 Dalmatians with Emma Stone as the dog-killing villain will ever happen.

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Why Cruella 2 Means 101 Dalmatians Likely Wont Happen

Disney’s announcement that a Cruella sequel is officially in the works makes it clear that 101 Dalmatians will likely not happen with Emma Stone. Since the film hit theaters and Disney+ on May 28, 2021, audiences have wondered how Emma Stone’s Cruella could possibly become the wicked villain in the Disney classic everyone knows. While the film wraps up nicely with the reveal of iconic references to Disney’s original 101 Dalmatians live-action adaptation including Cruella’s “Devil” license plate and the birth of Pongo and Perdita. However, as much as it referenced and hinted towards the source material, Cruella really took the character in the opposite direction from what many expected.

In fact, director Craig Gillespie, better known for Lars and the Real Girl and I, Tonya, creates an anti-hero of sorts. Cruella, and by default Estella, is a very likable character, whom audiences are easily able to empathize with and root for. This is usually the case with characters who have been visibly wronged and seek revenge. Cruella’s changing character can be “wicked” and erratic because audiences accept her mission to avenge her mother’s murder and understand much of what she is doing to be part of her Cruella gimmick. This public persona is what she leverages when she dons the dress apparently made from Dalmatian skins.

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Without further investigating, the media quickly latches on to this Dalmatian-killer angle and runs with it while the dogs are actually safe and sound. Actually, they’re more than safe; an element that is part of the film’s eventual climax when the dogs side with Cruella over their master, the Baroness. Consequently, given Cruella’s affinity for dogs and lack of overall evilness, the prospect of Emma Stone’s Cruella headlining an adaptation of 101 Dalmatians seemed unlikely even before the announcement of a sequel. A sequel means a continuation of this character’s story and this story will likely not involve the dognapping and skinning of her own Dalmatians.

Perhaps the strongest evidence against a 101 Dalmatians adaptation lies in the post-credits birth of Pongo and Perdita and Cruella’s gifting of them to her friends. These pups are not only brother and sister, but they come from Cruella’s own pets. It seems far-fetched to imagine Cruella’s post-credits puppies suddenly falling victim to her murderous ways in a few years. Fortunately, while the puppies may not be at risk of being turned into coats by Cruella, they will likely factor into Cruella 2 in some way.

Cruella 2, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, will almost certainly feature Cruella and the boys on a mission of revenge, either for herself or someone close to her. Or, possibly, the film could see a new fashion rival come into the picture. Either way, Disney has obviously made the choice to focus on humanizing Cruella/Estella and her story rather than that of the Dalmatians. If this were not the case, Disney would have announced 101 Dalmatians instead of a Cruella sequel. The only way Emma Stone’s Cruella could possibly appear in a 101 Dalmatians adaptation would be if the story were flipped on its head.

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There is always the possibility that Cruella 2 may explore part of its source material’s original narrative, but in a way that allows Cruella to be the hero. Cruella did set up the notion of character’s villainess public persona filled with misconceptions and exaggeration, so it’s plausible the public believes the titular character may become the dog-killing villain one expects in from Cruella in a 101 Dalmatians film. With this in mind, there may be just enough wiggle-room to include some elements of the original animated film in the sequel. Still, whether Cruella 2 explores that story or not, its existence means a live-action 101 Dalmatians won’t happen anytime soon.

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