Windows 11 How To Beta Test Android Apps & Getting Started

Windows 11: How To Beta Test Android Apps & Getting Started


Windows 11 can now install 50 Android apps, including Minecraft and Kindle reader, but there are a few requirements to participate in the test.

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Windows 11 How To Beta Test Android Apps & Getting Started

Microsoft is now allowing Beta Channel Insiders to test Android apps on Windows 11, but anyone eager to try Android apps out will need to have the proper hardware and settings before this exciting feature becomes available. While support is still in the early stages, it demonstrates that Microsoft is making progress on Android compatibility.

Microsoft announced Windows 11 in June of 2021 and the upcoming ability to run Android apps on a PC was mentioned at that time. Essentially, Windows will include an Android subsystem without the need to run an emulator app. The anticipation for this feature has been going for several months and many users might be eager enough to switch to the Windows 11 Beta Channel in order to test it out.

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon to help with the integration of the Amazon App Store, which is an alternative to Google’s Play Store. This hasn’t been available until recently and it requires the user to have Windows 11, which has certain hardware requirements of its own that aren’t terribly demanding but might prevent access for those using older systems. The user must sign up for the Windows Insiders Program, if not already a member. The Windows 11 Beta Channel is the final requirement and that option can be found by opening the Settings app, clicking Windows Update and Windows Insider Program to reveal the Insider settings. This is where the user can switch between channels, including Dev, Beta, and Release Preview. Early testing of Android apps reveals some issues but the support appears to be working well overall, as seen in a YouTube demonstration by Windows Central.

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Android Apps In Windows 11 Beta

Microsoft has opened up testing of Android apps for Windows 11 Insiders that are on the Beta Channel. It seems to be working well, but is currently using over 2GB of memory even when running only the Kindle app. Games are also supported and performance seems decent, at least with a relatively simple game like Minecraft. This will depend upon the computer used, of course. To install Android apps, the Amazon App Store needs to be installed and this can be found in the Microsoft Store.

The selection of Android apps is limited to just 50 out of the hundreds of thousands that the Amazon App Store contains. While this will expand over time, the current choices include reading apps like the Kindle app, mobile games like Minecraft, Lords Mobile, June’s Journey, and Coin Master, as well as apps for kids like Khan Academy Kids and Lego Duplo World. Although these offerings are less than thrilling, it is a start and shows that Microsoft is making progress on the support. While the Windows 11 Beta Channel now has limited access to Android apps, more can be expected in the near future.

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