Why The Conners Opening Credits Haven’t Changed With the Show

Why The Conners Opening Credits Haven’t Changed With the Show

Bruce Helford, an executive producer of The Conners, discusses why the show’s opening credits have remained the same since the show started.

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Why The Conners Opening Credits Haven’t Changed With the Show

An executive producer of The Conners discusses why the show’s opening credits haven’t changed. A continuation of the classic sitcom Roseanne, which ran from 1998 to 1997 and then returned for a brief revival in 2018, The Conners picks up following the death of matriarch Roseanne. Living in Lanford, the titular family do their best to face their working-class challenges with a smile — even if they’re often butting heads and getting into fights. John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and other stars reprised their roles.

The Conners Season 4 saw a significant storyline shift, as Dan Conner (Goodman) and Louise Goldufski (Katey Segal) finally got married. In an episode devoted to the couple’s ceremony, the walk down the aisle was not without its complications. At one point, a dangerous tornado threatened to put a stop to the wedding. But, fortunately, the minister’s absence was filled by Jackie (Metcalf). In an emotional and deeply meaningful moment, Jackie was able to officiate for her former brother-in-law. Still, with this significant change in the status quo for The Conners, fans have been wondering about the sitcom’s opening credits. They’ve remained the same since season 1 when the family was most acutely grieving Roseanne’s death.

Speaking with TVLine, executive producer Bruce Helford discusses why the credits have not been altered since The Conners season 1. While his comments stop short of indicating whether the opening of the ABC show will change anytime soon, Helford does acknowledge that any shift would include Louise. Helford’s comments are below.

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“We really haven’t changed or altered those in any way [since Season 1]. Honestly, I imagine if we did alter them, we would be including [Katey Sagal]. But as far as her technically being a regular, and whatever that means contractually, we leave that open.”

Why The Conners Opening Credits Haven’t Changed With the Show

Even though, as the executive producer says, Segal is not a regular cast member, that would not necessarily preclude her from being included in the opening. The credits zoom around the kitchen table, with the central family all gathered together, and the camera wouldn’t have to linger on or single out Louise for too long. Other actors might make sense to add as well, down the line, such as Tony Cavalero. The Righteous Gemstones star joined The Conners season 4 in the recurring part of Aldo, the boyfriend of Harris (Emma Kenney). He made his debut in the wedding episode of Dan and Louise.

The fact that The Conners has opted not to change its credits is noticeable compared to Roseanne, which altered its opening regularly throughout its run. And, beyond that comparison, the opening of the spinoff stands in for a time that the family was still reeling from the death of an important family member. Understandably, fans want to update that to reflect how the series has evolved in the intervening years.

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